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| Articles | March 31, 2011

The forehand drive is the opening of every offensive in tennis, and, as such, should be most carefully studied. There are certain rules of footwork that apply to all shots. To reach a ball that is a short distance away, advance the foot that is away from the shot and thus swing into position to hit. If a ball is too close to the body, retreat the foot closest to the shot and drop the weight back on it, thus, again, being in position for the stroke. When hurried, and it is not possible to change the foot position, throw the weight on the foot closest to the ball.

The receiver should always await the service facing the net, but once the serve is started on the way to court, the receiver should at once attain the position to receive it with the body at right angles to the net.

The forehand drive is made up of one continuous swing of the racquet that, for the purpose of analysis, may be divided into three parts:

1. The portion of the swing behind the body, which determines the speed of the stroke.

2. That portion immediately in front of the body which determines the direction and, in conjunction with weight shift from one foot to the other, the pace of the shot.

3. The portion beyond the body, comparable to the golfer’s “follow through,” determines spin, top or slice, imparted to the ball.

All drives should be topped. The slice shot is a totally different stroke.

To drive straight down the side-line, construct in theory a parallelogram with two sides made up of the side-line and your shoulders, and the two ends, the lines of your feet, which should, if extended, form the right angles with the side-lines. Meet the ball at a point about 4 to 4 1/2 feet from the body immediately in front of the belt buckle, and shift the weight from the back to the front foot at the MOMENT OF STRIKING THE BALL. The swing of the racquet should be flat and straight through. The racquet head should be on a line with the hand, or, if anything, slightly in advance; the whole arm and the racquet should turn slightly over the ball as it leaves the racquet face and the stroke continue to the limit of the swing, thus imparting top spin to the ball.

The hitting plane for all ground strokes should be between the knees and shoulders. The most favourable plane is on a line with the waist.

Never step away from the ball in driving cross court. always throw your weight in the shot.

The forehand drive from the left court is identically the same for the straight shot down your opponent’s forehand. For the cross drive to his backhand, you must conceive of a diagonal line from your backhand corner to his, and thus make your stroke with the footwork as if this imaginary line were the side-line. In other words, line up your body along your shot and make your regular drive. Do not try to “spoon” the ball over with a delayed wrist motion, as it tends to slide the ball off your racquet.

All drives should be made with a stiff, locked wrist. There is no wrist movement in a true drive. Top spin is imparted by the arm, not the wrist.

The backhand drive follows closely the principles of the forehand, except that the weight shifts a moment sooner, and the R or front foot should always be advanced a trifle closer to the side-line than the L so as to bring the body clear of the swing. The ball should be met in front of the right leg, instead of the belt buckle, as the great tendency in backhand shots is to slice them out of the side-line, and this will pull the ball cross court, obviating this error. The racquet head must be slightly in advance of the hand to aid in bringing the ball in the court. Do not strive for too much top spin on your backhand.

I strongly urge that no one should ever favour one department of his game, in defence of a weakness. Develop both forehand and backhand, and do not “run around” your backhand, particularly in return of service. To do so merely opens your court. If you should do so, strive to ace your returns, because a weak effort would only result in a kill by your opponent.

Do not develop one favourite shot and play nothing but that. If you have a fair cross-court drive, do not use it in practice, but strive to develop an equally fine straight shot.

Remember that the fast shot is the straight shot. The cross drive must be slow, for it has not the room owing to the increased angle and height of the net. Pass down the line with your drive, but open the court with your cross-court shot.

Drives should have depth. The average drive should hit behind the service-line. A fine drive should hit within 3 feet of the baseline. A cross-court drive should be shorter than a straight drive, so as to increase the possible angle. Do not always play one length drive, but learn to vary your distance according to your man. You should drive deep against a baseliner, but short against a net player, striving to drop them at his feet as, he comes in.

Never allow your opponent to play a shot he likes if you can possibly force him to one he dislikes.

