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Tips in fishing for salmons in Alaska

| Articles | October 31, 2010

Alaska is known as one of the most bountiful areas with salmon, and is ideal for fishing trips.

This is because of extreme tides along the West Coast and the gush of ocean currents that create an environment ideal for the breeding of thousands of baitfish.

It is also known as one of the best places to go if one wants to fish for giant King Salmon, the largest specie of salmon fish.

The best way to catch these giant salmon (in saltwater) is through trolling or by angling a baited line drawn into the water.

Fishing for giant King Salmon can be a year round activity (especially in Seward).

The most sought-after species of salmon are the following:

1. The King Salmon (Chinook) are the largest of all these species. Its weight averages between 20-40 pounds, the heaviest recorded of which is 112 pounds, and can be as long as 3-4″. It has a blue-green back that is lightly spotted.

The average life span of a Chinook Salmon is about five to seven years.

Its flesh can range in color from ivory white to a deep red.

Common names for this specie of salmon include tyee, springs, mouth/kings quinnat and tule.

2. Silver Salmon (Coho) on the other hand is slightly smaller with an average weight of 8-12 pounds.

These specie prefer small streams in which to spawn between the months of July to November.

3. Sockeye salmon, on the other hand, are the most sought-after of its entire species because its flesh has a color of deep red and it has a firm rich flavor.

In fishing for salmon in Alaska, one has to be well equipped with the right equipment (and donned with the appropriate apparel).

Listed below are some of the needed equipment/materials and tips for hassle-free fishing:

1. You must be clad in layers of warm clothes (not necessarily bulky ones as it can hinder in the fishing activity).

2. Over these everyday clothes, a waterproof overall, boots and bibs are likewise necessary to ensure that one would stay dry since after a hook-up, some fish may resist with maximum struggles.

3. Fleet or cruisers that offer services for fishing are usually stocked with bait.

4. A guide on board a cruiser ensures that even amateur fishermen will enjoy the activity by providing crash-lessons onboard. They usually hook the bait for the guest and inform the party as to where specific species of fish may thrive for selective fishing.

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Alaska Fishing Lodge: The Nature’s Abode

| Articles | October 30, 2010

Recreation is an important aspect in the life of human beings. Anglers represent the major group of leisure seekers, and have a determined advantage over the other groups who make use of nature’s wonderful creatures and elements for food.

Consequently, the popularity of fishing in many areas had continuously dominated the society. That is why along with its series of activities, people now realize the need for fishing lodges especially in places where fishing activities seem to never end.

Among all fishing lodges available in the industry today, the Alaska Fishing Lodges are among the most treasured and most popular fishing lodges in the United States.

The Alaska Fishing Lodge provides its customers full customer service satisfaction with their wide array of fishing activities and endless strings of fishing fun.

Normally, Alaska Fishing Lodges are made up of logs; sturdily build to provide each angler optimum convenience and comfort. It is known for its spacious interiors, creatively decorated with the right embellishments, thereby, setting the mood for fishing and wilderness.

In addition, because it carries the true Alaskan heritage, Alaska Fishing Lodges offer services and products that can be afforded by anyone. With its affordable rates, the place is inhabited by people, who mostly want to enjoy life and fishing but cannot afford to buy the pleasures in expensive beaches and lodges.

Best of all, Alaska Fishing Lodges are perfectly located in areas where the waters are abundant with the different species of fish. Usually, these lodges are situated in a place where trout, northern pike, and grayling mostly inhabit the waters.

On the other hand, most Alaska Fishing Lodges are built big enough to occupy 16 guests, in which each guest can avail of personal and individualized services.

Moreover, this type of lodge also houses a place where king salmon are abundant especially during the months of June and early part of July. Most lodges also provide a wide variety of fishing equipment, from rods to tackles and lines.

With all these beautiful features present in every Alaska Fishing Lodge, there is no better place to enjoy fishing and the wilderness like what this particular lodge can offer.

Staying in an Alaska Fishing Lodge is, indeed, an ultimate fishing experience.



| Articles | October 29, 2010

Service is the opening gun of tennis. It is putting the ball in play. The old idea was that service should never be more than merely the beginning of a rally. With the rise of American tennis and the advent of Dwight Davis and Holcombe Ward, service took on a new significance. These two men originated what is now known as the American Twist delivery.

From a mere formality, service became a point winner. Slowly it gained in importance, until Maurice E. M’Loughlin, the wonderful “California Comet,” burst across the tennis sky with the first of those terrific cannon-ball deliveries that revolutionized the game, and caused the old-school players to send out hurry calls for a severe footfault rule or some way of stopping the threatened destruction of all ground strokes. M’Loughlin made service a great factor in the game. It remained for R. N. Williams to supply the antidote that has again put service in the normal position of mere importance, not omnipotence. Williams stood in on the delivery and took it on the rising bound.

