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Candy Gift Baskets

| Articles | November 29, 2008

Gift baskets are probably one of the most favorite gifts to give away simply because they are not only fun to buy or make, but they’re also fun to receive. Just the thought of receiving a bunch of different small things, or a lot of one single thing, is enough to make someone happy at the gift that they got. The holiday times are when gift baskets are usually given, but of course gift baskets can be purchased for numerous other occasions, such as birthdays, weddings, baby showers, Valentine’s Day, or any other occasion that gift baskets may seem appropriate to give.

There are all sorts of ideas for creating your own gift basket to give away to someone, but one idea that is actually frequently used by many people throughout the world is a candy gift basket. Unless you’re buying a gift for someone that’s intentionally on a diet or just can’t stand candy for some reason, candy is usually always well-received! Here are some ideas for filling the gift basket you’re about to give with some of the best candy in a candy store:

Filling the Bottom

Perhaps one of the important things to do when filling a gift basket is to make sure there is plenty of stuff on the bottom of the gift basket to enjoy. Many gift baskets simply have a soft padding, such as shredded paper or even tissue paper lying in the bottom, but for a candy gift basket one suggestion to use would be to fill the bottom with M&Ms or little chocolate candy pieces such as those. It doesn’t matter whether they’re taken out of the wrapper or not, though, but if they were dumped out of the wrapper for the gift basket then chances are that they are going to be used simply for decoration anyway. But an M&M chocolate bottom can be used to hold the rest of the candy in the gift basket.

The Heart of the Gift Basket

The next thing that you’ll want to get to is the heart and body of the actual gift basket that you’re making. There are plenty of options here, but the best thing to do would be to take a trip to the candy store and spend just a set amount of money on candy altogether. Little candy bars can be thrown in, candy mints, gummy worm and other gummy candies, as well as a whole bunch of other option. The best thing to remember, though, is to fill the gift basket to the brim if you’re going to make it right!

After you’re all done filling the bottom of the gift basket, as well as the main part that the recipient will see then it is time to buy a few other large pieces of candy so that they’ll lay neatly on top. Choices for this can either be King Size candy bars, big packages of variety packs of candy, licorice sticks, and just anything that would fit neatly on the top of the basket.

Of course you’ll also probably want to wrap the gift basket in shrink wrap so that none of the candy falls out. You can obviously wrap the basket with a nice bow or ribbon for presentation and to secure the shrink wrap, but the essential directions of the candy gift basket should be adhered to as described above!

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Canadian satellite radio

| Articles | November 28, 2008

While the United States initiated the satellite radio evolution, Canada is now hot on their trails. The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) began hearings in 2004 for applicants ready to develop Canada’s first satellite radio broadcasting. The Canadian satellite radio industry received quite a lot of interest and in the end three main applications were filed: XM filed one in partnership with Canadian Satellite Radio and Sirius filed an application with Standard Broadcasting and the CBC. The third application belongs to CHUM Limited and Astral Media and to many came as a surprise. That was mostly because CHUM Limited and Astral Media came up with a different solution that that proposed by Sirius and XM Radio. CHUM applied for a subscription radio service that is to be delivered through the already existing terrestrial DAB transmitters. In other words, the transmitters would be the ones receiving the satellite transmission, from where they would continue the broadcast to consumer owned receivers. While the CHUM Limited and Astral Media proposal offers an entirely Canadian approach, the first two bring in a blend of US based technology and Canadian broadcasting channels. XM Radio and Sirius had a slight advantage in the fact that the coverage area of their satellites already existed in parts of Canada, so a small audience was already using their services.

Three satellite radio services for Canada

The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) approved all three applications in June 2005, but with a series of conditions imposed to the three solicitants. Here they are as required by the CRTC:

A minimum of 8 channels must be produced in Canada and for each Canadian channel 9 foreign channels can be broadcast.

At least 85% of the content on the Canadian-produced channels (whether musical or spoken word) must be Canadian.

At least 25% of the Canadian channels must be French-language stations.

At least 25% of the music aired on the Canadian channels must be new Canadian music.

At least 25% of the music played on the Canadian channels must be from up-and-coming Canadian artists.

