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A Look At The Fundamentals Of Stenciling

| Articles | June 30, 2008

What is stenciling? What are stencils? This article is actually meant to help the novices in this kind of arts and crafts. Take note that not every artist is good at this. Like musicians, painters and other artists for that matter have their own fields of expertise. Anyhow, stenciling can be employed as a kind of hobby or simply just that-to decorate a surface. With the use of any hand-painted or hand-drawn image, this method of incorporating the decorative details is in fact easy to do.

Stencils Explained

Homes and offices are made to be more sophisticated when some patterns or images are employed by means of stenciling. For the basics, a stencil is a kind of template which creates an exact replica of an image every time it is transferred on a surface. Walls, fabrics, and glasses are some of the commonly used surfaces. This tool allows the application of paint from the edges bound inwards following a certain pattern. Shapes, symbols, letters, and other patterns are easily transferred with the use of this medium.

The open sections found in the stencils are known as the islands. They are the areas that allow you to apply the color that you want to use for your theme or concept. The bridges are those materials that separate the islands from one another so as to maintain the stencil’s shape. These bridges help block the paint from going towards the surface and ruining the artistry of the design.

Stenciling Defined

As with stenciling, it is the process of the production of the image by making use of stencil, application of any color or paint, and with the removal of any of the islands, the result is the duplication of the exact image on a particular surface. Another term to describe this is the stencil painting.

Your Style, Your Design

The use of stencils actually lets your creative juices pour out. There is no limitation when it comes to the use of your own imagination. You can create designs that are in accordance with your personal style and options. If you are not so good at using the canvas and paintbrush, perhaps stenciling is more apt for you.

Stenciling does away with the usual ordeals on maintaining the right proportion or perspectives for the matter. You don’t have to deal with the concepts of dimension, or the object’s distance. The size also doesn’t matter.

Stencils let you rule. You decide as to the image and colors to use. You decide as to the size of the image or the surface wherein to transfer the image of an object. In short, it is your project and nobody has the right to control you. Furthermore, the materials are widely available both at the arts and crafts supplies shop in your locale and online stores.

Your Own Imagination is the Limit

Again, everything depends on your choice. For starters, a couple of stenciling ideas may be done on your home walls, ceilings, chair rails, wall borders, table borders, cabinets, and the likes. Start with some things that you see around your home. If you have mastered it, you can try stenciling on fabrics. Later on, you may try it out with glass.

Be creative. Follow your instinct. Stenciling is actually a way to save on home improvement expenses.



| Articles | June 29, 2008

Valentine’s Day isn’t all about giving presents, kisses and making love declarations. In order to be somewhat more effective there has to be created a romantic atmosphere everywhere the lovers will go. And especially when the evening comes and a romantic dinner just has to take place.

You have to prepare early and let your imagination go wild. And this is all so you two will be able to express freely on Valentine’s Day.

What is the thing you need the most to create the desired effects?

Candles … Lots of them … Of different colors and dimensions … The predominant color has to be red, the color that is considered to be the color of love. They can be placed anywhere in the room: near the windows so their light would seem to come from out there somewhere, on the nightstands, on the desk and in every other corner of your room.

It’s going to be a long dinner and a long evening, so the candles will have to burn a long time. Pick candles in small bowls or if you choose bigger bowls you can let them burn without any worries: they will burn but nothing else will catch fire around them.

If you can’t agree with candles, pick then some scarves to throw over the light sources. They have to be colored, preferably red, but they can also come in the color you both like. Keep in mind that the material they are made of must not have plastic fibers in it so that it won’t heat and you can eat your dinner without having to worry about them. If scarves are chosen, the light will be softer and the room invaded with many effects.

Don’t forget the aromatherapy bowls and the perfumed sticks. Your loved one will appreciate if you will use his or hers favorite scent. If you like more the perfume of fresh flowers, pick a discreet bouquet of your favorite ones and place them somewhere around.

Keep in mind that dinner must be something you both like and has to last longer. So, pick different food types and a desert that seems appropriate. The desert would have to have some hearts or cupids design on it if possible. If you don’t cook, order food early and make sure it gets delivered right on time.

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A Little More About Body Temperature

| Articles | June 28, 2008

As you’ve learned, your body temperature is really an internal clock that keeps us awake and sleeping at certain times.

It’s also extremely important to understand that the rise and drop of body temperature is a hint for our body to produce the feelings of being awake or being tired.