Service must be speedy. Yet speed is not the be-all and end-all. Service must be accurate, reliable, and varied. It must be used with discretion and served with brains.

Any tall player has an advantage over a short one, in service. Given a man about 6 feet and allow him the 3 feet added by his reach, it has been proved by tests that should he deliver a service, perfectly flat, with no variation caused by twist or wind, that just cleared the net at its lowest point (3 feet in the centre), there is only a margin of 8 inches of the service court in which the ball can possibly fall; the remainder is below the net angle. Thus it is easy to see how important it is to use some form of twist to bring the ball into court. Not only must it go into court, but it must be sufficiently speedy that the receiver does not have an opportunity of an easy kill. It must also be placed so as to allow the server an advantage for his next return, admitting the receiver puts the ball in play.

Just as the first law of receiving is to, put the ball in play, so of service it is to cause the receiver to fall into error. Do not strive unduly for clean aces, but use your service to upset the ground strokes of your opponent.

Service should be hit from as high a point as the server can COMFORTABLY reach. To stretch unnecessarily is both wearing on the server and unproductive of results. Varied pace and varied speed is the keynote to a good service.

The slice service should be hit from a point above the right shoulder and as high as possible. The server should stand at about a forty-five degree angle to the baseline, with both feet firmly planted on the ground. Drop the weight back on the right foot and swing the racquet freely and easily behind the back. Toss the ball high enough into the air to ensure it passing through the desired hitting plane, and then start a slow shift of the weight forward, at the same time increasing the power of the swing forward as the racquet commences its upward flight to the ball. Just as the ball meets the racquet face the weight should be thrown forward and the full power of the swing smashed into the service. Let the ball strike the racquet INSIDE the face of the strings, with the racquet travelling directly towards the court. The angle of the racquet face will impart the twist necessary to bring the ball in court. The wrist should be somewhat flexible in service. If necessary lift the right foot and swing the whole body forward with the arm. Twist slightly to the right, using the left foot as a pivot. The general line of the racquet swing is from RIGHT to LEFT and always forward.

At this point and before I take up the other branches of serving, let me put in a warning against footfaulting. I can only say that a footfault is crossing or touching the line with either foot before the ball is delivered, or it is a jump or step. I am not going into a technical discussion of footfaults. It is unnecessary, and by placing your feet firmly before the service there is no need to footfault.

It is just as unfair to deliberately footfault as to miscall a ball, and it is wholly unnecessary. The average footfault is due to carelessness, over-anxiety, or ignorance of the rule. All players are offenders at times, but it can quickly be broken up.

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SEO tools

| Articles | October 28, 2010

Search Engine optimization is of two kinds, Organic and Mechanical. Organic SEO depends on manual or natural ways of optimizing a website and takes more time resulting in long lasting results. Mechanical SEO use software i.e. seo tools to optimize a website. It takes less time but results have a shorter shelf life.

SEO tools are numerous. They are available for keyword verification checking and suggestions, link popularity checks, meta tag optimization, search saturation checking, back link building, search engine ranking etc.

The seo tools are being extensively used today to optimize websites. In the fiercely competitive industries it is very important to be on top of Google, Yahoo or any other search engine rankings to tap targeted audience. This greatly helps to sustain, grow and expand your business through your website.

Each category of seo tools in turn has number of software developed by different companies. It is relevant to know which are good before you embark upon using one. Almost all of them have demo versions available for free download. You can always try them out before narrowing your options and buying the best. Remember, SEO tools are only tools; one should use them with a lot of prudence lest the search engines black list you.

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Sending a Gift Basket College Care Package

| Articles | October 27, 2010

Every year high school graduates go off to college with the intent of being all they can be and making their parents the most proud of them that they have ever been. College is an exciting time in many high school graduates’ life, but the whole experience can also be really stressful as well. Because college and college courses are so much different from the way that high school was traditionally held there are some students who may feel frustrated, stressed, confused, and even sad by the time final exam week comes rolling around. If you are the parent of one of these college students, though, one suggestion that you may probably have heard about is sending gift basket college care packages to your college student.

