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ITF Governing the World of Tennis

| Articles | February 17, 2010


International Tennis Federation is the presiding body of all global tennis organization. It consists of 202 national tennis associations. Twelve national associations established the International Lawn Tennis Federation (ILTF) in Paris, France on 1 March 1913. In 1924 it turn out to be the officially accredited organization with authority to be in-charge of lawn tennis all over the world. In 1977 it removed ‘lawn’ from its name, as it recognized that majority of tennis games are not played on grass courts.

The ITF’s commitment is to extend the span and strength of tennis sports. An wide-ranging expansion programme make sure that numerous people must have the chance to engage and try playing tennis worldwide. Affiliate countries include nations from the different continents like for example Australia, Brazil, China, France and Mali.

Top sports competitions like the Olympic Tennis Tournament and the Grand Slam Matches Wimbledon, Australian Open, US Open, and the Roland Garros, are among the professional events that ITF engaged itself with. The ITF Futures Circuit and Men’s and Women’s Satellite are additional tennis sporting events they organized. Lots of ITF matches and group competitions for the amateurs, experts and disabled tennis players are also being organized.

Men’s team tournament such as, BNP Paribas’ Davis Cup, and Fed Cup

for women, are some of the competitions organized by ITF. In these matches the tennis players are given the chance in representing their country. The yearly Australian tournament, Hyundai Hopman Play-Offs, owns by ITF, in addition offers competing players the chance to enjoy varied team tennis when the season starts. ITF also certified Nations Senior Event in 1999. It is the first senior play-offs among nations that bring together a great number of retired prominent

professional tennis players from ATP and Davis Matches. Tennis Masters Event as well as Grand Slams and ATP are also being co-hosted and co-owned by ITF,

International tennis number (ITN)

The International Tennis Number stands for the general category of a

player’s performance. It is aspired for that all tennis players worldwide

would have an ITN in the near future.

Under this scheme tennis athletes will be given performance ratings

from ITN 1 – ITN 10 range. ITN 1 corresponds to high-level player (holding

an ATP / WTA standing or of a comparable playing standard). The ITN 10

is a player who is capable of serving and returning an ordinary ITF

ball in a full court.

ITF uses the Description of Standards and On Court Assessment to rate

the players if there are no available results from competition.

The ‘ITN Description of Standards’ gives an idea about the ten ranking


ITF Coaches Commission and ITF International Tennis Rating Taskforce

approved the guide, which will facilitate the accurate ratings of the

players. The Description of Standards is made detailed and clear as

possible. The Taskforce keep it uncomplicated and not too much technical.

The purpose is for the player and the evaluator easy understanding.

The ITN Description of Standards has stay away from evaluating players

solely on the technical consideration on a person shots. It has used

the following for basis:

general distinctiveness of a variety of playing levels

five-matches / tactical strategies of tennis ( serving and returning

at baseline, approaching, passing)

game-technique of player.

International Tennis federation, being the central figure in the tennis

world is considered as the unifying force that aims to strengthen the

game and be appreciated by people in all countries of the world. The

interests of the professionals, the retirees, and the amateur players are

given priorities by this international governing body.

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Is Debt Problems Taking Over Your Life-Time To Find Out About Different Things You Could Do To Change Things

| Articles | February 16, 2010

There are many different and amazing, as well as quite simple little things that anyone of you could do to try and change your current debt condition and flip it to something more positive, which will in turn make your life much more productive. Just wait and see, as soon as you start sticking to the program and finding different things that you can do to help your situation, you will begin seeing that life is not that difficult, saving money does not have to feel impossible and gaining knowledge about your finances is something very valuable and helpful throughout your entire life.

Debt problems can strike anyone out there, nobody is too good for failed financial security, it does happen to all different types of people and that is definitely a fact people! The internet is a fantastic place for you to locate all types of helpful information regarding your finances and how to keep them all in check. Taking the time out to actually study over some of those helpful steps is something very important because you should all know that there is just no way possible that anything like this is going to happen, without your determination and researching so that you will have the kind of knowledge that it is going to take for you to be financially successful in the future.