The three companies had to accept these conditions as they are part of the Canadian broadcasting regulations. The US companies and their Canadian partners began negotiations for tilting the rules in their favor. One of the main offers of both the Sirius and XM Radio partnerships was that they would play 50% French content as opposed to the 25% required by the CRTC. AS a results of the negotiations, XM Radio received 5 channels of National Hockey League Play-by-Play in addition to the channels they already had XMs part of the deal was to cover the Canadian National Hockey League games. The fact that the US satellite industry giants were both allowed to broadcast on Canadian territory determined CHUM to appeal the decision. They motivated their action by saying that the two US companies would simply “suffocate” CHUM with their presence in Canada, not allowing any room for development for the all-Canadian company. CHUM also complained about the deals that were cut with the two US companies. As a response, Canadian Satellite Radio and Sirius Canada said that CHUM is in fact trying to obtain monopoly over the Canadian satellite radio market for themselves.

Today’s Canadian satellite radio

One of the main complaints of the people of Canada was that the CRTC decision did not require sufficient Canadian content. This made the broadcasters come out with promises of additional French and Canadian content. The Canadian Federal Cabinet accepted the CRTC decision on September 10, 2005. XM satellite radio was launched on the 29th of November 2005 and Sirius was next on December 1. Monthly subscription rates are $12.99 for XM with a one time activation fee of $19.99 and $14.99 for Sirius, without any activation fees. Both companies are expecting rapid increases in the numbers o subscribers, although, in spite of the extra Canadian content they added to their air time, there are still quite a few voices protesting against the potential monopoly the two companies may get to in the near future.

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31. Can you feed your children raw food?

| Articles | November 27, 2008

Every mother wants the best for her child. You want your child to look healthy, grow proportionately, feel energized and have a great immune system. So, why do most parents in America feed their children junk food by the time they start eating table food? Why do most restaurants serve French fries or macaroni and cheese for side orders and not steamed broccoli? It is really a sad situation to watch young children who are obese. Even schools offer peanut butter and jelly or ice cream for lunch.

To ensure that your child is eating correctly you must feed them plenty of fruits and vegetables. But the trick is to make it delicious and fun. For instance, for breakfast, arrange a platter of fruit, oranges, grapefruit, bananas, strawberries, blueberries, they will love it! Make faces out of the fruit. Have them drink only water and no sugar 100% fruit juice that you juice yourself. Get them used to eating vegetables that are uncooked. Whenever they get hungry, offer small baby carrots, or celery, they will grow to love the taste just the way it is. You can introduce a new vegetable each week and learn how to hide it into your food. For instance, chop up Portobello mushrooms in a chopper and add it to your pasta sauce and watch them gobble it up, barely noticing the mushrooms. Make blanched broccoli (plain) and eat that for dinner. If they see you eating healthy, they will learn early on to eat that way. Do not let them eat packaged foods, such as macaroni and cheese, or fried chicken fingers, or anything fried for that matter. Make sure that they eat vegetables at every meal and be careful when you go out to eat.

Offer natural desserts that you have made at home, such as homemade sorbet, or fruit smoothie, or peach cobbler pie (all natural). Stay away from cakes, cookies, etc that have preservatives and other unnatural flavorings. Make it yourself and offer it occasionally. You will find that they watch you and what you eat and if you incorporate a much healthier menu, so will they.

The best part of raising your children to learn to love fruits and vegetables is that you will notice that they will turn down junk food when you are not around. At that point you will know that you have done your part in raising healthy adults.

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Camping Tips During A California Vacation

| Articles | November 26, 2008

California is one of the most populous states in the United States of America. It is also home to many large cities. It is home to the NBA champions Los Angeles Lakers. It is also a state that is close to nature and technological advances. Truly, a tourist will experience a wide variety of activities during a California vacation.

Many activities like surfing, hiking, kayaking and bike riding are in store for California tourists. As much as most of the California tourist spots offer camping trips and activities, tourist should be extra careful in their belongings and in following their tour guide. There’s always a probability for tourists to be lost while wandering around. For the benefit of California tourists, here are a few camping tips and the camping gear.

Camping in California entails responsibility to both camper and tour guide. When camping in California, there are several things that one must bring. Here is a quick list of camping gears.

1.) Camping tents and spare tents, tent stakes

2.) Hammer, pliers, shovel

3.) Tarpaulins

4.) Sleeping bags, pillows, ground pads

5.) Lantern and fuel

6.) Flashlight, rope, first aid kit

7.) Matches, pocket knife

8.) Water, insect repellant

Before going on a camping trip, be sure to have all the necessary equipments to ensure safety and success of the trip. Choose your equipment according to the details of the trip. Be careful in choosing your tents as some brands are more prone to damages. Bring your food if the trek to the camping site is long. Be sure to travel light as travelling with heavy baggage will slow down your trip. Here are a few camping tips if ever you get lost.

