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Improving Your Garden by Adding a Fountain

| Articles | August 31, 2012

A great way to spice up your garden is to add a water feature. These can

be both soothing and aesthetically appealing. I’ve found that there’s

nothing more relaxing than sitting on a bench next to my garden and

listening to my fountain while I read a good book or do some studying.

Putting in a water feature is fairly easy and relatively inexpensive, and

will add immensely to the pleasantness of your garden. Also, the

maintenance level is minimal.

Usually, people install fountains for the benefit of the natural ambience

it provides. For some reason, being around a gorgeous scene of water gives

you a positive energy. This is also good if you practice Tai Chi or some

form of yoga or meditation. The constant drone of the water is exactly

what most people need to concentrate on what they are doing. Even if

you’re not into that kind of stuff, just being in a garden with a fountain

has a sort of meditative quality to it, even if you’re not trying to do

so. I recommend it to anyone.

When you first decide to put in a fountain, you need to put great care

into picking out one that will go well with the rest of your garden. If

you have any other decorations, you want to consider if it goes well with

your motif. Does the fountain you’re considering stand out in your garden

like a sore thumb, or does it look like it was meant to be there? If

you’re like me, you can’t naturally tell whether the fountain will be a

good addition to your garden just by looking at it. So my solution was to

bring my sister (a natural at fashion design and that kind of stuff) along

with a picture of my garden to the store. I was able to get her expert

opinion, as well as see for myself what it would look like. By doing this

I was able to pick a beautiful rock fountain that goes marvelously with

the rest of my garden.

However, I still had a slight problem with supplying my fountain with

power. You see, my garden isn’t very close to my house. I thought it would

look pretty tacky to run an extension cord across my yard, so I had to

come up with another solution. I discussed my situation with a Home Depot

employee, and he quickly found me the exact solution I needed: an

extension cord meant for being buried! All it took was a few hours of

digging a small trench across my yard, and I had power to my fountain

without an unsightly cord running across my yard. After I got over this

little hitch, my fountain plan went beautifully.

So if you’re looking for a way to make your garden a more classy and

beautiful place to be, I hope you consider installing a fountain. The

whole process is surprisingly inexpensive, and I think that you will be

very happy with the results. Having a fountain in your garden is not only

soothing, but it also adds a lot of character to an otherwise bland

garden. Remember, gardens are not just for giving us vegetables! A garden

is a place to go when you want to retreat from the outside world and dwell

in your own thoughts with no disturbance.

Comments Off on Improving the Workflow through a Feng Shui Office Layout

Improving the Workflow through a Feng Shui Office Layout

| Articles | August 30, 2012

Office spaces today are very expensive especially when it is located in prime locations. This is one of the reasons why office spaces must be utilized and is normally designed with the end view of maximizing every space that is available.

Upfront this space utilization is very cost effective from the standpoint of office rentals. But then the constant rubbing of elbows of the employees could either result in office politicking, tension and friction that are also contributors to time wasters.

The Feng shui office layout tries as much as possible to veer away from the typical designs. As with everything else related with Feng shui, the main concern will be harmony and the harmonizing of all the elements as well and allowing the free flow of the chi which in turn results to the feeling of well being of its occupants.

Examples of the Feng shui office designs are the following:

The four-leaf clover table arrangement.

Not only are four leaf clovers symbols of good fortune, this type of table arrangement allows each individual to sit in a position that he is best suited. When individuals are seated in directions as determined by his kua, the chances that the person will be at his working best is greatly increased.

The Sheng Chi and the Fu Wei sitting orientation.

The office staff plays different roles. To enhance the roles, another option for a Feng shui office layout is to direct the sitting and table orientation of the staff according to the direction that are conducive to maximizing good Feng shui. In this Feng shui office layout, the managers will be facing the wealth direction or the Sheng chi. For the entry level and most rank and file positions, their direction will be oriented to the personal development or the Fu Wei direction.

The Dragons Path.

In Feng shui, the dragon is believed to bring good luck, prosperity and wealth, the bigger the dragon, the better the chances of the symbol to bring in success. Creating a traffic flow that winds through the office simulates the dragon’s path. Carpets, pebbles, tiles, wood etc. could be used as the river that is regarded as the path of the dragon.

Aside from the general layout of the Feng shui office, symbols that represent the bringing in of wealth are also integrated in the Feng shui office design.