Finding books on finances and debt can really make a huge difference whenever it comes to the way that you have previously thought about money and it will change your entire outlook on your financial future as well. Nothing but positive things will come from you taking time out of your daily activities to further investigate what all it is that is definitely going to help guide you and get you on the appropriate path, where you can gain the financial freedom that you have always longed for throughout the difficult years growing up, turning into an adult.

Decide to start spending less and less money every chance that you think about it or every opportunity that arises, it will for sure save you quite a bit of money, and probably more so than you would have ever imagined possible. Little things add up to a whole lot of money, so even if it is just saving yourself a few dollars here and there, at the end of the month it is all going to add up, that is for sure and once you start seeing it happen you are going to be more than thrilled by the results!

Pinching pennies each month will really be quite helpful to you and your family and will help to alleviate many of your debt problems that you have been going through each and every month that passes. This does not at all mean that you can not have any kind of fun at all, you just need to be much more conservative and thoughtful, whenever it does come to how much money you are spending each and everyday, no matter what comes up. Even if you could open up a small savings account at your local bank, that would be very beneficial to you as well, allowing you the opportunity to save back a little bit of money any chance that you do get.

Debt is a problem that too many people are having to deal with each and everyday and if this all sounds like the headache of a problem existing in your home, then perhaps it is time for you to consider making some changes too, just as so many people have chosen to do, in which it was most helpful to them over a period of time. Your future and happiness depends on it, so why are you still sitting there all upset over your debt problems, get up off that couch and do something about it today, before it gets too deep and there is no time for help at all!

Alleviating your debt as early as possible during your life will be the most helpful to you in the future and by doing this you will be giving yourself the opportunity to have much less stress on you each day that you step out of bed, as well as bringing much joy to your life, allowing you many opportunities that would never have came along had you not had your finances in more order.

Your debt condition can and will improve, but only if you take the appropriate steps that it is going to take to get you in that wonderful position. You are the one that should be in control over your life and your finances and if you are not then maybe you should sit back and try to figure out just where things might be going wrong, causing you the debt problems that have been occurring with you.

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Is Stenciling Still In?

| Articles | February 15, 2010

Stenciling is an art that requires passion, concentration and determination to any individual. Like many art forms, stenciling is a very delicate art that needs extra attention and accuracy. Stencil artists are artists who have a great sense of responsibility. Stenciling is the same as paintings and photographs in the sense that they all express the artists’ emotions and feelings. Nonetheless, stenciling is very different in the sense that stenciling is very much personal. Stenciling is also different in the sense that it allows any material that will be used.

Stenciling is so much different form its brothers and sisters in the world of art. Stenciling involves outlining a pattern. Painters market their product and boast that they have done that particular painting. In contrast, stencil artists share their designs with other people when they market their designs. Stenciling is all about sharing what you’ve got and giving it your best try.

The Prehistoric era witnessed the birth of stenciling. Human ancestors are the very first stencil artists. They used the cave, leaves and tree barks as their surfaces. These humans are far more resourceful than what we have today. While it is true that there are many technological advancements that contributed in the development of stenciling, these developments were not fully utilized by the people.

The Japanese initiated the use of silk screen production with regards to stenciling. This practice and industry is slowly disappearing today because of modern technology. People used to design their own shirts, pants and other clothing. With the advent of the modern years, the youth have lost their precious time to shopping and other leisure activities. There is no time dedicated to designing their own shirts.

Family bonding activities like wall stenciling and furniture stenciling are now very rare. The electronic and information superhighway revolutions have created a global village where in people communicate to each other through the web. Many people avail of chat services and channels to seek for friends.

Children using stenciled letters to learn their alphabet are very rare occurrences in the education sector. Oftentimes, children learn their alphabet through the internet and the computer. These children are deprived of the fun of outlining to achieve the letters that he or she wants.

Wall stenciling is also very uncommon nowadays. People don’t use stenciled wallpapers today. Posters replaced these magnificent wall stencils. The church and other institutions have also changed in their preference of art. Frequently, church members choose painters and sculptor to do their decoration and others.

It has been said through and through that stenciling has gone through many things and hardships before it was established as an art and not merely a decoration. These hardships should have made stenciling resilient from any attack or degradation that it might experience from other art forms. Nonetheless, these experiences of stenciling and stencil artists are bound to happen again.