Sending one of these gift baskets that are essentially care packages for your child will actually help him or her de-stress from the goings-on and the hustle and bustle of everyday college life. Here are some of the things that can be included in the gift basket for your teenager, though, and also some reasons why these care packages may help him or her at college:

Favorite Foods

There are plenty of businesses out there on the World Wide Web and in the real world that sell college care packages as gift baskets. With these gift baskets, though, come a whole lot of different food and candy products that you college student will love. Chances are that if the student is a typical college student then he or she will probably be eating Ramen noodles just about everyday. You’re in luck, though, because there are also gift basket care packages that include Ramen Noodles. On the other hand, custom gift baskets that can be prepared by companies may include foods and candy that you specify!

Homesick Remedy

If you have ever sent your college student a gift basket care package then chances are that you have also gotten many thanks for doing so. The reason for this is, though, that many college students typically feel homesick after being left at college for weeks on end without seeing anyone familiar from their family or friends. Gift basket care packages, though, are a simple and fun reminder to those college students that want to see their family members and miss the smell and taste of their mother’s home cooking!

Of course there are plenty of other options for making a gift basket care package for a college student as well. One option is to buy a pre-packaged gift basket from a gift basket company, but on the other hand a more creative way in which one can give a care package of this sort is to create the gift basket by themselves. This is also probably one of the things that will be more appreciated because the time was actually taken to include special things from home! Altogether, though, care packages in the form of gift baskets can be some of the best presents that college students ever receive while on campus!

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Selling Your Auto Parts on eBay

| Articles | October 26, 2010

There are plenty of ways to get rid of the auto parts that you currently have for one reason or another, but you may consider simply selling them on eBay. There are actually a whole lot of reason that eBay should be used to sell your auto parts and they will be explained in this article. But if you are looking to start an eBay business selling auto parts then you may also be able to pull this off. On the other hand, you may want to start small by selling the parts that you currently have around your house. Nevertheless, this article will explain the full benefits of selling your current auto parts, as well as other auto parts, on eBay or another auction-type website on the World Wide Web.

More Bang for your Buck

Even though the phrase “more bang for your buck” usually relates to purchasing something in a store, the same can be said about selling your auto parts on eBay. There are probably more people who will be willing to pay a higher price, or reasonable price for that matter, on an eBay auction price, than there are individuals who would like to purchase auto parts at high prices in retail stores. So there is definitely a chance that you could profit off of the old auto parts that you currently have by selling them on eBay.

There are some people who contend that the junk yards that can be found will pay more for your auto parts then somebody on eBay will, but that is unlikely to happen altogether. Consider that a person who owns a junk yard will probably pay only $5 or $7 for a muffler, but then a person who is purchasing a muffler on eBay will probably pay $10 to $20. One is able to get about double their money if they decide to sell on eBay or another auction website as opposed to simply selling them at a junk yard.

Easier Process

The whole process of selling your auto parts on eBay is also quite different and a whole lot easier, too. The only thing that needs to be done is to list an auction on the auto parts section of eBay’s website and you’ll have an auction in no time. Furthermore, after someone decides to purchase your listed auto parts then you will automatically be paid, usually through the Paypal service. There is no haggling involved for a higher price, which is usually required when selling auto parts at a junk yard.

Selling Auto Parts on eBay for a Living

There are also individuals throughout the United States and the world who make their living off of selling used or new auto parts on eBay for cheap prices so as to attract customers and to make money. This is also a possibility, but much research needs to go into where those auto parts will be bought, how they will be sold, and where they will all be sold on the World Wide Web. However, if one has the drive and ambition to do so there is a perfect market that will make you hundreds of dollars per month just selling auto parts on eBay or elsewhere on the ‘net.

As you can see, selling auto parts is a true endeavor that a lot of people take part in. Auto parts are probably some of the more popular hardware pieces that people invest in, and one can be truly successful by selling their old auto parts on eBay than simply taking them to a junk yard for less!

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Selling product online

| Articles | October 25, 2010

For very little cost, you can sell a product online that hasn’t been selling well offline. Once it is set up, it takes virtually no work to maintain and monitor. Even if you only get a few sales a month, it is money that you wouldn’t have otherwise!

Let me give an example from my own experience. Back before I took my first business online, I advertised my book, “Secrets of Buying and Building Your Specialty Car on a Small Budget,” in “kit car” magazines (there were only two) for three years, and made a full-time income doing so. After a while, the ad rates jumped too high and the market was getting saturated with my product, (I was the only person writing a book on such a subject) so it just wasn’t worth running the ads anymore.

I put the same book on a simple web page, did a few reciprocal links with related kit car sites, and announced my presence on the two kit car e-mail discussion lists. The result? It still brings in over $1,000 per month automatically. I don’t do anything to maintain it (I haven’t touched it or even paid attention to it in over 2 years), and it still generates $1,000 in profit every month. It’s not much, but I don’t do any real work for it.