1.) Before going out in a trip, make sure that you have a map, a compass and a first aid kit. Nobody can assure you of what will happen once you get out there.

2.) Inform somebody on the estimated time of the camping trip. By doing this, people will be alarmed if you don’t arrive hours after your supposed arrival.

3.) Always think ahead of time and never ever think that you will not get lost. Think about the worst scenario.

4.) Stay close to your tour guide and companions. Oftentimes, people get lost because they wander too much.

5.) Stay in groups so that if ever you get lost, you will have companions.

6.) Always carry devices that will call the attention of others once you get separated. A whistle is a good device for this purpose.

7.) Don’t panic when you realize that you are already lost.

8.) Stay in your position and sit down.

9.) Don’t act too fast; think about what you will do and the pros and cons of your action.

10.)Don’t be too desperate to search for help. Oftentimes, lost people fall to rescuers who are wrong persons.

11.) Be alert of whatever sounds and call the attention of people if you see them walking nearby or hear a sound.

12.) This one is overused but it works; build a fire as shown in the movies.

Maintaining a clear mind in times of dangerous situations will contribute to the faster solution for these situations. The tips that were mentioned above are important to ensure that tourists will enjoy their California vacation. Even though these are just reminders, they are worth remembering.

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California Vacation: Where To Go And What To Do?

| Articles | November 25, 2008

Oh sweet California! A place where you can spend your next family vacation. That’s right! Where else would you want to go to be closer to the beach and to enjoy all those national and adventure parks? Or how about spending a nice day tour or multi-day cruises of the whole state? Whatever it is you have in mind, California can truly give you a relaxing and memorable vacation. But before you go on packing your things, first you have to ask yourself, “Where to go and what to do in California?” It isn’t right that you just go there without a concrete itinerary on hand. To make your California vacation a really pleasurable experience, better know these places and activities that you can visit and do while in California.

First off, are you going with the whole family, bringing kids along? If you are, then Disneyland in California is the place to go. Kids would love to see their favorite Disney characters in human-like sizes. So, why not make this vacation a treat? Let them experience the wonderful world of Disney over there at Disneyland. Okay, after Disneyland, you can go to other famous attractions for kids like the San Diego Zoo, Sea World Adventure Park, Pier 39, and Yosemite National Park. The sight of the zoo and adventure park will sure fill your kids’ day with excitement and fun. And what about the silver beaches and the golden sunshine that California boasts? Those are reasons enough for the kids to really enjoy to the max.

Now, how about if you’re not planning to go with the kids? Perhaps, you’re thinking about going with your best buddies or your partner. You can always try the road less traveled in California, like in these not-so-famous destinations like Shasta Cascade region, Waterworks Park, and Lake Shasta Caverns. You will sure be mesmerized with its waterfalls and rural charm. And also you can drop by at Shasta State Historic Park, the ghost town people are referring to, before you head on to downtown Redding.

After the south, you can always check out the northern region where you can see the Mount Lassen , Sacramento Valley, Redwood National Park, and the famous Lake Tahoe. Spend an hour or so at Lake Tahoe to really enjoy its scenic view. Or if you want, you can go straight to the city of San Francisco. It’s known for its twisted streets and of course, the Golden Gate Bridge. You can also visit China Town and explore Alcatraz if you want. Or if not, you can move your way to the Fisherman’s Wharf, or hop on to other states of California such as Anaheim, San Diego, and Los Angeles.

There are really lots of beautiful attractions that you can visit in California. And in each place you go, you can really do a lot of things to make you and your companions enjoy every moment. So, what else would you look for in a California vacation? Why not plan your next getaway as early as now to experience all these and more? Start making your checklist and see what you need to do first in preparing for your vacation. Hotel reservations? Air flight bookings? What else? No need to rush, though.

Why not go online and check out some California vacation packages being offered via the net. This will sure make the planning easier and hassle-free for you.

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California Vacation: The Possibilities Are Endless

| Articles | November 24, 2008

Did you ever think of going on a vacation and couldn’t decide where to go? Have you ever wondered where you can go to get the best of both worlds? Well, I have two words for you, California vacation. Come and experience the superb offering of California and you’ll never wonder where to go to experience a vacation that is one of a kind.