Avoiding the poison arrows.

The poison arrows are more likely to be found in cramped office spaces but nonetheless has to be checked out and avoided at all cost. Sharp objects, exposed sharp corners of walls, the corner of a desk of a co-worker, edges of cabinets, even the thorn of a cactus plant must not be placed in a direct path to where you are sitting.

The wall behind you.

Whenever possible, workers and managers must be sitting with a solid wall behind them. It is never advisable in Feng shui office design to sit behind a glass window. If this cannot be avoided, a poster or painting of a mountain will have to cover the glass window to provide a symbol of solidity and rigidity.

The energy flow.

Like any Feng shui design, the Feng shui office should be laid out in such a way that there is a continuous flow of the chi inside the rooms and work areas. Enough spaces should be provided and not blocked, exposed beams and clutter should be avoided. Pathways especially the ones leading to the doors and entranceways must be cleared and unobstructed.

Comments Off on Women workshops what you want to see what’s inside and how it works

Women workshops what you want to see what’s inside and how it works

| Articles | August 29, 2012

Self-esteem is a core identity issue, essential to personal validation and our ability to experience joy.

Once achieved, it comes from the inside out. But it is assaulted or stunted from the outside in. A woman with low self-esteem does not feel good about herself because she has absorbed negative messages about women from the culture and/or relationships.

The reign of youth, beauty and thinness in our society dooms every woman to eventual failure. Women’s magazines, starting with the teenage market, program them to focus all their efforts on their appearance.

Many girls learn, by age 12, to drop formerly enjoyable activities in favor of the beauty treadmill leading to nowhere. They become fanatical about diets. They munch, like rabbits, on leaves without salad dressing, jog in ice storms, and swear they love it! Ads abound for cosmetic surgery, enticing us to “repair” our aging bodies, as if the natural process of aging were an accident or a disease. Yet with all this effort, they still never feel like they are good enough.

A workshop a set of activities designed to promote learning, discussion and feedback about a topic or event, you have achieve this with the traditional get together workshop, but online, all you need to do it logon to find other peoples views and suggestions about their life changing ways into a better self.

Get better everyday

Plan to do one thing that will help you improves physically, intellectually, emotionally, even spiritually. Making just one change for the better will boost your attitude from the inside out. You can actually chose what you want to change in this category first. Things you do most are the ones you need to focus on. A simple task wont take that long.

Little things add up

It’s amazing, really. The seemingly meaningless things you do for yourself may not have immediate results, but after just a short period of time they’ll have you looking and feeling better. So add those bubbles to your bath, make sure you eat your vegetables, get enough sleep, think of doing something nice when you have nothing to do, and the results will be worth it.

Mirrors don’t lie

Catty acquaintances can. Well-meaning friends might out of kindness or fear of hurting the friendship, but if you’ve got spinach in your teeth, your mirror will point it out. These things can be bothersome when you thought you were in your best but end up like this, so keep in mind about how to look best every time and enjoy its benefits.

Just go

If you just can’t get rid of that cowlick in your hair, that pimple on your nose, or those extra three pounds from yesterday’s buffet, just throw some gel in you hair, conceal that pimple the best you can, and wear something that’s not too clingy.


To get that attitude going the right way, you need to appreciate your face and body for what it is. It may be unrealistic to tell you to love it, but you certainly shouldn’t hate it. You definitely need to value what life has thrown you. That’s easier said than done in this society of model adulation and unrealistic standards.

If you take a look at any success story and grasp the one element of similarity between them, you’ll notice that virtually every self-made, successful person has this one super-important object of success in their mind- a burning desire to succeed. What counts is your frame of mind. Age, location, ethnic origin, gender, or any other individuality have absolutely no part in your attitude to become what you desire.

Comments Off on What are some of the self improvement products available nowadays?

What are some of the self improvement products available nowadays?

| Articles | August 28, 2012

1. Self improvement audio programs.

One of the most effective learning tools available. In the fast paced world of today, finding time to read can be difficult. But it is easy to use otherwise wasted commuting and traveling time productively.

You can use this self improvement product to transform boring train or flights into inspirational personal development and learning experiences.

Imagine how much information you could take in a matter of months and what it could do to for your motivation to improve your life.