Again I urge that you play your drive:

1. With the body sideways to the net.

2. The swing flat, with long follow through.

3. The weight shifting just as the ball is hit.

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The Downside to Owning a Franchise

| Articles | March 30, 2011

Franchise opportunities exist all over the world today. In fact, franchises are essentially what the whole world is made up of if one is to truly think about all the different opportunities that exist. Considering the fact that one company alone probably has thousands of franchises already located in the United States and around the world, it is definitely safe to say that over 5 to 10 million franchise outlets exist throughout many parts and corners of the world! There are definitely advantages to owning your own franchise of a company because it is essentially like owning a smaller portion of the company itself. Franchise owners get to keep most of the profits that come into their business in exchange for usually a modest royalty fee of their profits that get sent back to the company headquarters.

On the other hand, though, there can be some downsides to owning a franchise. The first downside to owning your own franchise is that you won’t actually own your own company even though you’ll own your own store or other company location! Many people have the desire to actually open up their own store and create a company all by themselves, but owning a franchise is not what that’s all about.

In fact, you are essentially paying for a copyright allowance to be able to use the reputation of the company that you’re working for! Indeed, by owning a franchise you are essentially working for that company. Why else does McDonald’s or Burger King require part of the profits from your franchise? A franchisee owner is essentially working their franchise location in order to send more profits back to the company headquarters, even though that’s not the way that many would like to think about it.

Another downside to owning a franchise, though, could possibly be the contract that you’ve locked yourself into. Considering the fact that the average contract length for a franchise store owner is usually 15 to 20 years at the onset it would truly make it difficult to get out of if a franchise owner was having trouble getting the popularity of the franchise store off of the ground in the first place. Furthermore, there may actually be hefty breach of contract fees as well if, in fact, your franchise doesn’t do as well as projected and fails within the first few years!

The help and resources that a franchise owner might receive from the company may not be worth everything that is paid to the company headquarters as well! Many company headquarters actually have giant startup fees, annual fees, and royalties that must be shared with them, but if the franchise store owner is not able to get adequate help or training then the whole opportunity may be lost in the first place.

Considering all of these things before going down the road of opening up your own franchise is very important. Not only is it important to make sure you understand all the implications of owning a franchise, but making sure one understands the total commitment is also important!

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The Different Types of Auto Racing

| Articles | March 28, 2011

Auto racing is very popular with millions of people all over the world. Some people use it as their favorite pastimes, while other people use it as an excuse to get in their favorite cars and speed. Whatever the case, though, there’s no doubt that auto racing has attracted some of the most popular people within the industry. As racing speeds and times are set new each and every day, there is always room for improvement within the whole auto racing industry. Nevertheless, though, there are several types of automobile racing within the industry, and this article will outline and detail several of the major ones for you.

Drag Racing

If you have never heard of drag auto racing then you are in for a big surprise. There are many people who take place in drag racing throughout the world, and many people consider this auto racing to be one of the shortest in the industry. So what’s the whole point of drag racing? The main point of this type of race is to see which automobile can go the fastest at a set distance. For example, the set distance is usually a quarter-of-a-mile, but also is sometimes an eighth-of-a-mile. One of the major characteristics of this type of auto racing is that there is usually more than one type of class of cars that’s involved. Depending on the class that’s involved the auto racing may involve the two vehicles starting at two different times. This form of auto racing is actually practices all over the world, and not just in the United States is it popular.

Sports Car Racing

This is also a very different type of auto racing, and this form of automobile racing is also very popular all over the world. The basic module of the sports car races involves production-type models and prototypes of sports cars that are made strictly for auto racing. Many people also loves the sports car racing activity because it involves usually two or three people to a car team during the race so that they can switch off during the race.

Off-Road Racing

An auto racing activity that looks as dangerous as it can be, off-road racing involves off-road scenarios and situations that are competed by automobiles that are made strictly for the off-road auto racing industry. One great example of a famous off-road race that took place in North America was the Baja 1000. One other popular name that is traditionally given to this type of auto racing is also rallying, as well as a rallycross. Nevertheless, this type of auto racing has long been popular with the hundreds of thousands of people that take part every year.

No matter what kind of auto racing that you like, there is always the chance that the auto racing activity will please everyone who watches or participates in it. Even though there is a lot to learn in the auto racing industry, such as the jargon and rules of the road, auto racing has always been and always will be very popular!