With the advent of numerous technologies, stenciling is again faced with the problem of being neglected again. The problem with people is that they tend to take stenciling for granted and exchange it for what technology offers. However, the important fact is that when people gets tired of using their gadgets and other things, they always search for an activity wherein they can express themselves.

This is where art comes in. When there is art, there is stenciling art.

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Is Reverse Osmosis Bad for Our Health?

| Articles | February 14, 2010

Although reverse osmosis offers clean water the health concerns that hound the filtered water still remains an issue today. Those who sell reverse osmosis products would argue otherwise and insist that they have no health related concerns regarding the water that passed through the filtration process.

But recent studies have shown that reverse osmosis can be bad for our health or at the very least is not really guaranteed as manufacturers or users of the system have claimed. The main reason behind this conclusion is that reverse osmosis is able to filter the natural minerals that water contains. These minerals apparently are quite important to our body and contribute a lot to our health.

Reverse osmosis works by forcing a solvent by applying pressure from an area of high solute concentration through a semi-permeable membrane to an area of low solute concentration. By doing so, the membrane allows the water being pushed by the pressure to pass through and prevents larger particles such as salt, for example in seawater. The reverse osmosis system actually uses several numbers of stages which incorporates combinations of various kinds of filters.

The first layer of filter usually uses a sediment type which prevents rust and calcium carbonate to pass through. An activated carbon filter is then next. With this one organic chemicals and chlorine are trapped. The water then passes through a reverse osmosis filter made up of thin composite membrane. Then after that one would find another layer carbon filter which is there to ensure that any particles that was able to push their way through is prevented from going further.

You can now see clearly where the reverse osmosis process has “overdone” the filtering. Unlike carbon filters, reverse osmosis removes any molecules larger than water from passing through. Unfortunately, the naturally occurring minerals are larger than water molecules which therefore are trapped by the reverse osmosis membrane.

And what’s more unfortunate is the fact that harmful substances like those found in fertilizer and pesticide runoffs are smaller than water molecules and so are just able to pass through the membrane quite easily. These contaminants are known to cause cancer and other degenerative diseases and should be the ones being filtered out. Some studies have found out that reverse osmosis is unable to filter more than 2,000 toxins found in tap water.

Aside from the health issue, wastage is also a problem with reverse osmosis. The process actually wastes a lot of water. For a gallon of purified water, around two or three gallons are being wasted and cannot be recycled.

Nonetheless, if drinking water produced from reverse osmosis is not as healthy as one might thing, other uses of reverse osmosis has proven to be quite effective. People undergoing kidney dialysis uses water from reverse osmosis to remove waste products in the body. The pharmaceutical industry also uses reverse osmosis in the various process of drug manufacturing.

However, despite the advantages reverse osmosis might have it is apparent that other kinds of water treatment offer better alternatives in producing clean, drinking water. Indeed, reverse osmosis can be bad for our health and it would be better to settle with newer and more advanced ways of water purification.

These newer systems leave minerals intact and instead remove all the organic and synthetic pollutants like those in pesticides, fertilizers and household cleansers.

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Is Las Vegas a Breeding Ground for Terrorists?

| Articles | February 13, 2010

Even though there are many people who insist that the Mexican and Canadian borders are too open of places in order to allow terrorists to come into the United States, but what about the people and terrorists that are already living in the United States? Indeed, you can be assured that there are Islamic terrorists that have already entered the United States. Some people contend that Las Vegas is the perfect place for these criminals to hide out, but others suggest that Las Vegas is simply too busy of a place to attract any sort of terrorist activity whatsoever. Nevertheless, it is always possible that terrorists are living and breathing among us, and here are just some of the reasons that many people believe that Las Vegas is a breeding ground for terrorists:

The Perfect Place to Hide

Even though Las Vegas, just like New York City, seems like it would be the exact opposite of a place for terrorists to hide it is actually the very opposite and there are plenty of would-be terrorists that are already hiding out in New York City. Because of this, though, why wouldn’t Las Vegas be the perfect place to hide? There are literally millions of people gambling and filling up spots in the casinos that terrorists would absolutely have no clue that they were being watched. In addition, the feeling that many people get when going to Las Vegas casinos is the fact that they feel like one small fish in the sea. Because of these feelings and comforts also, there are many people who feel that Las Vegas would be the perfect place to hide a cell of inter-connected terrorist groups planning to attack on the United States’ soil.

