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Online Business Profits

| Articles | July 31, 2010

You have heard the saying “work smarter not harder” this is true for your online business as well. Your goal is to increase profits not increase your work load.

Offer an up-sell for your product or services. A good example of an up-sell is a popular game console sells a basic edition for $295.95 now they also offer a premium edition for $395.95. The difference is two components that are required for specific game play. To upgrade at a later date those two components would cost approximately $150.00 dollars more. Most people will purchase the premium edition as they see this as a good deal and getting more for their money.

You will want to test various methods of providing an up-sell for your particular service or product. You can offer this premium edition or enhanced service prior to customer purchasing or after they have purchased and before final purchase settlement.

Subscriptions are an excellent way to increase your profits. If customers like your service they will be happy and renew each year. It requires little time, effort, and cost to keep them as customers and happy. It is much easier to keep someone happy than to build a new relationship from scratch. A subscription service is easily done. By using your imagination you will find one that fits your target audience. Here are a couple suggestions to help start.

Have a popular site category on your website. Charge a yearly fee for inclusion in your links or directory. This will pay for your time and effort to review each link request and also allows discourages the casual link requester which also improves the quality of your links.

Offer a printed copy of your newsletter. Include expanded details on information and also coupons or discounts that readers of the regular newsletter would not receive.

Create a subscriber only service and offers information or services that are not immediately available to someone visiting your site. An example would be. If you have a housing referral site that gives housing information. For a fee they can also get contact information for any of the rentals or for sale homes on your site.

Continually follow up with customers and potential customers. Let them know you are available for any questions or concerns they may have. If you have any new products or services just in and not announced on your site as of yet. Be sure to inform the customer who has purchased a companion service or product of these new offerings first. An auto responder can make this task much easier than manually doing each one.

Work on building relationships. You want your online business to be considered friendly, reliable, and trustworthy. Offer to go above and beyond expectations if possible. You will set yourself apart by gong from the online world to the outside world even if it is just a simple thank you card sent in the regular mail. People do remember such acts and will reward you with future purchases, and a word of mouth recommendation to others.

If necessary get rid of the high maintenance customer. You will never be able to make everyone happy. Some customers are so constantly demand extra’s but not willing to pay for them; others are just rude to you on a regular basis. Be polite but explain that you will no longer be able to supply them with goods or services for them. You can direct them to a competitor’s website if you wish. But it is your online store and you have the choice as to if you want to serve them or not. The goal is to make money and increase profits not increase your work load and headaches.

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Professional Franchise Information

| Articles | July 30, 2010

If you are thinking about owning a franchise then there are some things that you must think about before starting out on the journey itself. It would actually be best to consider what’s all involved with owning a franchise of a company before you actually contact the company you’ll be working with because there may be a lot of hidden rules and regulations involved that it may not even be worth it in the first place. Nevertheless, though, if you are set in stone about wanting to purchase a franchise of a company name then there are definitely some issues that must be cleared with the company before you sign into any sort of agreement!

The Fees

The first and foremost issue that you’ll probably want to take care of when entering into any franchise agreement is what fees you’ll be paying. Most companies require that a franchise owner pay an initial fee to be able use the company’s name and reputation whenever they want, but there are also some other fees that they must pay as well. For example, what is usually required is the franchise owners must pay a percentage of their profit to the company itself in return for being a franchise. Even though this percentage may only be 1-2%, it still could take a big chunk out of the profits. What you may want to get in writing is exactly how much you’ll pay to the company, whether it will be a percentage of the gross or net profits, and whether or not any fees will be required the first year considering that many businesses do not even turn a profit until the second or third year!

Renewal Agreements

When signing into a contract with a company for a franchise one of the things you may be required to agree upon is exactly how long that contract will be and how long subsequent contracts will also be. Most companies require that a franchise owner sign a contract for at least 10-15 year agreement, but then make subsequent contracts half of the duration that the first one is signed for. However, you may also want to know what exactly will happen if you somehow breach the contract and bankrupt the franchise before the contract is up. There may be hefty fines and fees involved, but getting all of the specifics in writing is the best route any franchise owner can take!