Whenever your body temperature begins to fall, you will feel tired, lethargic, and drowsier. Whenever your body temperature rises, you will feel more energetic, alert, and be able to focus better.

Don’t mistake the fall of body temperature at certain times during the day as the need to sleep. Your body temperature may rise and drop several times in the day as a response to the activities you’re doing at the time.

Whenever you put big physical demands on your body your body temperature will rise above the norm. As a response to any intensive physical activity, the body temperature drops for a while as soon as you stop the activity.

For example, if you work an 8 hour shift at a job that requires intense activity, one might feel totally drained and ready to fall asleep when you come home at around 4 PM. What you’ll actually find is that this feeling of tiredness is not a sincere desire to sleep, but rather a response from your body due to the drop of body temperature.

If you resist sleeping at this moment and provide a “wind-down” period for your body after this period, body temperature will return to a normal and you will feel alert again.

In the Powerful Sleep plan I would suggest that you nap for 10-45 minutes during your day to physically recharge yourself, it’s ideal to take this nap when you experience this body temperature drop as it will help you sleep. Always limit your naps to 45 minutes to avoid entering deep sleep.

After you wake up from your power nap it’s normal to feel lethargic or drowsy, this is because your melatonin levels are higher. Get as much high intensity light as possible the moment you wake up, and make sure to MOVE your body to get your body temperature up and running again.

If you currently live a very sedentary lifestyle, your body temperature will drop very often when you’re sitting around on your butt or watching TV, so if you feel tired during the day understand it’s not because you need more sleep. It’s because you need LESS SLEEP and MORE MOVEMENT!

Body Temperature Update..!

We already know that your body temperature works and ticks like an internal clock controlling our sleeping cycles. Body temperature also controls the metabolism, circulation and other involuntary activities our body undertakes.

Variation in body temperature also indicates and induces the feeling of being awake or being tired.

Reduction in body temperature induces the feeling of lethargy, tiredness and drowsiness. Conversely, a rise in body temperature induces the feeling of alertness, feeling of being energetic resulting in better concentration levels.

The rise and fall of body temperature during the day should not be misinterpreted as the need to rest or sleep. This happens many a times during the day depending upon the body’s activity level at a given time.

When a human body is pushed for heavy physical activity, the body temperature automatically rises and drops slowly once the activity is stopped. This reduction of body temperature induces a feeling of tiredness or drowsiness.

When your body does intensive physical work during the day, you feel tired when you come back home and just want to sleep. This does not happen due to desire of sleep, but due to drop in body temperature, and the reaction of your body due to the drop in temperature.

If you let this phase pass and wait till your body temperature returns to normal, you will start feeling awake and alert again.

In order to recharge your physical energies, I would suggest, as a part of my Powerful Sleep Plan, to take a nap of 10 – 45 minutes during the day. This nap should be taken when you feel sleepy, that is when your body temperature has dropped as it will help in falling asleep. The nap should not be more than 45 minutes and should not enter deep sleep. Deep sleep will only induce further fall in body temperature.

When you wake from your Power Nap, you may feel drowsy and lethargic due to high melatonin levels. It is important to get your body back to normal temperature with the help of light physical movement and exposure to light.

It is understandable if you feel tired even when you lead a sedentary lifestyle. This does not mean you need more sleep, but means that you need more movement and less sleep. This happens due to frequent dropping of body temperature.

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A Hot Summer Indian Vacation

| Articles | June 27, 2008

Some like it hot, while others like it very hot! Or something like that. But summer in India is not at that bad as some tourists would like to think. The country being as large as it is hosts a number of possibilities even during the summer time. So it is absolutely possible and not totally unheard of that people enjoy a hot summer Indian vacation.

India enjoys four seasons: winter months are in January and February; summer months are from March to May; monsoon or the rainy season are from June to September; and from October to December is post-monsoon period. While a huge number of visitors in India do visit the country during the winter months, there are a growing lot that prefer the hot summer months and even the wet monsoon seasons. Probably the reasons include the fantastic summer festivals celebrated in practically all the corners of the country as well as destinations like the Himalayas which is quite a treat when visited during the summer months. In fact it is usually during summer that the Himalayas can be visited. One can see the snow-clad mountain peaks in Leh and Ledakh.

Well known during summer time are also the hill stations of Kashmir, Kodaikanal, Panchgani, Mahabaleshwar and Uttaranchal. Mountain rivers also offer a good opportunity for water rafting and kayaking. Moreover, beaches like Anjuna and Baga are very popular for summer goers both international and local tourists. Anjuna beach is a couple of kilometers from Mapusa in Goa and is quite famous for its night time beach parties. Similarly, the Baga which is also quite accessible from Mapusa in Goa offers a picturesque ocean view and a highly active night life.