What No One Knows

Just as there are millions of people who attend the Las Vegas casinos each and every day, there are also so many of these people that just have no idea how security works in Las Vegas. According to the United States’ Department of Homeland Security, there are plenty of ways in which they can keep an eye on whoever has checked into the hotel and whoever is currently playing on the Craps table. Aside from common information that can be obtained, many of the authority figures of the federal government are now relying on high tech information in order to able not only recognize people’s faces, but to also recognize facial expressions that may be codes and signs for other meanings.

As mentioned, there are plenty of federal authorities already keeping an eye on the many people who participate in the Las Vegas casinos. There are also plenty of these federal authorities that believe that Las Vegas could truly be a breeding ground for terrorists. On the other hand, with all the security measures in place they have failed to capture anyone of real significance who has big ties to any of the terrorist networks.

All in all, though, it may be possible that those who are engaging in terrorist activities are staying among the common folks and wealthy people of the Las Vegas culture. However, it is very doubtful that many of these so-called terrorist will get away with any of their activities if security is as tight as it is made out to be. In the end, though, it seems as thought it only appears to be one big hoax and worry for nothing because Las Vegas is certainly protected and can guard itself against terrorists that try to attack!

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Investing in an Espresso Machine

| Articles | February 12, 2010

Espresso has long been a popular form of the coffee drink and there are millions of people all over the world that herald espresso as their favorite coffee drink. For that reason espresso is offered in all sorts of coffee shops throughout the country and some large national chains have picked up on the popularity of it as well! An example would be Starbucks. Among the many different coffee products that Starbucks offers, espresso is just one of their drinks that have gained attention all over the world. Indeed, espresso is a great coffee drink and one of the only ways that you’ll be able to have an awesome espresso taste is through an espresso machine.

The actual process of making espresso is quite difficult, yet an espresso machine makes it possible via forced pressure in order to correctly make the drink. In fact, many people think that espresso is made with boiling water, however, it is not. Espresso is made with very hot, but not boiling water and even though regular coffee drinkers think that espresso is just another coffee drink, it is actually a whole different beverage genre altogether, although it can be classified as a coffee drink as many people already consider it.

If you already own a small coffee shop or even breakfast house or diner then you may actually consider investing in an espresso machine. This is just one way to attract customers to your business, but chances are that you’ll have more people in your diner or coffee shop on a daily basis to have one or more shots of espresso that it will be a large part of the service you perform! In addition, even though it is possible to make espresso by hand as coffee drinkers used to do in Italy so long ago, the process today just takes too long for most people. Not only is it time consuming, but if you are making espresso by hand for a whole bunch of guests in your restaurant chances are that it won’t be worth your time and effort to continually make the espresso by hand.

Another reason that you may want to invest in an espresso machine, though, is so that you’ll be able to enjoy the drink yourself! Many restaurant owners do buy espresso machines so that their customers will be able to enjoy the drink, but on the other hand those same restaurant owners are able to drink the espresso by themselves! However, if you have decided that you’re not going to buy an espresso machine for your business or personal wants then perhaps you may try giving an espresso machine away as a gift! Espresso machines are considerably expensive although that is one reason why it would make a perfect gift for the person you’re buying it for!

All things considered, an espresso machine definitely is a great tool to invest in if you have a business to operate that includes a plethora of coffee products or you simply want to enjoy the espresso yourself!

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Interoperable Satellite Radios

| Articles | February 11, 2010

The satellite radio world is divided among the two major broadcasters, XM Radio and Sirius. Since they work on different frequencies and need specific equipment to broadcast, Sirius and XM Radio have divided the market into two groups. While some are fans of the Sirius channels others prefer XM Radio, and the debate regarding which of the two is the best could go on forever. Some however are subscribers to both services, since they love some of the Sirius programs but also enjoy XM Radio broadcasting. For them and for more people interested in satellite radio, there are some potential good news. Interoperable satellite radios are one of the things most of the major players in the satellite radio industry are talking about. What are they? Basically they are receivers that can work both with Sirius and XM Radio and everything is enclosed in a single unit.