One important issue with franchises and all company branches is the location of each one. Many companies have stipulations that are set so that no company branch can be in the way, or in a physical location that is close to another of the same branch. This rule of thumb probably also goes for franchise businesses, but this is an issue that you’ll want to discuss as well!

There are plenty of other things that you must discuss with the company headquarters itself before jumping on any bandwagon or riding on cloud nine! Securing your franchise is very important and making sure you know all the rules and regulations goes along with that!

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Professional Auto Racing Safety

| Articles | July 29, 2010

If you have ever wanted to know how the auto racing professionals are able to withstand such high speeds in their vehicles then there is plenty of information that will tell you how the seat belts and restraint systems are set up. On the other hand, if you have never even thought about how auto racing individuals are able to sustain speeds of well over 200 miles per hour then the best thing to do would be to attend one of the national auto racing events just to see how they take place! In the end, though, professional auto racers are partly responsible for their own safety in the way that they handle the cars that they’re driving. On the flip side, though, there must be some great restraint system in the car with them. Here is how part of the system works to keep the driver safe during an auto racing event:

Seat Belts

The first thing that one should realize about the safety belts that are used during an auto racing event is that they are extremely safe to deal with and there is nothing else like them! The main point of the safety belt during an auto racing event is the protect the driver, as is obvious, but the safety belt is a little different than any other normal passenger car on the market. For example, in a normal passenger car the seat belt is designed to have little impact on the driver during a crash, but instead restrain the driver so that he or she will not be injured. On the flip side, auto racing seat belts are the exact opposite. In conjunction with the automobile’s seat, the seat belt of an auto racing car is designed to actually hold the driver down in the event of the crash and slow the driver down as well. This is most beneficial for an automobile designed for the auto racing industry considering the fact that there are many crashes that take place throughout the year.

The Five-Point Harness

Another part of the restraint system lies in the successful use of the five-point restraint harness. This is also perhaps the most important feature that has to be including with auto racing cars. In previous years, three-point harnesses were used in a lot of common restraint systems, but the NASCAR events that take place typically have the five-point harness so that the drive is secure, snug, and has no chance of flying through the windshield in the case of an auto racing accident.

Window Nets and Roof Nets

The window nets that are used in auto racing automobiles are designed to control the driver of the car during a crash. The window nets are just like they sound because they are made from nylon and they are designed literally to be like webs and nets that go over the windows. In the event of an auto racing crash there is little control by the driver, which is the main reason for this type of safety measure.

All of these things are designed to help the drivers of auto racing events protect themselves during a crash. As we all know, crashes during an auto racing event are all too common, especially at the high speeds that the drivers are allowed to go. But to say that the safety measures are ineffective is just plain wrong because they do end up saving many lives in the end!

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Prince: A Royalty in the Tennis Industry

| Articles | July 28, 2010

It would be impossible to discuss tennis and the name Prince would not come up. Prince and Prince products have long dominated the market in terms of providing quality tennis apparels and equipments. Would you like to go back down the memory lane and see how the phenomenal success of this company came to be?

Prince began by being a manufacturer of machines for tennis balls. They soon ventured into racket manufacture and engineering (oversized, graphite, to name a few). They made some of these rackets world famous in such a short period of time that the name Prince became synonymous with tennis.

One of the continuing marketing strategies of the company is to sponsor top tennis performers such as: Maria Sharapova, Jennifer Capriati, Guillermo Coria, Martina Navartilova and Patrick Rafter. With championships bagged by these athletes, most consumers started to show interest in Prince products.

The company today remains a leader not only in manufacturing the latest innovation in tennis products but also in sponsoring tennis events. Take a look at tennis tournaments and you are set to see a logo of the company on the background!