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The Different Milestones in the History of Tennis

| Articles | March 28, 2011

Although popularly known to have originated from Europe, the origins of tennis can be traced back in ancient Egypt around 1500BC. The earliest evidences are the drawings discovered on the walls of Egyptian temples built more than 3000 years ago. This proves that the Egyptians were the first to have actually played this ball game as part of their religious traditions. Eventually, the concept of this ball game reached Southern France in 800AD brought by the influence of the Moors.

The first Europeans who played the early version of tennis were Christian monks. The game was still called ‘La Soule’ where players used their hands or a stick to hit the ball. ‘La Soule’ soon became a popular ball game outside of the monasteries. Later on, around the 12th and 13th centuries, the game was further developed. Instead of just using the hand, players created a leather glove so that they could take more control when hitting the ball with their hands. As time went by, a wooden stick was added to the glove which led to the birth of the tennis racket. Meanwhile, the ball also had also evolved from solid wood to softer balls that are now used today. It was not long when the game became popular and has entered the royal palaces of France.

It was during the 16th to 18th century that tennis really became the game that we now know today. It was also during this time that it became the popular sport of the royalties in France and was called the game of the palm. The word tennis came from the French word that was being shouted by early French players at the beginning of the game ‘tenez’ meaning play.

Shortly after its popularity among French aristocrats, tennis spread throughout Europe especially in England. In fact, Henry VIII was one of the popular English nobility who became an avid player and even built a tennis court at Hampton Court. Soon, tennis was also greatly accepted in Spain, Germany, Italy, and Holland but its popularity declined during the French Revolution in the 18th century.

But by the turn of the new century, in the Victorian period of England, tennis was significantly revived. New courts were built and tennis clubs appeared. It was at this time that Lawn Tennis came out. With the development of vulcanized rubber, large production of balls that were compatible to the grass thrived and brought tennis into the open. But eventually lawn surfaces became clay and concrete creating no problem at all with the ball.

With the success and popularity of tennis in Europe, it soon replaced croquet as the summer sport. Although croquet enthusiasts tried so hard to revive their game, the organization they formed in 1869 did not succeed in attracting people to support their sport. The croquet club became the Lawn Tennis Club in 1877 which was responsible for the first Lawn Tennis Tournament. The tournament gave rise to a committee that established the rules of the tournament. After this the Wimbledon Championship emerged.

The Wimbledon Championship was one of the highlights in the history of tennis. It is responsible for the high regard given to this sport. It gave the public great champions to admire and to imitate like Fred Perry, Henri Lacoste, and Billie Jean King. With the advent of the radio in the 1930s, the game became increasingly more popular than ever. However, all this suddenly came to an end during World War II. Yet, after the war, the game became resilient as before and more people started playing the game while more technical improvements were added to the game.

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The Daytona 500: Auto Racing Excitement

| Articles | March 27, 2011

When it comes to watching auto racing events and NASCAR in general, many people choose the Daytona 500 as their favorite auto racing event. The Daytona 500 event has even surpassed the Indy 500 auto racing event which many people are also attracted to. In fact, in 2006 alone there were more than 20 million people watching the Daytona auto racing event around the world. This is literally one of the largest television viewing events that many people love to see! If you’re new to auto racing, though, or just wonder what all the hype is about, there are several special and exciting features about the Daytona 500 that has made it what it currently is today.

What Kind of Race is it?

The Daytona 500, which is part of the NASCAR events, is one of the first restrictor events in the series of auto racing events. This auto racing event is also a 200-lap event, which translates into 500 miles long. As with any other of the NASCAR events, the Daytona 500 is set up to take pretty much the whole afternoon. Those people who are watching it have some of the same fun that they have while watching baseball games and there are hot dog stands, hamburger joints, as well as other food and candy available for consumption during the Daytona 500 as well. The Daytona 500 auto racing event takes place on the Daytona International Speedway and is the most important events of the NASCAR calendar.