But wait, before going to California, let me tell you some things about this marvelous U.S state. California has the largest population in all the U.S states. It is also the 3rd largest state among all states. It was colonized by the Spaniards in the late 18th century and gained independence on 1821. In 1846, California broke away from Mexico and became the 31st state of the United States of America.

It is home to the 36 largest cities of U.S.A including Los Angeles, the home of the NBA champions. It bloomed as a state with the discovery of the California Gold Rush in San Francisco. This rush encouraged people to migrate to the state and invest on for entertainment industry and contributed to the appeal of the state.

California is home to many mountain ranges, rivers, bay areas, deserts and valleys. A California vacation can give you both the mountain and the ocean experience. It attaches Pacific, Oregon, Nevada, Arizona and Baja California which is a Mexican state. It offers activities like kayaking, surfing and hiking. It is also rich in culture and the arts.

One of the attractions of California is the Central Valley. This is the heart of agriculture in the state and supplies almost 1/3 of the state’s food. This river also serves as water supply center for the state. It serves as drinking water for almost 2/3 of the population in state and provides irrigation to farms and other agricultural uses. This valley is divided into two by the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta. Sacramento Valley, the northern portion, serves as the Sacramento River watershed and San Joaquin Valley functions as the watershed of San Joaquin River.

A California vacation will also provide you with a glance of the famous Sierra Nevada. This snowy mountain range boasts of Mount Whitney, Yosemite Valley, Sequoia National Park and Lake Tahoe. These places brag of glacially carved domes, sequoia trees and freshwater lake.

California is also home to several deserts like the Mojave. The hottest point in North America, the Badwater Flat, is located in the Death Valley on the northeast part of Mojave. Due to this, a majority of Southern California experience hot temperature.

California is home to many economic advances. It is home to Hollywood, the center of entertainment industry in U.S.A. It is home to many industries like agriculture, aerospace, computer and technology and the wine industry. It also boasts of creating many job employments in transportation and utilities, government services, professional and business services, education and health services and leisure and hospitality. California has a wide variety of transportation channels. The state brags the Golden Gate Bridge which is a very famous landmark completed in 1937. This bridge provides tourists with an excellent view of the Bay Area.

The sites mentioned in this article are only a few of the places where you can go while on your California vacation. There are still many tourist spot and activities that are worth exploring while on California. So, pack your bags now and experience California.

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California Vacation: The Majestic North Coast

| Articles | November 22, 2008

When people hear the word coast, they immediately think of beaches, women in bikinis, men in trunks and the fabulous food in beach houses and restaurants. A coast of a beach line offers these things to an individual. Many people often go to beaches for their vacation. There is certain warmth in the beach that makes it a favorite tourist spot. A beautiful and winding coast is one of the places that a California vacation can offer you.

California is home to many beachfronts and bodies of water. It is also the proud host of the North Coast. The North Coast is often referred to as the Redwood Village and includes Marin County, Sonoma County, Mendocino County, Humboldt County and Del Norte County. The coast reaches out to Pacific Ocean, San Francisco and Oregon. There are many cliffs, hills, tide pools, mountains and rivers in the coast. Red trees are abundant in the coast’s mountains from where the name, Redwood Village, came from.

One of the cities along the North Coast is Crescent City. This city is crescent shaped and is bordered by a lighthouse. It is located at Del Norte country. Crescent offers the beauty of nature and a panoramic view of the North Coast. The Crescent city harbor provides picturesque trips, boat launching slope, restaurants and surf shop. One of the best spots that a tourist can find in Crescent City is the Battery Point Lighthouse. It can be accessed during low tide and village stories tell that it is haunted. Ghost searchers, artists and art curators are sure to find this lighthouse a very wonderful place.

Another place that is worthy to be included in the list of places to visit in the North Coast is Gasquet. Gasquet offers alternative activities like fishing, kayaking, swimming and rafting. Gasquet is popular for the unique biodiversity and the weather. It boasts of the Smith River which runs for seventeen miles. Smith River provides recreation like steelhead and salmon fishing, bird watching, waterfalls, rafting, kayaking and hitchhiking. The river is also home to many fishes that benefit from the trees along the riverbank.

Another attraction in North Coast is Fort Dick. This place offers horseback riding, hunting, and ocean perch fishing. Fort Dick also offers tourists the luxury of using their off road vehicles in the beach and to horse ride on ocean bluffs. It also brags of a blueberry farm where products are freshly picked. This place offers a holistic experience for tourists as they will have the opportunity to experience both the wilderness and the sea.