It would be hard to believe now that Prince all started from a useful invention that was born in a small garage. From there, we see the achievements of the company:

1.Invention of the machine for tennis balls by Bob Mclure in 1970.

2.Oversized racket was introduced to the market in 1976.

3.In 1976, a racket made of graphite was born.

4.In 1978, a string which has multi-filaments was created.

5.Sports bags were first sold in the early 80’s.

6.In 1989, the grip on racket handles were improved.

7.Tunnels of wind on their rackets were engineered in the year 2005. It deviated from the conventional racket holes where the strings were tied.

And because of these ‘tunnels of wind’ another tennis legend has signed up to do endorsements for the company- James Blake.

The products that are currently being sold worldwide by the company are:

1.Shoes- which the company guarantees to not wear out within the year it was purchased. Repairs and replacement are choices that an unsatisfied customer can opt for.


3.Tennis Balls


5.Sports bags


7.Items used on the court as well as machines!

8.Clothings; and


It may come as a sad thing to some that Prince products are not sold directly to the consumers. There are dealers that are authorized to sell the products to the buyers. One could go online and find the nearest one to her home.

Currently, the partners of Prince are the following:

NBTA or the Nick Bolletierri Tennis Academy- no less than the likes of Andre Agassi, Anna Kournikova and Jim Courier were given instructions in this academy.

University of Miami Online High School

Cardio Tennis- fitness group focuses on professional workouts.

Saddlebrook Resort

Tennis Europe- a famous partner on accessories.

SAP Open

Family Circle Cup

US Sports Camps

To make make things more exciting, the company also has the famous Club Prince where one could become a member. The benefits of being a member of this prestigious club are updates on players’ tours, latest information on Prince products, contests and inside news. This is a fun way to get into the sports called tennis.

Prince tennis has really carved a name for itself in the tennis industry. There are several competitors but the company’s name remains a strong contender. One would be foolish to disagree.

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Preventing High Blood Pressure

| Articles | July 27, 2010

No doubt, there are number of treatments and medicines available for the treatment of high blood pressure. But as it is said, “Precaution is better than cure”. So, we must consider this saying and follow the recommended rules in order to prevent the high blood pressure.

Blood pressure is directly proportional to the body weight; it means that if your weight increases the blood pressure also rises. Overweight people have an increased risk of high blood pressure, heart disease, and other illnesses. Losing weight reduces the risk Even if you don’t have high or low blood pressure problems due to being overweight, a healthy weight can help you feel active and lower your risk of blood pressure and other diseases.

It’s not just how much you weigh that’s important: It also matters where your body stores extra fat. Just like the other things your body shape is also inherited from your parents. Some people are “Apple-shaped”; these have extra fat at the waist while others are “pear shaped” having more fat at their hips and thighs. The former have higher health risks than the later.

Anyways, wherever that extra weight is you can still prevent it and control your blood pressure. Even if you are already captured by the high blood pressure; no problem just start loosing wait and it will help you lower your pressure.

To loose weight, you should use up more calories than you eat. You need to use up the day’s calories and some of the calories stored in your body fat. Eating 300 to 500 calories less per day, may lead to losing between one and two pounds per week. This is a realistic weight loss. It may seem slow, but would add up to a weight loss of more than three stone in a year.

Increase your physical activity if you really want to loose your weight. Being active controls your weight 10 times by eating less. Besides losing weight, there are other reasons to be more active: Being physically active can help lower high blood pressure and your total cholesterol level while raising HDL-cholesterol, and reduces your risk for heart disease. Physically active people have a lower risk of getting high blood pressure (20% to 50% lower) than inactive people.

You are not being asked to join a gym but at least try to fit various physical activities into your daily routine in small but important ways. If light physical activities done on regular basis can reduce the risk of blood pressure and heart disease.