One may be surprised to find out that the Daytona 500 is actually a 50-year old race come the 2008 racing year, and the fans of NASCAR all getting all revved up to be present at this auto racing event of the century in February of 2008. But for auto racing fans, the Daytona 500 doesn’t just symbolize 50 years of NASCAR racing, but it also symbolizes what they grew up with. For many people, young and old, exposure to the Daytona 500 and other NASCAR events was simply a part of life and a tradition. This tradition, however, is something that many adults carry with them through their lives, attending NASCAR events and the Daytona 500 with their sons, daughters, and whole families as well.

The Daytona 500 Prizes

Anyone associated with the Daytona 500 and any other major auto racing event of the season probably already knows the tremendous amount of money involved with winning. Even though the winner of the Daytona 500 also receives the Harley J. Earl trophy, what some people may be surprised to find out is that there is plenty of cash involved. Even though in 1959 the winner of the Daytona 500 was only to receive about $19,000, that figure has since increased to a very large price. In 2007 alone, the winner of the Daytona 500 received well over $1.5 million, as did the winner of the 2006 Daytona 500 auto racing event. The prize awarded to the winner certainly makes the whole ordeal worth the spot in the number one position!

All in all, the Daytona 500 is just another one of the auto racing events that are tagged as the most important out of any other sports event throughout the year by auto racing fans. Not only are there plenty of drivers to cheer on, but there are also plenty of dreams to be had by those inspired by the auto racing events!

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The Danger of Buying Used Auto Parts

| Articles | March 25, 2011

When it comes to looking for automobile parts, there are plenty of ways in which a person can arrive at the parts that they need. However, some of the ways are authentic and clean cut. But on the other hand, some of the ways that auto parts are obtained are downright dangerous. One example of this is buying used auto parts from a junk yard, salvage yard, or auto repair shop. All of these places usually sell used auto parts that can be used for various things when repairing your car. What’s even more scary, though, is the fact that automobile shops generally put used auto parts in a car that’s going to be repaired, too, just in order to save the auto repair place a little bit of money. But here are some of the dangers of buying used auto parts if you aren’t familiar with them.

1. The History

When buying anything that’s used you rarely know the history of the product. The same holds true for auto parts, unfortunately. Consider that when you purchase auto parts from a junk yard you rarely know if that part has been through an auto accident and is a good enough piece to put on your car. Even though most of the auto parts that can be obtained through a junk or salvage yard are purchased at your own risk and without a warranty, there are some major risks associated with doing so.

2. Too Unreliable

As mentioned, used auto parts can also be purchased from auto repair shops. The reality at most auto repair shops is that the used auto parts that are there are usually kept in one large pile in the back of the repair shop. If you buy a used alternator from the repair shop then how would you know if it’ll last? It is very possible that the auto parts that are purchased from a repair shop are no good, or else if they are halfway decent auto parts they may just break down the next week. The auto parts that can be obtained through an auto repair shop or a salvage yard are just too unreliable to justify buying. Of course, you may very well be offered a refund or exchange if this were to happen, but the best thing would be to stay away from used auto parts altogether.

3. Getting Ripped Off

Another possibility, and perhaps the greatest one, is the fact that you are always able to be ripped off when buying used auto parts. Even if you don’t buy the used auto parts through a repair shop or a junk yard, if you do buy used auto parts through a private dealer then you always run the risk of getting downright ripped off. What is even more discomforting is the fact that you may never even be able to get a hold of the person ever again, too.

In the end, it really doesn’t matter whether or not the part really does work or not. The fact of the matter is that buying used auto parts is just downright risky and dangerous. Even though millions of people engage in this practice daily, used auto parts should be discouraged!

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The Cost of Remodeling

| Articles | March 24, 2011

If you are a homeowner and you are interested in remodeling your entire house then you probably already know that it will be expensive. There is no way around the money that you’ll have to pay in order to remodel your home. However, the most important question that you’ll want to consider before remodeling is the reason that you want to do so. If you want to remodel because you want a better atmosphere for yourself and your family then the cost may not matter at all to you if you have the money to complete remodeling projects. On the other hand, if you are simply remodeling to add value to your house for when you sell it then you may not be as keen on spending all the money you have just to update your house if you are not going to obtain significant returns.