There are also those self improvement Videos and DVD’s. Although you may not be able to attend all the seminars and workshops that could have a dramatic impact on your personal development and growth, DVD’s and Videos offer easily affordable access to the wisdom and insights of the best self motivation experts. And all this in the comfort of your own home.

2. Self improvement books & eBooks

Self improvement books were traditionally the way that most people discovered the life changing potential of a commitment personal development and self growth.

Most of the classic works of personal development are now also available as eBooks, as are many of the modern greats and bestsellers. eBooks are one of the easiest, most popular and economical ways to expand both your library and your mind.

3. Self improvement coaching & mentoring

Professional self improvement coaching or mentoring is one of the most effective methods of self improvement and one of the best ways to get more out of life generally.

Many of the most successful people in the world contribute a large part of their success, both professionally and personally to the positive influence and guidance of a coach or mentor.

It does not matter if you are an individual trying to make the most of your life, a small business owner or entrepreneur looking for guidance and inspiration, or a senior executive or CEO of a major corporation with responsibilities to shareholders and for large numbers of staff.

Your own personal Coach or Mentor can have a massive impact on your personal development, productivity, results and happiness in every area of your life. Coaching and Mentoring can be face to face, by telephone or online, or often a combination of methods.

Participating in self improvement seminars and workshops with the experts in personal development and self motivation can also be one of the most effective ways to ignite your enthusiasm and passion for life.

This is definitely one of the fastest ways to get you started on the road to a more fulfilling life, and to supercharge your progress toward your goals.

Even if you cannot participate in person and attend a seminar or workshop, there are plenty of opportunities to tune in to a teleseminars with some of the best-known names in self improvement. Many of these are even free of charge so there’s really no excuse for not joining in.

Each one of these self improvement products are made suitable to the needs of those who do not have all the time in the world but is still willing to make more out of themselves.

With all the self improvement products already out in the market, people who are bent on pursuing what they want in life have no more excuse for not doing so.

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How to Motivate Yourself Forever

| Articles | August 27, 2012

Just as willpower is an essential factor in achieving success, at some point in time, discouragement and lack of motivation may hinder you from reaching your objective. And it is up to you, and you alone to devise techniques that will help you keep that drive within afire.

It is helpful to have visual goals. whatsoever that is you are working towards, make it visual. It maybe something material like a car, or a vacation you have been looking forward to for the longest time.

Take or cut out a picture of it and post it at a conspicuous place at work or at home where you can see it often. So that when you feel discouraged, this will remind you of your goal and will help you keep your spotlight.

Make a contract with oneself. According to motivational researches, people who write down to-do-lists are far more triumphant in achieving their intended goals than those people who just keep mental lists instead.

Putting something in writing somehow makes it more powerful psychologically speaking. This may also be the basis why most cultures have such a high regard in honoring contracts. In the contract, you may also include a certain reward that you will give yourself once you have accomplished the task.

After all, everyone likes to be rewarded for completing a good job. Even a simple pat on the back, “good job”, or “thank you” may do the trick to give the person the additional push to carry on, but unfortunately, these may not always be readily available. Considering that these are also essential in keeping oneself motivated, you must learn to find a way to get that encouragement on your own through pleasing yourself.

Abusive people lower your self-esteem and bring you down. Get these negative people out of your life. Surround yourself with positive people. Imitate their example. Smile amply and think happy thoughts.

These will give you a brighter outlook and lets you see a clearer picture of what you really want and a fresh mind to know what steps to take to get there. Rather than wait for things to happen, try to be proactive and MAKE THINGS HAPPEN. Inactivity idles the brain and stagnates your potential to reach your goals.

Read inspirational books and literature. These will help you improve your attitude and heal your mind. A book of success stories also proves to be encouraging. You will not only learn from others’ experiences and derive confidence boosting insights from them but the story will be instrumental in motivating you to go for your goal and move ahead with your plans. If this still seems to falter, get training or education.

Oftentimes, not knowing how or where to start is frustrating. Knowledge is power. Having a clear understanding of how and where to start is empowering and it will provide the extra drive needed to hit the mark you are aiming at and follow it through.

Having enumerated all these tips and tricks to attain self-motivation, but still you seem to feel lacking that much needed drive, there is one last thing that you must try.