Klamath is also a place to visit in the North Coast. It is home to the beauty of nature and to many Indian Museums. Tourists who visit this place enjoy walking at the Trees of Mystery as a way of enjoying nature. The Klamath River is also popular for jet boat trips to explore the river. It is also famous for salmon and steelhead.

Trinidad is also a must see in the North Coast. It is said to be the oldest place along the coast. It is essentially a fishing village and different boats line up the coast. Trinidad State beach and Patrick’s Point State Park are two of the most wonderful beaches in California.

The California North Coast is a valuable asset in a California vacation. It doesn’t only give tourists with the best beaches but also with the best mountainsides and the activities that are to be cherished.

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California Vacation: The Cities

| Articles | November 22, 2008

Have you taken your vacation for this year? Are you thinking of having a vacation? Haven’t thought of a place yet? Then, I have the perfect place for you. It’s a place rich with natural resources combined with the modern life of the city. Pack up your bags and let’s enjoy the California vacation.

California is a state with many natural parks and forests. It is also home to many big cities of the United States of America. California has managed to balance its resources in order to preserve natural resources while moving forward in modern technology. Much attention has been focused on the different national parks of the state, now it’s time to explore some of the cities in the state.

San Francisco is one of the cities of California. It is a small city compared to Los Angeles. However, it boasts of the Golden Gate and the rich culture of the people living in the city. The Golden Gate Bridge is a work of art and great architecture that has received many appreciations through the years. Tourists trek to San Francisco just to cross and feel the bridge. An attraction in San Francisco is the famous prison land, Alcatraz Island. The exploring of the island requires walking, trekking and even climbing. The Palace of Fine Arts is also a place to go when you are in San Francisco. It was created in 1915 and picnic areas are available in front of the place.

Another city in California is Los Angeles. This is one of the large cities of California. It is home to the famous Lakers who have won many NBA championships. Los Angeles offers many recreation activities, places and museums that tourists don’t know where to start their tour. This city is numerous galleries that feature works of art and cultural heritage. These art galleries and museums aim to promote pop culture. In addition to this, an art walk is done every Tuesday to promote art works and activities. Movie addicts and fanatics are sure to have a great time in Los Angeles because Hollywood is located in this city. The city is also famous for its beaches namely; Malibu, Long Beach, Muscle Beach.

Los Angeles is also famous for its beautiful nightlife. You can go to the flamenco shows in Caf Sevilla, drink and dance at Hollywood Hot Spot or laugh at the antics of the comedy group Groundlings. Furthermore, you can climb up the rooftop at Swanky Bar and look at the lights surrounding the city.

And if these cities don’t appeal to you, you can always enjoy the natural resources of California. The Yosemite National Park, Shasta Cascades and Sequoia National Park are always around if you feel that you need to get in touch with nature. These parks offer activities like swimming, kayaking, mountain climbing, and canoeing. You can also visit Lake Tahoe which offers skiing opportunities. These wonders of nature are just around the corner if you feel that you need a break from the city life.

So, have you decided on where to go for a vacation? Looking for a place with the city and the natural resources? Then, I’ve just given you the answer. Pack your bags and gear up towards an exciting and enjoyable California vacation. It is a vacation worth your time, money and effort.

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California Vacation: Shasta Cascade

| Articles | November 21, 2008

California is a prime tourist spot. It offers a wide variety of scenery and activities. It offers the beauty of nature and the modernity of the city. It offers the best of both worlds. California vacation provides people with relaxation and leisure.

California is one of the largest and most populated states in the United States of America. It is blessed with nature and technology. It is well known for its beaches, mountain ranges and deserts. California is also home to the Hollywood industry where movie and television stars do their shows. Truly, California is a state worth visiting.

One of the state’s treasures is the Shasta Cascade. The Shasta Cascade borders Oregon, Nevada and Central valley. Shasta Cascade is derived from Mount Shasta which can be found in California Cascade range. The Shasta Cascade is home to many national forests like the Klamath National Forest, Lassen National Forest, Mendocino National Forest, Modoc National Forest, Plumas National Forest, Shasta-Trinity National Forest and Lava Beds National Monument. It is also home to many rivers, lakes and waterfalls. Officially, there are six rivers that can be found in Shasta Cascade.