While others enjoy the natural beauty of India during summer, some take advantage of these months for the often cheaper and discounted rates of tour, travel fares and even hotel accommodations and resorts. For some summer gives them the perfect opportunity to enjoy a whole new country.

Monsoon rains come after the summer months and believe you and me, a number of visitors intentionally come at the end of summer and enjoy the rather wet monsoon season. In India the onset of rain is a symbol of fertility and is serves a vital part of the country’s culture and traditions.

Still others travel to India to enjoy the festivals there, the biggest of which are usually held during summer or towards the end of the season. One such festival is the Ganesh Chaturthi in Mumbai. The celebration is held for ten days and includes various cultural and social programs and activities all geared towards worshipping the elephant-headed god Ganesh. Visitors will get to enjoy dancing and singing in the streets together with thousands of believers and residents.

Related to religious festivals are the pilgrimages. One of the more familiar one is the Char Dham or the pilgrimage to find the source of the Ganges River or the Ganga Mata as the river is called in India. Being India’s most sacred river and the most important in terms of people’s livelihood as well, the Char Dham can only be held during the summer and monsoon months after the snow melts in the Himalayas and the roads become accessible again.

India is such as huge land of opportunity for travelers. From the winter months, down to the summer days and then towards the monsoon seasons, visitors have always places to go and things to do. A hot summer Indian vacation is definitely not something one should cross out in ones travel calendar.

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A Home In Indian Vacation

| Articles | June 26, 2008

Vacations are one of the most anticipated times in a year. This is the moment when you spend more time with family, friends, and well yourself. This is the opportunity that you get the reward you deserve after working a lot of hours in the office or burning the midnight oil for an upcoming examination. Vacations are your primary chance to get away from all the things that has been burning up your whole being.

They are the events that can truly charge you up to face life with even greater vigor and aspiration. But before you get too excited in picking the places you want to visit and the events you want to be part of it’s only fitting that you ensure that you’ve got a place to stay in. With this in mind, let’s take a look at some Indian hotels that is willing and able to serve you with a smile.

The metropolitan Hotel found in the center of Connaught Place in Delhi is a good way to start the list of your prospects. This hotel has five on-site restaurants that will make sure that you are adequately stuffed for your day-to-day activities. Each restaurant has an international background but gives emphasis on the offerings of regional delights.

You can kick things off by enjoying the fun-filled services of Tusker’s which is a lounge bar that is themed with South African styles of live hosting and entertainment. It is known for having the best quality of Indian liquor and cigars. Chutney is a chain named after a native pride which is made using the finest fruits, herbs, and vegetables from the forests of India. The Pastryshop offers eggless cakes and rare pastries that will surely be worth of your spending.

The hotel offers a wide range of amenities such as indoor pools that are available for both children and adults. There are also a couple of spas wherein you can relax after a tiring venture in the city. Spa services involve Adam and Eve elegant massages, yoga, sports activities, Thai and Marma treatments, an unforgettable experience with Floatarium, and refreshing Vichy showers. The Zen Serena Spa is a huge establishment where you can locate a modern-day gym, hair salon, and a bunch of other spa facilities. You can also charge up with healthy fruit and vegetable snacks.

Next on the list is the Taj Palace Delhi which is situated within the busy diplomatic district eight kilometers from the House of Parliament. This hotel is highly regarded as part of the elite which is commonly utilized to house corporate events and meetings. The pride of the hotel is its marvellous and spacious receptions that can attend to about a thousand guests. Wireless internet access is also present within the confines of the place and other services such as car rental, courier, and workstations are also part of the deal.

Golfers and tennis players can play to their heart’s delight via a 9-hole putting area and tennis courts that are found within the vicinity. Outdoor pools are also available as well as fitness centers and health spas, one of which is the famous Aruveydic Spa. Both your tummy and ears can enjoy the dining spots in the hotel which can serve cuisines ranging from Chinese up to Mediterranean and tradition Indian delicacies while tuning up live jazz harmony particularly at night.