Do at least 30 minutes of exercise like swimming or running. If you don’t have 30 minutes for exercising, try to find two 15-minute periods or even three 10-minute periods. Try to do some type of aerobic activity in the course of a week or try brisk walking, most days of the week. These exercises can condition your heart and lungs and can prevent you from diseases.

Most people don’t need to see a doctor before they start exercising, since a gradual, sensible exercise program has few health risks. But in case of any health problem like, heart disease, blood pressure problem or any other you should first consult your physician. Your doctor or other health worker can help you set sensible goals based on a proper weight for your height, build and age and help you prevent high blood pressure. Men and very active women may need up to 2,500 calories daily. Other women and inactive men need only about 2,000 calories daily. A safe plan is to eat 300 to 500 fewer calories a day to lose 1 to 2 pounds a week.

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Pregnancy And Genital Warts

| Articles | July 26, 2010

One of the beliefs associated with the condition is that in case of women, they are probably linked to pregnancy. So genital warts and pregnancy – is there a connection? Let’s investigate. Pregnant women, infected with HPV and suffering from genital warts, almost always run a high risk of transmitting this extremely contagious disease to the child. It is therefore highly advisable to treat the genital warts before the baby is delivered. Presence of genital warts during pregnancy sometimes leads to a number of problems.

The warts, during such times, often increase in size and make urinating difficult and even painful. Blame it on hormonal changes during pregnancy that cause genital warts to multiply in number, enlarge and even bleed.Genital warts and other types caused by the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV), are surprisingly common among men and women. But the reasons behind their attacks are still open to some degree of speculation. In such cases, it is advisable to seek the help of a health care provider who can provide relief.

An abnormal Pap test may indicate the presence of HPV. To begin with, genital warts and pregnancy is not a happy mix.So if there has been a test recently, seek expert medical diagnosis and advice. Genital warts and pregnancy pose other risks as well. This is because the body’s immune system gets weaker during an HPV infection and this makes the lady vulnerable to viruses and infections. If the warts are inside the vaginal passage, they reduce the elasticity of the vagina and cause obstruction. This makes delivery difficult.

It is a comforting thought that pregnant women carrying an HPV infection usually do not give it to their babies. However, in some rare cases, mothers infected with genital warts may give birth to infants who develop warts in their throats, a condition also known as laryngeal papillomatosis. Although very rare, it poses a great life-threat to the newborn, requiring immediate medical attention and frequent laser surgeries to prevent blockage of the breathing passages. According to modern research, the use of interferon therapy along with laser surgery often slows down the course of the disease. Finding a treatment that works is what you need to think about doing because everyone is different in how they treat their warts. For all the (disagreeable) reasons above, it is strongly advised to abstain from sex with a partner who has HPV.

The infection spreads primarily through contact. If however abstinence is difficult, be choosy about the partner and stick to the dedicated partner. This minimizes the chances of contracting the disease and safeguards the pregnant mother as well. Remember, although condoms offer a modest degree of protection against the infection, but they are not foolproof. Pregnancy or no-pregnancy, genital warts are a nasty condition to have. Don’t do anything that might spread the infection or delay the process of cure. Do seek medical help as soon as possible. And pregnant mothers of course need to be more alert. After all, you owe it to your unborn child.

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Popularity of Dental Insurance

| Articles | July 24, 2010

The benefits of dental insurance coverage have been further stressed upon by the popular icons on the television, who always seem to have flashing white flawless teeth. These teeth are a result of care, expensive dental care and thus need for expensive group dental insurance plans provided by insurance companies that reducing in number by the day.

Group dental insurance plans have been growing rapidly placed in the niche market of employee benefit programs. A few years back, dental insurance was a non-descript part of employee benefit programs and very simple to plan and execute. Most plans used were for full coverage of preventive care and cleaning, 80% coverage for basic restoration and 50% coverage for major restorative services like crowns and bridges. Despite advice many employees never visited their dentists resulting in the overall cost of insurance being low and stable compared to general health benefit plans which rose year after year. For many years dental insurance was a simple rider for employers who took it major plans from big insurance companies.