The Modoc National Forest is located in northeastern California and has a size of 6, 695 square kilometers. Lava flow once covers the forest. The national park has a diversity of plants including mahogany, cedar, aspen, lodge pole and white pines. The Shasta-Trinity National Forest which is the largest national forest in California has a size of 8 942.87 square kilometers. It is consist of five wild areas, mountain lakes and steams and rivers. It is ideal for hiking, snowboarding, downhill skiing and horseback riding.

There are many tourist spots in Shasta Cascade that are worthy to be visited. One of these tourist spots is the Turtle Bay Museum in the Turtle Bay Exploration Park. The museum offers interactive exhibits in two changing galleries. Works that are exhibited in the museum are about science, art, history and human nature. Shasta Cascade offers different resorts and exquisite dishes. One of these resorts is the Mount Shasta Resort. The resort offers a wide variety of food and a panoramic view of Mt. Shasta.

There are also different state parks and national forest in Shasta Cascade. The Shasta State Historic Park is a row of brick building remains from the gold-rush era. The park offers exhibits in history and artworks. The Bidwell Sacramento River State Park is a 243 acre park that offers activities like boating, hiking, vistas and kayaking.

There are also different activities and attractions in Shasta Cascade region. One unique feature of Shasta compared to other places is the existence of the Fly Shop. Tourists can visit the fly shop and see how these flies are grown. The Fly shop mainly distributes the flies to fishermen. The waterworks park offers the best entertainment and recreation activity for the whole family.

River rafting is also possible in Shasta as tourists raft along the Trinity River and Klamath River. There are also various water sports in the Shasta region. These water sports include competition and exhibitions in kayaking, rafting, and fishing trips.

Shasta cascade is a jewel in the California region. It is rich in many wildlife resources, rivers, forests and waterfalls. It provides people with many activities and recreational places. It is worthy to be included in the itinerary of a tourist’s California vacation.

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California Vacation: Sequoia Park

| Articles | November 19, 2008

California is very unique in the sense that it is one of the few places that can offer the best of both worlds. The cities of California co-exist with the natural resources. Technology has not led to the destruction of the natural resources of the state. It is this unique feature that encourages people to experience the California vacation.

California is home to many national parks and forest reserves including the Yosemite National Park and the Shasta Cascade. Another national park in California is the Sequoia National Park. It is located in southern Sierra Nevada and was named as national park in 1890. Its size is 3 962 m and it is home to Mount Whitney.

The park is home to Giant sequoia trees which include the German Sherman Tree. The sequoia trees are shared with the King Canyons National Park.

The park has two entries; the front and the back. The front entrance is located near the Town of Three Rivers. This part of the park is teeming with blue oak woodlands, chaparral, grasslands, yucca plants and river valleys. It is also home to many animals like squirrels, bobcats, foxes, and mule deer. At the back of the park is a refreshing wilderness and can not be entered by vehicles. People will have to walk to have access to 84% of the park. This part is composed of high alpine beauties, Great Western Divide, Bearpaw Meadow and Kaweah River Drainage.

Sequoia has many tourist attractions. One of these attractions is the Tunnel Log. The Tunnel Log is a tunnel from a cut giant sequoia tree which fell in 1937 because of natural incidents. Another attraction is the Crystal Cave which is a cave consists of marble. The cave is only accessible to tourists who have tour guides. It is now a protected area because of the vandals that have appeared on the walls of the cave.

A crescent meadow is also one attraction in this park. It is a tiny meadow with lots of sequoia. It if often referred to as the “Gem of the Sierras”. The last notable attraction in the park is the Moro rock. The Moro rock is dated back to the cretaceous time and is a granite dome. It is located at the center of the park and provides a good view of the park.

The park offers many activities like sightseeing, hiking, ranger programming, yoga and horseback riding. It also offers cross country activities, skiing, snowshoeing and snow play. Ranger programming offers a wide variety of programs that aims to entertain and educate. The park also has booths where children and adults can learn the art of snowshoeing.

Sequoia also prides of its diverse restaurants and dishes. At the park, many restaurants offer different dishes to cater to more audiences. One of these restaurants is the Wuksachi Lodge Dining Room. This dining room serves the three essential meals everyday. The ambiance in the dining room is a mixed of forest colors and country dcor. This mixture has created an elegant look to the room.

The Sequoia National Park is home to many attractions and restaurants. Like most other California tourist spots, it is worthy to be included in one’s California vacation. It offers a habitat to different animals and a refuge to people who want to take a vacation.

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