There are a lot more Indian hotels that will surely make your vacation to this nation more memorable and enjoying just make sure you pick the one which truly coincides with your taste and personality



| Articles | June 25, 2008

You can have the most elaborated back yard from the entire neighborhood, but if it isn’t functional you have built it in vain. We all want to have beautiful and flourishing gardens, but when we have a family, we must also take into consideration the needs of the other members of it. Divide the space of your yard in two or three visual spaces, one for play and relaxation, one for gardening and maybe one for pets.

An open space, covered by lawn is ideal for your children. Here you can install a table for open air lunches or for a romantic summer evening dinner.

Do you have a fireplace? Keep a portion of your garden especially for depositing fire woods, but make sure it is at a considerable distance from the house or animals that can cause damage.

How about pets? You can build for these little members of your family special spaces, in which they can play and exercise. Before you plant bushes and ornamental plants, surround the pet space. Cats and dogs tend to be attracted exactly by the things we try to keep them away from.

Keep the by-passers’ eyes away from your personal life. Before planning the scenery, you must have in sight a place for the garbage cans. It wouldn’t be very nice to have a wonderful garden right next to the garbage cans. These can be efficiently hidden in some kind of surrounded space, decorated on the sides with life fence.

Functionality is an important factor in your garden, so you have to think about children, little pets and family assets before you plant anything. Save a portion of the yard especially for you, in which you can plant whatever you want and leave for the others some space to breathe freely.

You will find it more satisfying this way, once the whole family is happy with your garden and they might even bring their personal ideas for it. It is important that personal space is respected and that is why the garden must not be very wide, taking up all available space. Build from time to time a pathway or some benches where you can just relax and admire your work.



| Articles | June 24, 2008

We sometimes think that we cannot realize everything we want in such a limited space, referring to an apartment, might it be a block apartment or a villa apartment. But either way we can adapt the already existent dimensions or we will think in such a manner that we will create the space we need to bring in a new piece of furniture that we really want or maybe make some mounted bookshelves on one wall of the room.

You can even place a fireplace, an object that usually takes up a lot of space and requires unwanted modifications.

A fireplace can be placed in a corner of a room and it could be, for design’s sake, linked with some mounted bookshelves that can total a real bookcase.

Depending on the dimensions of our room, we will make a design sketch for the wanted fireplace and for the bookshelves made out of wood or wood-like materials that will be chosen accordingly to the objects that are already situated in the room or accordingly to the material the fireplace will be build from (I mean the material the fireplace has on the surface, not the one it is actually made of).

If we have a tall room then we can build a tall fireplace. In the case it will grow a lot up or on the contrary, grow horizontally quite a bit, we will have to keep in mind ventilation. In an apartment we might have to use the common ventilation system unless we are on the top floor. To deal with this aspect you will have to bring a specialist and let him do the calculations and plans needed.

We can think of the fireplace creatively. Why not designing it as a multitude of stairs that will serve as support for different object we can find around the room? Or we can create spaces to store fire wood that will have just a decorative purpose in a block apartment where the fire can be made using gas. But they will bring the rustic image closer to you and will provide the room with infinite connotations.

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A Common Heritage

| Articles | June 23, 2008

The United Sates of America and Australia have been friends and allies for many years, and the ties born of shared hardships in war and shared cultural history are strong indeed.

An interesting but perhaps not well known fact is that are some features of the two systems of government which are surprisingly similar. I am not referring to the democratic nature of our two systems, which is none-the-less true and something in which we both peoples can take pride.

I have in mind the structure of our elective legislatures, and in particular the influence that one (the U.S.) had on the other (Australia).

Both our nations had their origin as British colonies, or more correctly, groups of British colonies. In each case the groups of colonies came together to form a new nation based on a federal union of those colonies into a group of states making up one independent country. The United States was formed toward the end of the eighteenth century after the American Revolution. Australia was formed at the end of the nineteenth century by a more peaceful federation movement. By then the British had learned that we pesky colonials are best not messed with.

A major influence on Australian thinking during the federation debates in the late nineteenth century was the obvious success of the American Federal Republic. Many Australians at the time saw the American model as the one to follow. More conservative thinking prevailed, and the final structure of our parliamentary system of government largely copied that of the British parliament in Westminster. Australia does, however, have a House of Representatives and a Senate as the houses of its parliament. The Senate was originally planned as a states house, and has a fixed number of Senators elected from each state. The Senate, elected as a States House, was modeled on the American example. The role of the Australian Senate as a states house was taken so seriously that for the first sittings of the Australian Parliament, the Senators from Western Australia ignored their party allegiances and sat as a group representing their state. Today, the party allegiances do tend to prevail.