It is an old book that was not profitable, and not being advertised anymore offline, but because I put it on the Net, it now earns me $1,000 on autopilot each and every month. It’s not a lot of money, but it is icing on the cake. If you can get a few products like this, you can generate a full-time income very easily.

Be prepared to change your advertising concept a little and adapt it to the Internet. For example, in the kit car business, the customers are what marketers call “picture people.” In magazines, using pictures in your ads increases the cost of the advertising. On the Internet, though, because there is basically unlimited space, you can really take advantage of images. In fact, when I advertise in newsgroups, I let everyone know that there are a ton of pictures on my site. Just having images at your site is a way of getting traffic.

This pitch enticed kit car enthusiasts to come and check my site out. The philosophy is to give the target market what they want.

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Seeing Seattle through the Eyes of a Child

| Articles | October 23, 2010

If you are planning to visit Seattle Washington any time in the near future I hope you are either bringing along your children, or the child in you at the very least. Why you ask? Well, the answer to that is simple, because there are so many fun things for children to do in Seattle.

In addition to the many parks spread throughout the city, and by that, I mean that Seattle has several extraordinary parks. Among those great parks are: Alki Playfield, Cal Anderson Park (which boasts a wading pool and a gigantic chess set), Cascade Playground (which features free music Fridays from noon until 2:00), Discovery Park, and Woodland Park. But parks and playgrounds are just a start. Seattle really has so much more to offer than just this.

There is the Children’s Repertory Theatre, which offers plays and musicals that are sure to delight children of all ages. In addition to the theatre, Seattle has an excellent Children’s Museum. For hands on learning, there is the Pacific Science Center and to aid in a healthy respect and appreciation of musical arts, there is the Experience Music Project.

If you have a child or are a child that wants to grow up and touch the stars, the Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame might be in order. And there’s always Gameworks’ for the child in all of us that has never outgrown playing video games. For little boys that may never grow up there is the Northwest Railway Museum and the Boeing Tour that shows how these huge planes is made. There is also the Museum of Flight, which consistently ranks as one of the top museums in this category worldwide.

If your child is a lover of animals, there is so much to do and see in and around Seattle that it is difficult to know where to begin. I’ll start with Wolf Haven, which offers daily tours that last about an hour and provide visitors an opportunity to observe these magnificent animals in a natural surrounding. Next, there is Northwest Trek, which allows guests to take a tram ride through their park for the purpose of observing several animals in a natural environment. One of my favorites is Cougar Mountain Park, which is really a one of a kind experience for any animal lover. This park takes animals that are endangered and shelters them while providing education and enlightenment about the plight of these animals and the effect they have on the ecosystem.

In addition to these animal havens, there is Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium, the Seattle Aquarium, and Woodland Park Zoo. Each of these is more common as far as zoos and/or aquariums go but offer the opportunity to view animals just the same. Also, there is my personal favorite Seattle activity, whale watching. You can either charter a boat or take your child out to Lime Kiln Point State Park to look for these magnificent creatures. Either way, this activity will probably be the highlight of your trip for your child, especially if you happen to see one of these beauties.

If that isn’t enough, Seattle is the host city for several professional sports teams. If you or your inner child loves sports, then this is the city to visit. Almost every major sport is represented. There are the Sonics, the Storm, The Mariners, The Seahawks, and the Thunderbirds. The Thunderbirds are a Western Hockey League team but a professional team just the same and you really don’t want to get me started on the NHL for now, that would take days of writing.

At any rate, it would be really wonderful to me, if I could see Seattle just once through the eyes of a child. The closest thing I can hope for is to see it through the eyes of my children and hope that they develop the same respect and appreciation for this great city that I have.

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Seattle’s Maritime History Plays Important Role in its Current Culture

| Articles | October 21, 2010

Seattle Washington is nearly surrounded by water. It is no wonder that water has played a vital role in the history of this great city. Water has also been a serious draws for those choosing to visit Seattle Washington as well. Not only is water of historical significance to this city, it is a cultural phenomenon as well. The maritime traditions of this great city are an important part of its current greatness.

If you are planning a visit to Seattle, one of the very first things you should do is head on over to the Pioneer Square Historic District and take the Underground Tour. This tour will explain to you a significant point in history about the relationship of this city and water. Take a tour of an entire section of the city that was literally buried in order to avoid plumbing problems. Find out where the term Skid Road originated and laugh along as you hear great stories about the colorful history of this part of town.

