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Leadership Exposed: Things You Thought You Knew About Leadership

| Articles | July 31, 2013

Much has been written about leadership: rules, pointers, styles, and biographies of inspiring leaders throughout world history. But there are certain leadership ideas that we ourselves fail to recognize and realize in the course of reading books. Here is a short list of things you thought you knew about leadership.

1. Leaders come in different flavors.

There are different types of leaders and you will probably encounter more than one type in your lifetime. Formal leaders are those we elect into positions or offices such as the senators, congressmen, and presidents of the local clubs. Informal leaders or those we look up to by virtue of their wisdom and experience such as in the case of the elders of a tribe, or our grandparents; or by virtue of their expertise and contribution on a given field such as Albert Einstein in the field of Theoretical Physics and Leonardo da Vinci in the field of the Arts. Both formal and informal leaders practice a combination of leadership styles.

Lewin’s three basic leadership styles authoritative, participative, and delegative

Likert’s four leadership styles exploitive authoritative, benevolent authoritative, consultative, and participative

Goleman’s six emotional leadership styles – visionary, coaching, affiliative, democratic, pacesetting, and commanding.

2. Leadership is a process of becoming.

Although certain people seem to be born with innate leadership qualities, without the right environment and exposure, they may fail to develop their full potential. So like learning how to ride a bicycle, you can also learn how to become a leader and hone your leadership abilities. Knowledge on leadership theories and skills may be formally gained by enrolling in leadership seminars, workshops, and conferences. Daily interactions with people provide the opportunity to observe and practice leadership theories. Together, formal and informal learning will help you gain leadership attitudes, gain leadership insights, and thus furthering the cycle of learning. You do not become a leader in one day and just stop. Life-long learning is important in becoming a good leader for each day brings new experiences that put your knowledge, skills, and attitude to a test.

3. Leadership starts with you.

The best way to develop leadership qualities is to apply it to your own life. As an adage goes “action speaks louder than words.” Leaders are always in the limelight. Keep in mind that your credibility as a leader depends much on your actions: your interaction with your family, friends, and co-workers; your way of managing your personal and organizational responsibilities; and even the way you talk with the newspaper vendor across the street. Repeated actions become habits. Habits in turn form a person’s character. Steven Covey’s book entitled 7 Habits of Highly Effective People provides good insights on how you can achieve personal leadership.

4. Leadership is shared.

Leadership is not the sole responsibility of one person, but rather a shared responsibility among members of an emerging team. A leader belongs to a group. Each member has responsibilities to fulfill. Formal leadership positions are merely added responsibilities aside from their responsibilities as members of the team. Effective leadership requires members to do their share of work. Starting as a mere group of individuals, members and leaders work towards the formation of an effective team. In this light, social interaction plays a major role in leadership. To learn how to work together requires a great deal of trust between and among leaders and members of an emerging team. Trust is built upon actions and not merely on words. When mutual respect exists, trust is fostered and confidence is built.

5. Leadership styles depend on the situation.

How come dictatorship works for Singapore but not in the United States of America? Aside from culture, beliefs, value system, and form of government, the current situation of a nation also affects the leadership styles used by its formal leaders. There is no rule that only one style can be used. Most of the time, leaders employ a combination of leadership styles depending on the situation. In emergency situations such as periods of war and calamity, decision-making is a matter of life and death. Thus, a nation’s leader cannot afford to consult with all departments to arrive at crucial decisions. The case is of course different in times of peace and order—different sectors and other branches of government can freely interact and participate in governance. Another case in point is in leading organizations. When the staffs are highly motivated and competent, a combination of high delegative and moderate participative styles of leadership is most appropriate. But if the staffs have low competence and low commitment, a combination of high coaching, high supporting, and high directing behavior from organizational leaders is required.

Now that you are reminded of these things, keep in mind that there are always ideas that we think we already know; concepts we take for granted, but are actually the most useful insights on leadership.

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What is Crystal Jewelry?

| Articles | July 30, 2013

People have been buying and investing on jewelry since the dawn of civilization. Some cultures see it as adornments that enhance the overall appeal of the person. Some have considered it as symbols of their status in society while some consider it amulets that protect them from harm and disease.

Over the years the design and function of jewelries have evolved from its simplest metal forms to crystal jewelry and even to synthetic jewelries of the modern times, different ages’, different uses and meaning but one thing remains true. Throughout the ages jewelries have formed a bond with human civilization as part of their culture and tradition and no matter what the meaning or the use, it will remain part of our societies for the eons to come.