Some commentators in Australia have described the Australian system as the ‘Washminster’ system, so clearly can the influences of both The United States and Great Britain be seen.

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Dinosaur Artifacts – Are They Still Relevant Today?

| Articles | June 22, 2008

Dinosaur artifacts have piqued the interest of the world since they were first discovered. Who doesn’t remember seeing the

huge skeleton of the monstrous T-Rex and not get scared at its intimidating glare? Of course, we all do.

Museums still display dinosaur bones prominently in their hallways to show what they looked like, how they acted and what

they were capable of doing to other animals. Kids continue to visit these museums and become entranced by the skeletons that

tower about them.However, with the continued advancements in science and technology, do we really need the dinosaur

artifacts anymore?

We have learned the majority of the facts we need to learn from these creatures and we probably will not find out anything

else that we do not already know. But yes, dinosaur artifacts will always play a huge role in our society because we have

looked to these artifacts for years to understand what prehistoric times were like and what can happen when an environment

changes rapidly, a valid concern in today’s eco-conscious mind.

We should also always have dinosaur artifacts on display because children everywhere should learn about what dinosaurs and

their bones were all about. If we did not have the dinosaur bones on display, we would not have a good way to explain that

to children.

Sure, advances in technology can give us computer generated picture of what dinosaurs looked and acted like back millions

of years ago. We can also watch movies that show man-eating dinosaurs coming to life. However, there is truly nothing like

seeing and touching a dinosaur bone for the first time. The experience is like none other and no child should ever be

without htat experience.

Scientists and researchers should also continue to search for dinosaur bones for the foreseeable future. Why? Because we do

not truly know what is out there and we could find ancient dinosaur artifacts someday that will change everything we know

about dinosaurs and the artifacts we have now will truly play a part in bridging the gap between what we think is the

reality and what really is the reality.

To top it off, bone artifacts are simply cool to look at and touch with your fingers and hands. You are holding a piece of

history when you touch a bone and no other feeling is quite like it. Most people get shivers up and down their spines when

they touch dinosaur bones, it is a feeling like none other and it helps connect the past to the present.

It is safe to say that dinosaurs and the artifacts they left behind after extinction will always have a huge place in

science, no matter what type of technology is developed in the future. We will always have a need to understand the past

to really and truly understand our future and dinosaur artifacts will help bridge that gap for this and future generations

to come.

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Should You Offer Continuing Education to Your Employees?

| Articles | June 21, 2008

Maybe an employee dropped it off anonymously in the company suggestion box a few weeks ago. Maybe one of the new bright-eyed

employees stopped you one morning while you were on your way to get coffee. Or maybe Janeen from Accounting asked about it.

For whatever reason, you have continuing education for your employees on the brain. And you cannot stop thinking about it.

On one hand, you think it is a great idea. It can boost the company’s internal intelligence level while increasing company

morale and encouraging employees to stick around. On the other hand, you think it is expensive and will cut in to productivity during the workday.

Baloney! Offering continuing education to your employees is the best choice you could make for you, your company, you

employees and your customers. Just think about it: you could offer a customer service training to all of your staff who

have direct contact with customers. The staff learns important lessons and techniques for amazing customer service and in

turn, your clients are happy. That means they will be more likely to do repeat business with you and your company makes more


Then, you look better in the eyes of YOUR boss. And who does not want that?

Or, all of your IT staff goes through a continuing education course on the importance of the new software the company is

using. The IT staff learns the ropes of the software and even learns a few little tricks to keep the software running

effectively and smoothly. In turn, your products go out on time and customers are happy. Again, that means they will be

more likely to do repeat business with you and your company makes more money.

And again, you look better in the eyes of YOUR boss. So tell me again why you think continuing education is a bad thing?

Also, it boosts company morale because it shows your employees that you care about their minds and want to help make them

in to better employees. So actually, the return goes both ways. You have a more educated staff and they have the greater

self-confidence and intelligence needed to create a dynamic work environment.

You could also look in to creating a program where employees can choose to take a class of their own choosing each year.

That way they will be more loyal to your company because they feel like you have a vested interested in them and their

well-being. And they are happier.

So, get your coffee, go back to your desk and create a winning plan for continuing education at your company. You will look

good, your employees will feel good, your customers will be happy and your boss will be impressed. You company will

flourish and sales will continue to increase by the thousands (or maybe even millions!) Everyone is happy and you get the

new corner office. You are now officially the company idealist, sales savior, favorite employee and the boss of the year!

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