Many Islands and Island communities abound on the outskirts of Seattle. The Ferries here are integral to the daily lives of commuters and tourists alike. Access to many tourist attractions is easily accessible by Ferry when driving would be impossible. There are often summer concerts at the Ferry Terminal on Pier 52. The last Friday of every month from June through August, they celebrate Picnic at the Pier with live music on the upper level of the Terminal from 3:00 until 6:30 p.m. There are 10 ferry accessible communities in the Puget Sound; each of these communities has a unique flavor that is really interesting to experience. If you can’t visit them all, read about them and visit the ones that interest you most. It is a great day trip and you never know what creatures you will see along the way.

If you love the water, and by this I mean you are like me and feel that a piece of your soul was meant to be at sea, then you simply can’t pass up the opportunity to visit the Center for Wooden Boats. The visit is free and you get to actually see how these beautiful boats are crafted. There is nothing like literally riding the wind in a wooden sailboat and you can do just that on Sunday afternoons for free or you can charter one of their many boats during the right weather conditions. Remember these boats are works of art and should be handled with extreme care. If you’re going to be in town a while you can even take one of their sailing lessons. They offer group lessons (which are excellent for beginners) and one on one training (better for this with basic knowledge of sailing).

Whether you were born with webbed feet or just enjoy the idea of being on water, there is plenty to be seen and done from the water in and around Seattle. From whale watching and sailing, to kayaking, water skiing, and any number of other water activities there is a place to partake in them all in this great area. Not all areas are suitable for all activities so be aware of the water you are near and find out what is and isn’t safe to do in that area. There are some areas where the water simply isn’t safe to be in for health reasons and others where the currents are dangerous and swift. Most importantly have fun exploring the great salt and fresh water in this area and learning their role in the history here.

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Seattle’s Intriguing History Leaves Lasting Impression on Visitors

| Articles | October 20, 2010

Seattle, Washington has a great deal to offer its discerning visitors. From the ordinary and mundane to the out and out macabre, you will see it all while visiting Seattle, Washington, if, that is, you know where to look for them. Seattle has a rich history and it seems an even richer future. Nestled among some of the most beautiful countryside North America has to offer, this great city has the best of most worlds-a very mild climate, access to water, land, mountains, fields, and streams. Seattle is like every patriotic song you can imagine and in the middle of it all Seattle is a bustling metropolis.

If you are planning to visit Seattle, I have one word of warning for you. You will probably want to stay. That is of course, if you aren’t too worried by rain. The only real drawback I can see for living in Seattle is that your skin will have a difficult time getting that sun kissed glow that summer brings almost everywhere else in America. But I think I could sacrifice sweltering heat and sticky humidity in exchange for a little rain. In fact, I would welcome a little rain right now; it might actually cool things off.

For those who have tastes that run a little bit off center of ordinary, Seattle has a great bit of entertainment to offer you as well. The first bit is a freebie and not of interest to some (yet it still seems a vastly popular stop for tourists). That place is the Lakeview Cemetery. This is where the bodies of many of Seattle’s founding fathers and most prominent citizens have been laid to rest. Perhaps most startling is the fact that Bruce and Brandon Lee receive more visitors than anyone else in the cemetery. While some may find this fact mildly disturbing, I guess when you think of all the visitors Graceland receives every year it really isn’t all that obscene.

The next stop on the off center tourist traps would be Bill Speidel’s Underground Tour. This tour takes you to the streets of old downtown Seattle. The only thing is these streets are beneath the streets of New Seattle. This is perhaps one of the most interesting tours you will find in the city-other than maybe the Private Eye tours but that’s another story-because it literally takes you into history. At the end of this tour you can get access to Rogue’s Gallery Museum where you will see exhibits relating to Seattle’s Victorian era and other historical points of interest. The tour lasts about 90 minutes and costs $11 for adults. If you have the time, this is one tour that if nothing else, will leave a lasting impression.

If you are in the Pike Place Market area, you really should check out the Market Ghost Tours. These are one hour walking tours of the market where those who work in the building share stories of strange occurrences. You will also get to hear some of Seattle’s interesting history mixed in with the ghost tales. This is a walking tour and might be a little frightening and/or boring for smaller children. But, if you are looking for something different to do, this tour should be right up your alley. Whether you believe in ghosts or not, I would hope that you can at the very least find tours such as this entertaining.

The city of Seattle has a great deal to offer those who are adventurous enough to seek the knowledge, fun, and entertainment that abounds. Some of the tours and exhibits need to be taken with a grain of salt and a sense of humor. All others should at the very least provide some degree of information, education, and fun to those who visit. I hope more than anything that your trip to Seattle takes you off the beaten path at least once. What on earth would you tell the people back home if you didn’t at least have one extraordinary adventure?

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