Whatever it is that you have been meaning to do, or wanting to achieve, JUST DO IT! Keep on aiming high and go for it! Actually getting your hands dirty best solves the problem of motivation. By “forcing” yourself to just do it, your momentum will pick up gradually as you go along and before you know it you have finished the task or have finally achieved your goal. Divide and conquer is the key.

Break down the apparently unattainable activity to small doable steps. Not only does it become less overwhelming, but seeing the “in the meantime” results will further your confidence that it can indeed be done.

Lack of motivation happens to us all, but if you do not encourage yourself to accept opportunities and be challenged, no one else will. It is most important to keep your eye on the goal, find ways to keep going, and in no time, you shall reap its benefits.

And if at the beginning you were just doing it for the material reward, you will also learn to realize that the fulfillment, satisfaction and self-achievement you derive from reaching your goal is a much enjoyable high that will keep the drive within constantly burning.

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Improve Your Memory Through Association

| Articles | August 25, 2012

Most psychologists believe that our brain’s capacity to store information is unlimited. This means that our mind cannot be over filled. New data may, however, meddle with the data retained a long time ago, making these older data more difficult to recall. To avoid this situation, a person can employ a little organization of information inside his or her mind.

Our memory can be long term or short term. In a short-term memory, your mind stores data for a short period of time about a few minutes. This kind of memory is delicate and it is just natural. Your brain will soon discard it. It is estimated that the brain can only hold at least seven short-term memories, that’s why you can usually recall your call number but you need your credit card when you are purchasing something online.

For short-term memory, such as recalling the time for your dental check-up or the name of the priest to contact for your child’s baptism, simply do nothing. This is because we don’t need this kind of information permanently and eventually we can forget them.

For long-term memories, such as recalling trivia quizzes, contact numbers, security policy number etc, you should make some extra effort to go over these things because you need them for permanent retrieval. You can do this several times in a day. Then remember the new data at least once a day for a few weeks. By the end of this period, the objects you recall will be permanently retained in your brain.

Most people have learned different techniques in improving memory that are quite effective such as imaging pictures and associating them, creating clear or humorous pictures, transforming numbers to picture words “relating” items in a long series to creates a roster and matching items with peg words to recall numbered lists. These are the most common techniques that you can learn from numerous memory guides and internet websites, though there are some variations in terms and procedures, the basic ideas are very similar.

There is a big possibility that even though you have a certain memory application in mind that cannot be retained using these techniques such as recalling chemical equations for lab. To aid you with this, you can use some tips and techniques in improving your memory. There are techniques that focus on a specific application. There is no such thing as magic formula in order to recall something. The secret is to simply take note of the techniques and data you have already learned and use them in retaining memory.

The most important thing to remember in order to recall some hard data is to create an association and linkages that shall facilitate memory. This is why almost anyone with an average brain can also significantly enhance their skills to remember objects using mnemonics. While creating a memory temple, as an example, requires a person to recall more, by relating the things that need to be remembered with other things such as emotions, metal strikes etc. The more you build mental links, the more likely you will be able to retrieve information.

Memory is a special function of our brain in order to recall information that we have learned or observed. This simple meaning is ironic since it covers sophisticated process that incorporates different parts of the brain and serves in rigorous ways.

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Improve Your Memory And Remember Lists and Long Numbers

| Articles | August 24, 2012

Recalling lists are what many mnemonics are devised for. You can retain almost any data into a mnemonic roster list. You just need a bit of imagination to make necessary relations.

As with long lists, using a mnemonic system, recalling numbers is very simple. There are some approaches, depending on the kinds of numbers you need to recall:

1. Short numbers

One of the easiest, yet effective, methods of recalling short numbers is to use a simple number/rhyme picture related in a story. This technique uses a peg system where information is pegged or combined to a familiar order such as numbers 1 to 10 or 10 to 20 to create peg words. By using this you will recall any facts, as gaps in data are instantly easy clues. It can also help you to remember things such as a list of American Presidents in their right order in office. If you advance in continuing this method, you can use this to code lists of chemical equations in a chemistry class.

A better method is to use a simple peg word system, where, as an example, you can relate numbers from the number/rhyme method into placement organized with the alphabet method.