The last few years saw a spurt in television advertising and as the smiles brightened on the idiot box, the importance of whiter smiles and straighter teeth became apparent and people started taking more interest in dental care. This in turn saw a spurt in rise of dental insurance premiums almost at the rate of 7-10% a year. This rate is significant and big employers started looking at it with a bigger eye. This tells on the bottom-line of the company since the employee benefit expenses are going up due to this rise. The dental insurance costs about 10% of the total employee benefits for a corporate today. So the rise in premium year after year, pushes the total employee benefit expenses 1% higher year after year.

“Employers aren’t paying that much attention yet, but considering the way dental plans are evolving, they should,” says Donald S. Mayes, dental plan auditor and consultant from Hershey, Pennsylvania.

Dental Insurance plans, as a part of employment package have also increased in popularity. So big companies, to recruit and retain their employees cannot do away with these plans; at the same time have to watch the cost going upward. A Catch 22 decision is awaited.

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Popular Las Vegas Casino Games

| Articles | July 23, 2010

There are plenty of casinos to take advantage of when visiting Las Vegas and all one has to do is step inside the world-class hotel that they’ll be staying at in order to have a sneak peak at all the fun and games that do go on. Amidst all the gambling tables, though, there are some important things to remember about the casinos within Las Vegas. First and foremost, if you don’t know your way around the casinos then chances are that you were doomed to failure from the beginning. It cannot be stressed enough that the poker scene must be familiar to even attempt at winning a hand a Blackjack or some of the other games you want to play. If you have never played any of the Las Vegas games before but are about to step into the potential winner’s or loser’s circle at the casinos in Las Vegas, here are some important rules of the road to remember when dealing with casino games in Las Vegas:

Let Them Track your Play

Virtually all the casinos in Las Vegas territory usually track the plays and the bets that you make at all the games within the casino. One popular casino that just recently opened, too, which is the Wynn Las Vegas Casino, actually enforces the rule of making you hand your room key over to the casino game operator so that he or she can keep track of the bets and amounts of money that you’ve spent at the hotel. Even though most other casinos don’t make you use your room key in order to track your play in the casino, it is still a practiced that is usually done. One major benefit for the customer, though, is that the price of their room and food may be taken care of at the end if they have spent enough in the casino.

Baccarat Room

Many people don’t realize that there are other games in this room than simply Baccarat, but other types of games that are located in this room of a Las Vegas casino are typically Blackjack and Roulette. There are also a couple other forms of the Blackjack, too. In recent years, many casinos have replaced the dealers with automatic Blackjack shufflers, which takes some of the fun out of the game, but nevertheless the game is there for everyone’s enjoyment!

Table Games

Besides the Baccarat room, though, normal simple table games, along with the slot machines, are usually the types of games that are found in the big and open areas within the Las Vegas casinos when you enter them. Some of the regular table games include Craps, Big 6, Caribbean Stud, as well as Let it Ride and Three Card Poker.

All in all, these are some of the most important things to remember when gambling in a Las Vegas casino. Letting the hotel or resort keep track of your earnings, winnings, and spends are important, but knowing what all there is to play is equally important!

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Popular Kids’ Birthday Party Themes

| Articles | July 22, 2010

There are thousands of ways to celebrate your kids’ birthdays and if you are a new parent then you are certainly welcoming yourself to a whole new world! Many excited young kids of elementary age always are interested in the latest and most popular new cartoon on television or the latest gadget or movie that they saw! If you are about to throw your child a birthday party for him or her with all of their friends then there are some excellent birthday party themes to go with!

Superheroes Galore!

Whether you are having a boy birthday party or a girl’s birthday party there are superheroes to meet every need. For example, parents can choose to throw their boys a Superman, Batman, or Spiderman themed birthday party, while girls have the option of the Powerpuff Girls, Power Rangers, or Cat Woman to choose from for their birthday party!