Interoperable Technologies when Sirius and XM work together

Interoperable Technologies is the name of a joint effort funded by both Sirius and XM Radio, with the declared purpose of bringing dual-subscription satellite radios to the general market. Founded in 2003, Interoperable Technologies has started developing the dual-mode satellite radios ever since and progress is being made with each passing month. Interoperable Technologies gets help from consultants from both XM and Sirius and their 2005 success of developing a singe unit that can receive both transmissions was a notable one. Today, Interoperable Technologies ha a deadline of bringing the developed receiver unit to the market. The monthly subscription price is estimated to be around $26 for which you get over 300 channels from the combined broadcasting list of the two satellite radio operators.

What the people say

The news of the interoperable satellite radio development has triggered interesting responses among XM and Sirius satellite radio subscribers. Here are some of the things people left on forums and discussion boards regarding this development:

“$26/month? A hell of a lot cheaper than cable TV.” Says one of the forum posters. He is right, but, of course, many will question the need to pay $26 for over 300 radio channels out of which 80% will probably never get listened to.

“Oh man! As a dual subscriber, this would be SO cool to have. Where do I sign up?” on the other hand, of course, there are those people that don’t mind spending a little extra when they can get so much more.

“Cool idea if it ever comes to pass. Even though I only subscribe to Sirius, I would consider buying this with an eye on the future…” for people such as this forum poster, the interoperable satellite radio system is the natural evolutionary step forward, so it is definitely worth looking into.

Implications of the interoperable satellite radio system

As you can see from the response of the potential customers, the interoperable satellite radio system is an interesting development. While Sirius and XM are lucky enough to be the only major players in this field, for now, it seems they are also ready to work together in order to consolidate their future. Of course, offering twice the programs on a single unit is a major step forward, and from the early stages it seems that the target audience is ready to receive the single receiver unit with applause. On the other hand, is this an initial enthusiastic response or is it genuine interest? Won’t 300+ channels become too much and won’t people start to feel like they are paying for something they are rarely using? There will also be some interesting things to follow as far as exclusivity rights go, because each of the two broadcasters have their own original approaches to common things. Another interesting aspect to follow will be how the sales for individual Sirius and XM units will go after the dual receiver hits the market. For many, the combined efforts of Sirius and XM tend to look like a first step towards a large scale joint venture that will lead to an absolute monopoly of the satellite radio market.

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Internet Marketing Made Easier Because Of A Reliable Affiliate Program

| Articles | February 10, 2010

When you have an internet business you face the tough prospect of attracting visitors to your website without breaking the bank. Marketing on the internet is challenging and takes time to achieve results. There are ways to market for internet traffic and stay within a budget. Here we will outline how it can be done.The most important task in internet marketing is search engine optimization and submission. Affiliate programs are what you need to become acquainted with if you are into internet marketing.

There are some quality directories and search engines where you can submit your website. By submitting your website to the quality directories, search engines will be able to find your website. Be careful to avoid services promise to submit your website to 75,000 search engines. They often submit your website in such a manner that may result in your website getting permanently banned from search engines.

An affiliate program is something that can be confusing when you first hear about it but after a little research and doing some extra work, you will quickly be on your way to finding yourself a fantastically beneficial job.

Only do business with services that submit your website to quality web directories and major search engines.Optimizing your website for search engines is a very important step. To optimize you need to focus on keyword density positioning for the phrases and words for which you want to rank highly. To help the search engines interpret your pages you should also use good Meta tags.

You can optimize your website yourself or search at Google for an optimization consultant. Stay away from those experts charging $1,000 a month or more. They have only one goal and that is to get as much out of you as possible before you figure out they are not helping you. Stay with SEO consultants who charge a fee more reasonable.Affiliate programs can make it possible for you to have a very wealthy future in store for you.