2. Long numbers

You can recall long digits most easily using the journey system. In its simplest sense, single digits can be stored at each station on the journey when you use the number/rhyme system or the number/image method. In a larger sense, you can enhance the digits stored at each station by using the major system. The number/image method is quite alike to the number/thyme method. It is an easy yet effective method of recalling a roster or a list in the correct order. It also uses the peg word system. This method works by aiding you to create images in your brain, wherein the numbers are symbolized by images forming like the number. You can then relate these objects with the number you want to recall.

By just utilizing the simple methods to work together you can recall 100 digits with just a small effort. You can also use advanced systems, so that you can remember numbers with up to 1000 digits.

3. Contact Numbers

Contact numbers for telephone, or cellular phone can be easily recalled by relating numbers using the number/rhyme methods with locations in either the alphabet method of the journey method. You can then relate these with the image of the person whose number you need to recall.

The Alphabet method is a system that also uses peg words, but is more complex than other techniques. It is a better technique for recalling longer lists of numbers in a correct sequence, in such a way that you can describe if a digits is missing. This method works by relating pictures symbolizing letters of the alphabet with pictures you have in mind for the objects you want to recall.

When you are making images for the letters of the alphabet, make pictures in a phonetic order or a sequence that can possible be pronounce but can be nonsense at all. So the sound if the first syllable of the words is the name of the letter. For example, you can code number wand with the word wand, and use the letter W instead.

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Improve Your Memory And Learn A Foreign Language

| Articles | August 22, 2012

Learning a foreign language is a good method that one can use to practice techniques in improving the memory. Learning a new set of vocabulary is often a matter of association of a nonsensical set of syllables with a counterpart in your own language.

Normally, most people have related foreign words by repeating it over and over again. You can improve this laborious way of learning by using two main techniques:

1. Use Mnemonics

This is a very simple method of using the association method. You can use images to link a word or phrases in your own language and its counterpart in the foreign one.

As an example, in learning English-Spanish vocabulary:

English: apple Spanish: manzana you can associate the last letter of manzana to the first letter of the word apple

English: olives Spanish: oliva just eliminate the last letter and pronounce it as olive

This kind of mnemonics was popularized by Michael Gruneberg as the LinkWord technique. Dr Gruneberg also published language books that aid language students in learning vocabulary sets needed to speak fluently. It is believed that using the LinkWord Technique, you can learn a new vocabulary set in just a day or two according to your needs.

2. The Town Language Mnemonic

This type of mnemonic technique is a combination of the Roman Room System with the Linkword Technique. This technique is based on the fact that the regular vocabulary of a language relates to common things things that you normally find in a town. In using this technique, choose a place that you know. You can use objects within the town as cues to remember the pictures that relate to the foreign vocabulary.

For example, in learning nouns, you can associate common words to the most relevant locations. You can relate the word for a book with an image in a library. Words for fruits can be associated in a fruit stand. You can also find a market inside the town where you can learn foreign names of vegetables.

In learning adjectives, you can relate common words to a garden or a park. Words such as green, fragrant, dark, large, hot etc can be easily associated to common objects in the park. You can also find a public pool or a pond or even people and describe what you see.

If you want to learn verbs, you can learn it all in a gym or a sports center. Most activities in the sports center can be associated with foreign words for walking, dancing, jumping, swimming etc.

If you are learning a language where gender is important, an effective method is to recall it by dividing into two main categories. In one group you can code data on male gender nouns, while on the other group you can associate information on female gender nouns. If the language has other gender, then associate proper groups. You can associate these divisions with roads, ponds, lakes, rivers. Simply relate the picture with a place in the right group of the town.

Another easy way of remembering foreign words is to memorize the 100 most common words in a language. Just point out the most important words that you need to learn. Also you could show how these words are related into your own language.

Comments Off on Improve the Chi, Clean Your Clutter with Feng Shui

Improve the Chi, Clean Your Clutter with Feng Shui

| Articles | August 22, 2012

Above anything else, Feng shui strives for healthful and comfortable living.

The chi being a life giving force should get the entire path it needs to circulate inside the home freely. Clutter will in a very big way reduce its potency.

To achieve this, the house must be a very pleasant, cleaned space:

Windows, sills, screens, and curtains are often not placed in the highest priority of the cleaning list when compared to the sweeping of dirt and vacuuming rugs and carpets and picking up the nits and grits that clutters the eye more readily. And yet these are the entry points where the chi passes. In English, these are ventilation passages and are only logical to clean these passages very well to insure entry of clean air and allow the stale ones to escape.