If you are going to have a superhero themed birthday party, though, there are some essential things that you need to make it happen. For example, if you’re throwing your son a Superman birthday party then you may consider buying all the birthday guests a Superman cape to wear while they’re there. Additionally, if you’re throwing a Batman birthday party then you can more than likely find some batman eye costumes. Girls’ birthday parties are easy too, though. Infiltrating the birthday party with lots of pink and other girl colors will be certain to attract applause from all the kids. There are all sorts of ways to think creatively when dealing with superhero birthday parties and these are a couple ways to have a great party!

The Latest and Most Popular Cartoon Themed Party!

If your son or daughter is not interested in superheroes then he or she may love some of the cartoons that are on television. For example, Spongebob Squarepants is a popular cartoon that a lot of youngsters love to watch! If you want to go with that type of a theme then you could decorate your entire house to go along with the Spongebob Squarepants cartoon show! For example, a real life replica or Spongebob’s pineapple that he lives in could be made. Other artifacts of the show could be produced and everyone who attends the birthday party could receive a Spongebob Squarepants DVD to take home.

Of course, there are plenty of other ways to have a kids-themed birthday party. You could make up the theme yourself or you could even enlist the help of the little birthday boy or girl to help plan the whole party! For example, you could create your own character or even just decorate the entire house with one color and make that the theme of the birthday party. All it takes, though, is a little creativity to make your son or daughter’s birthday party a smash hit with them and their friends Superheroes, television shows, cartoons, as well as other creative themes will make for a great time for kids’ birthdays!

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Popular Franchise Companies

| Articles | July 21, 2010

Owning franchises in the United States is just one way to raise capital for yourself and for your business. There are all sorts of reasons why one might want to invest in a franchise on their own, and there definitely are some popular franchises in the United States. If you have ever wanted to know about what’s required when owning a franchise of a certain company then here is the information that you need. Here’s a trivia question that you can take home to your family, though: what franchise has been ranked #1 many times over? You probably could very well guess what it is, and if you were thinking McDonald’s Restaurant you were exactly right. There have several times when McDonald’s Restaurant has been ranked #1 for the food category it’s been placed in, but here are some other interesting facts about owning a McDonald’s franchise:

The McDonald’s Franchise

Did you know that there are more than 11,000 McDonald’s franchises all over the United States? Indeed, McDonald’s has seen tremendous growth in the restaurant level over dozens of years and it has essentially created a world filled with Chicken McNuggets, Big Macs, and Ronald McDonald characters. But it’s actually easy to see why owning a McDonald’s franchise is popular, and it’s actually not as expensive as everyone would have thought. In order to have a McDonald’s franchise about the only thing that is required of the franchisee is to have a cash liquidity value of about $100,000. In addition, the franchise fee for owning a McDonald’s is set right at about $45,000 and the total investment that one is required to put forth when creating a McDonald’s franchise restaurant altogether is somewhere between half-a-million dollars and one-and-a-half million dollars!

On the other hand, owning a McDonald’s franchise restaurant is well worth the opportunity, which is why many franchisees see it as a golden opportunity. Considering the fact that many McDonald’s franchises make well over $1 million per year, having a McDonald’s franchise under your belt may be just the thing you need. In return, though, be prepared to pay a hefty royalty fee to the McDonald’s headquarters, which is currently set right at about twelve percent!

Burger King is Much More

You may be surprised to find out, however, that when it comes to owning a franchise, Burger King is more all over. The franchise fee is more, the total franchise investment is more, but the only thing that is less is actually the royalty fee, which is just around five percent! Who would have thought that owning a Burger King, though, would be more expensive than a McDonald’s franchise? In fact, a Burger King franchise costs just about double what a McDonald’s franchisee is required to have available and pay.

Nevertheless, these are two of the most popular franchises throughout the United States. The McDonald’s Corporation is definitely raking in the dough, but the comparison up against their fast food restaurant rival, Burger King, is interesting as well!

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