An affiliate program is the main reason that so many businesses have succeeded so tremendously over some time. There are so many things that can be learned from operating an affiliate program and if you can really take in everything that you can you are going to be much better off at the end of the day. This could be your time to shine and you could really earn yourself a substantial income as well, which most of us all really do want anyway.

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Internet Marketing and Teleconference Technology

| Articles | February 8, 2010

If you have ever been the student of an internet marketing guru then you probably know that internet marketers are some of the smartest people in the world. There are many advantages to being an internet marketer today, especially with all the advantages that the internet has to offer. One of the ways that internet marketers are able to make the most of their business is through the use of teleconference technology. In previous times, however, teleconferencing was typically thought of as a multi-phone person conversation, possibly even using the “flash” button to get people in on the teleconference call.

On the other hand, internet marketers have tapped into the digital side of teleconferencing and there is a whole new world to consider about teleconference meetings if you are an internet marketer. For example, if you are marketing specific businesses then you are able to hold teleconference meetings at a specific time on the internet so that interested individuals are able to hear what you have to say. The benefits of conducting your presentation entirely online definitely outweigh the benefits of a normal teleconference phone call. For example, some of the benefits of using internet teleconference meeting software are that infinitely more people are able to attend your presentation and meeting. Instead of being forced to leave their comfort zone of their computer and walk to a phone to dial-in to a regular teleconference recording or presentation, your guests can interact with you in real time. A second benefit, though, is that you can virtually conduct more than one teleconference meetings at a time if you want.

Informing Potential Guests about your Teleconference Meeting

Since virtually everyone nowadays has the internet in their home it is very easy to market these types of teleconference meetings on the web. There are so many applications and programs that people are already using that actually resemble some of the popular teleconference software that’s available that potential participants of your internet marketing teleconference meeting will not have to do anything all that drastically different. For example, most teleconference software that can be used via the web mainly resemble a small text-chat box like you can use in a typical instant messaging program, like MSN Messenger or Aol Instant Messenger. There may also be another larger window so that internet pages and presentations may be easily viewed.

The important thing about your teleconference meeting on the web, though, is that it is very easy to market. If you advertise a teleconference meeting as a regular meeting that is held each Tuesday or a specific day of the week, internet marketers can usually count on at least a few people being present at the meeting. On the other hand, if you are advertising your teleconference meeting as a “once-in-a-lifetime” event then you may have hundreds and hundreds of participants attending.

Internet marketers, though, definitely have the advantage when using these types of software to promote their businesses. Not only does it make hosting teleconference meetings a whole lot easier, but multiple subjects and meetings can be conducted at once. Teleconference technology using the web has definitely made a difference in the lives of thousands of people, and it continues to stay popular today!



| Articles | February 7, 2010

To work as a couple is usually pretty difficult, especially when you try to satisfy the tastes and desires of both parties. Each one has his or her own carrier, she has her tastes, he has his, and together they must find a solution to a compromise they never managed to make.

Pretty hard to accomplish, especially because both try to argument their point of view and they try to make their theory win in totality, without letting some ideas of the other party slip within.

The compromise

Let’s say this is a big house. She is an art collector and he isn’t. Then she gets the living as a space for her hobby and he gets the mansard. She will decide the style of one bedroom, he will decide the office-room decoration. And so on… this is usually a satisfactory solution as long as each of them gets to decorate the rooms that mean most to them.

Another approach is to try and find out just what are those common points they have. There must be common points, there always are, just that no one thought of finding them yet. Discovering common tasted will help the couple discover a new life style. This is a good solution to stay out of couples’ therapy whenever you stumble across some misunderstanding.

What to learn from this?

Each one of them has to learn something that is the whole point in these kinds of misunderstandings. They have to learn to know their limits and each other’s also. They must understand and remember the wishes and desires of the other one, they must learn not to try and impose their opinion at any cost because there surely are other solutions. Making common decisions and learning to compromise will make the couple happy.

Perfect couple for decorating the house

The perfect couple, which will please the interior designer is a couple of well educated and behaved persons. It will be a nice surprise once both persons will add their own suggestions without fighting over them, when they are correctly informed and willing to understand the other’s opinions.

Living and decorating together means mostly finding the middle ways, that can satisfy both parties and still look good.

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