Do not allow your house to be overwhelmed by accessories and other stuffs. These are not only dust gatherers, they also makes cleaning more cumbersome. Its as if you wouldn’t know where to start thereby putting up the cleaning for later. Even if cleaning maids are available, over stuffing the house disrupts a sense of balance. It could also endanger harmony and interrelationships of the objects and the symbol it represents.

It is also for this reason that you should not keep furniture and have them getting in the way for the reason that they are expensive and are a waste to keep them in the storage. Better yet, ask yourself about the purpose of the room and be guided by that purpose according to the objects that you want placed and displayed there. Not so much perhaps from the point of view alone of aesthetics but on purpose, what it represents and the pleasant feelings and mood that particular object evokes.

When you accessorize, keep pointed objects to a minimum. Objects with pointed edge clutters the eye more than those with rounded ones. What’s more, you could be having poison arrows pointed to your direction, which in Feng shui would spell danger.

Having clean lines on the flooring also helps to have a pleasant feel unlike those with irregular lines that adds to a cluttered image.

Open doors and windows every now and then, this will let the stale air out and the fresh ones in but clean the dust as soon as you can. Never let air openings be closed for long periods at of time, as this will prevent the chi from entering the house.

Keep toilet doors closed even when they are very clean.

Keeping objects displayed in the house that makes you feel aggravated should be discarded. In fact, get rid of things that you do not use. Keeping them in the house adds so much to clutter. It is in this area where many people will have difficulty in doing. Usually people keep things believing that they will use it at a later date. In reality though, those things that were kept for “later use” but has never been used for at least six months will never see the light of day again. Get rid of them and feel the sense of freedom of clearing clutter the Feng shui way.

Comments Off on Important Things Regarding Online Family Search Resource Programs

Important Things Regarding Online Family Search Resource Programs

| Articles | August 21, 2012

One of the most common and often used internet information tool are family history search online engines and when you want to get started with using one, there may be important things you need to know regarding online family search resource programs.

Lots of people nowadays want to know how their family tree developed, especially with regards to their ancestry and genealogies.

Sifting through most family-related ‘discovery’ chat forums or testimonials, you will never miss encountering someone making that surprising discovery about a popular family background, regardless of it whether noteworthy or infamous.

But truth be told that it is not as difficult to get started than what many would even dare to think.

Gone are the days when people wanting to know their past pay valuable dollars to hire the services of someone to do the insurmountable research task for them.

Nonetheless, there are still people who remain skeptical about the validity or credibility of many information posted on the internet, claiming that some are just tools to scam other people into believing the truthfulness and sincerity of people providng that information.

They claim that nothing still beats the conventional research processes, especially one that involves the old process of the tedious pen and paper note -taking.

This is primarily so because there will always be skeptical people usually not easily being able to embrace new things.

But still, this will always remain to be a challenge, after all, looking at the positive aspect of skepticism would also provide good feedback to improve what was originally created or innovated.

One of the biggest concerns many people have tried to charge against online family search resource programs is that online material that is freely given and made available is a ‘less respectable’ manner of getting the valuable information needed, especially when it does not come from a well-recognized or respected academic source.

But one can rest assured that with the current number of website or family information search engines ensure that web developers offering online family search resource programs will rally behind what may be something new, something extensive and something ‘meaty’ and credible, especially not wanting to put their name or credibility to shame by placing unfounded information for others to see.

Some people are also reluctant to make use of free online family search resource programs, claiming that it may not provide the accurate information, however, it is still best advised to validate any information that has been collected, regardless of whether the process adopted is conventional or modern and judgment should always be best left to the user whether to make the effort to rather more information to substantiate the claim.

Many believe that online family search programs are easier than traditional research methods, however, just like any other research processes, it also bears the same nature of information needed for the purpose it was established for, depending on the necessity of information available for use.

There are also researches using online family research programs that even takes up more time to complete than traditional ones, especially when the researcher usually take up more time for other non-related work or study.

In a nutshell, regardless of whether you hope to make use of an online family research process or a traditional one, it is best suggested to make sure you get substantiated information to make you more confident and secured that the information you have at hand is the most accurate possible.

Regardless of whether the information you find in the internet is accurate or not, you will always make sure you are fully aware of the things you need to know about online family search resource programs.

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