Another important aspect, though, is the thought of how much everything will cost. Cost is a very important factor when remodeling the house, especially because there are all sorts of things which could affect the price. For example, material that could be used in the wall that you are going to add-on to your house may have thought to have cost $4,000 by your home remodeling contractor, but if you found it for significantly less expensive then you may be able to save money in that area. However, the reverse is also true and more often then not expenses for materials and completing the job will almost always be more than the estimate that you originally received from your home contractor.

Get a Second Opinion

If you are truly considering taking on the remodeling projects of your house then it may not hurt to seek out second opinions when it comes to finding out how much everything will cost. You may be able to have a remodeling company come in from out of town to complete the project on the weekend simply because they are cheaper than the remodeling company in-town, however, when you throw in the cost of transportation to and from your location then it may not be that much difference between the two companies.

On the same note, home remodeling is one of those areas where the price for one company may be totally different than the price of one company, even though they are located in the same city. Obtaining multiple estimates for completing jobs is of utmost importance if you would truly like to get the most value for your dollar.

Hidden Costs

There are also hidden costs that are usually always associated with remodeling your house. For example, not many people consider this to be a big problem, but it could cost hundreds of dollars just for debris removal alone! Of course, your home remodeling company may be able to get it done cheaper than if you simply called around for prices, but this is just one aspect of the home remodeling business that homeowners need to be aware of!

All of these issues, though, are important when remodeling your entire house! By taking into consideration the cost of the materials, along with hidden costs, and making sure that you cross-check each cost with multiple remodeling estimates, is of utmost importance when remodeling your home.



| Articles | March 22, 2011

Why do we decorate the Christmas tree? The habit is probably inherited from the Egyptians that used to decorate their houses with palm tree leaves in the day of the astrological winter. The habit was taken by the Romans that used instead of palm trees the conifers.

But the story really begins around the 7th century when a monk from Devonshire came to Germany to teach the word of the Lord. Legend says that he used the triangular form of the Christmas tree to symbolize religious meanings. In the Europe of the 12th century, on Christmas day, the Christmas tree was installed upside down, hanging down from the ceiling!

It appears the tree was first decorated at Riga in 1510. At the beginning of the 16Ith century, M. Luther decorated the tree with candles to suggest to his children the sparklings of the stars in the sky.

At the middle of the 16th century, in Germany, appear the first markets specialized in selling presents for Christmas, usually food or objects of practical use.

Christmas decorations that were meant to suggest snow were invented in Germany in 1610. At that time not only they were silvery, but they were also made out of silver. There were invented machines to make thin silver strings for the tree. Silver lasted long but it oxidized very quickly, so they tried to ally it with cooper and zinc, but the product was so heavy that it just broke under the action of his own weight. So silver was used till the middle of the 20th century.

In Great Britain, the Christmas tree came along with merchants that originated from Germany and settled in England. Decorating the Christmas tree meant silver ornaments, candles and pearl-like ribbons all produced in Germany and Eastern Europe at the time. The custom said that every family member or invited person had to have a little tree placed on the table in front of him, with the presents besides it.

In 1846, Queen Victoria and Prince Albert – both born in Germany – appear in “Illustrated London News”, along with their children, all around the Christmas tree. The popularity of the regal family made this custom to spread fast among the people. The tree became a fashion matter not only in the Britain Islands, but also on the eastern coast of America.

Decorations were of a huge variety. Mostly home made because they were expensive at the time. Young ladies spent hours cutting paper snowflakes and stars, folding presents envelopes and paper supports for candy.

In America, the Christmas tree appears around 1747, in German communities from Pennsylvania, but it spreads only along with the development of communications, at the middle of the 19th century.

In 1882 the electric light bowl is invented and in 1892 it is adapted for the Christmas tree.

And so, we get to our present tree that combines all the elements presented above in the most ingenious and creative mixtures.

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The Chilled Mocha Espresso

| Articles | March 21, 2011

The espresso beverage is one coffee drink that can be used for cold drinks, warm coffee drinks, as well as plenty of other food items. There are all sorts of ways to use espresso that it may seem like no one will ever run out of ideas. However, one important recipe that many people use when drinking their espresso is to create a Chilled Mocha Espresso. There are plenty of ways to turn espresso into another fantastic product other than what it started out as and a Chilled Mocha Espresso is just one way in which individuals can create their own version of their favorite coffee beverage!

What is a Mocha?

On the one hand you may be excited about getting to try something new and the Mocha coffee beverage may be just right up your alley. On the other hand, you may be apprehensive about turning the coffee drink into something you are unsure about and don’t know what to expect from it. All in all, though, rest assured that with a Mocha drink you will be able to taste the espresso very much! This leads us to the burning question, though, of what really is a Mocha. A Mocha beverage is consumed in virtually every part of the world that an espresso is, but all a Mocha beverage is, however, is an espresso with a bit of chocolate syrup or other chocolate topping added to the base of the espresso. Even though it might seem like the espresso by itself is a sweet drink, there may be some others who want to try to sweeten it up even more!

Now that you know exactly what a mocha is then it’s time to not only try the mocha beverage but also to make a Chilled Mocha Espresso. What this all entails, however, is spreading the Mocha over ice in order for the beverage to get cold. Many coffee shops and restaurants already sell the Chilled Mocha Espresso, but one good thing about learning what a Mocha actually is, though, is that you will be able to make the beverage yourself! In fact, many people actually prefer to make the mocha by him or her self before actually trying to beverage out in public just to see if they like it or not. Chances are, though, that a regular espresso drinker would naturally love the addition of chocolate to his or her espresso, which is basically what the whole Chilled Mocha Espresso is all about!

Of course after the Chilled Mocha Espresso is made then you can also move on to bigger and better beverages. This can be done by adding ingredients to the already Chilled Mocha Espresso, but it can also be done by pouring the chilled beverage into another drink to make the perfect espresso variety! As you probably already know there are more espresso varieties to go around then there are espresso cups in the world, but those who regularly drink espresso are probably glad for all of this, especially the Chilled Mocha Espresso!

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The Casinos in Las Vegas

| Articles | March 20, 2011

Whether traveling to Las Vegas for business or pleasure chances are that you’ve always wanted to experience the magic of gambling within the hotel of a famous Las Vegas casino. How about the idea of taking on Las Vegas gambling and then writing the whole experience off as a business expense? Even though there are probably some individuals who choose to do such a thing, the better option to choose would be to simply experience the whole feeling and love the stay while visiting grand hotels and casinos throughout Las Vegas. There is so much to do that you’ll have your head literally spinning, but the casinos in Las Vegas are only part of the true Las Vegas experience.

Gambling and Casinos within Hotels

If you truly want to experience a casino within the hotel that you’re staying then chances are that you’ll have to choose one of the more expensive hotels to stay at within the Las Vegas strip. For example, the Bellagio hotel is just one of the accommodations that anyone can choose that will have virtually everyone begging for more casinos. Nevertheless, though, there are important experiences within the Bellagio to take advantage of. Whether you want to play blackjack with some of the professionals or you’re looking to play some of the other poker games that go on within the walls of the hotel, there are plenty of options to choose from if you decide you want to take the casino road.

In addition, though, there are also race and sports betting activities that one can take part in, slot machines that you can try your luck on, table games like Crap, Roulette, and Three Card Poker, as well as a bunch of other gambling experiences. The Bellagio, though, is one of the true Las Vegas casino experiences and is the ultimate place to stay if one wants to experience the whole package deal.

Casinos Outside Hotel Walls

Of course, there’s always the option of gambling and playing casino games beyond the hotel walls as well. There are plenty of standalone casinos that are ready and willing to let you into their gambling club and many of these casinos are on the Las Vegas strip that is well known for the neon signs and all the lights that are on! Virtually every casino within Las Vegas has a part of the magic and mystery that many people love to experience, though, and there are plenty of opportunities to do and see it all within the casino of your choice.

When planning a vacation to Las Vegas it is definitely important to consider all the possibilities of the casinos that you’ll want to visit. Considering that your luck might not turn at the first casino that you try your hand at, there are plenty of other options when it comes to gambling and the places to do it within the Las Vegas city.

Whatever you do, though, chances are that you won’t be alone. Millions of people come each year to the brilliant experiences of the true Las Vegas getaway. Whether you want to experience the casinos, though, or just stay in a Las Vegas hotel, they are usually readily available in the same spot!

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