The history of jewelry dates back to the time of the pharaohs in ancient Egypt. But it could have been older than that. Some experts theorize that when man form the very first communal settlement, adornments may have been part of their culture thus making jewelry far older than anyone can imagine. As for the time of the Egyptians, part of their culture was to adorn their loved ones with gold and other jewelries made by hand.

It is even true that they brought their jewelry with them to the death as some archeologists have unearthed chambers in the pyramids that were filled with the riches of the departed. Some say that these adornments were cursed with black magic and whomsoever touched them were cursed to their last days.

Cursed or not one thing remains true for these people; part of their rich heritage was dedicated in the improvement and development of the jewelries that they bestowed upon their kin. These improvements were very much seen in the crafting of the embellishments and the designs of their jewelries.

The development of jewelries did not stop; instead it was carried on through out the ages. During the time of the empires and the kingdoms, jewelry making were considered a one of the noblest professions, it was a very important task that only duly deputized jewelers of the royalty were allowed to craft jewels and only nobility were given the privilege to try it out.

In modern times jewelry making is still a very lucrative profession and only a handful of individuals have made their mark in the jewelry business. Part of the human need to seek out different things and better ideas is improving what is already there. One of the most notable improvements that man has promulgated is making use of natural crystalline rocks and synthetic crystals as jewelry pieces or adornments in jewelry sets.

Nowadays, it is not uncommon to see crystalline rocks and synthetic crystal jewelry sold in almost every corner of the world. Some companies have even specialized in selling and crafting crystal jewelry. The Swarovski crystal jewelry pieces are one of the most top selling crystal jewelry in the market. The company has set new boundaries in crafting and designing raw crystals in to the eye candy that is crystal jewelry.

But they are not the only ones that have made their mark in the crystal jewelry business, some Asian countries, one particularly being China boasts about the fine natural crystal jewelry that they produce. Regardless though of where it is from crystal jewelry has broken grounds in the mainstream accessory business.

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The Key to a Better Life

| Articles | July 28, 2013

Time management is basically about being focused. The Pareto Principle also known as the ’80:20 Rule’ states that 80% of efforts that are not time managed or unfocused generates only 20% of the desired output. However, 80% of the desired output can be generated using only 20% of a well time managed effort. Although the ratio ’80:20′ is only arbitrary, it is used to put emphasis on how much is lost or how much can be gained with time management.

Some people view time management as a list of rules that involves scheduling of appointments, goal settings, thorough planning, creating things to do lists and prioritizing. These are the core basics of time management that should be understood to develop an efficient personal time management skill. These basic skills can be fine tuned further to include the finer points of each skill that can give you that extra reserve to make the results you desire.

But there is more skills involved in time management than the core basics. Skills such as decision making, inherent abilities such as emotional intelligence and critical thinking are also essential to your personal growth.

Personal time management involves everything you do. No matter how big and no matter how small, everything counts. Each new knowledge you acquire, each new advice you consider, each new skill you develop should be taken into consideration.

Having a balanced life-style should be the key result in having personal time management. This is the main aspect that many practitioners of personal time management fail to grasp.

Time management is about getting results, not about being busy.

The six areas that personal time management seeks to improve in anyone’s life are physical, intellectual, social, career, emotional and spiritual.

The physical aspect involves having a healthy body, less stress and fatigue.

The intellectual aspect involves learning and other mental growth activities.

The social aspect involves developing personal or intimate relations and being an active contributor to society.

The career aspect involves school and work.

The emotional aspect involves appropriate feelings and desires and manifesting them.

The spiritual aspect involves a personal quest for meaning.

Thoroughly planning and having a set of things to do list for each of the key areas may not be very practical, but determining which area in your life is not being giving enough attention is part of time management. Each area creates the whole you, if you are ignoring one area then you are ignoring an important part of yourself.

Personal time management should not be so daunting a task. It is a very sensible and reasonable approach in solving problems big or small.

A great way of learning time management and improving your personal life is to follow several basic activities.

One of them is to review your goals whether it be immediate or long-term goals often.

A way to do this is to keep a list that is always accessible to you.

Always determine which task is necessary or not necessary in achieving your goals and which activities are helping you maintain a balanced life style.

Each and everyone of us has a peek time and a time when we slow down, these are our natural cycles. We should be able to tell when to do the difficult tasks when we are the sharpest.

Learning to say “No”. You actually see this advice often. Heed it even if it involves saying the word to family or friends.

Pat yourself at the back or just reward yourself in any manner for an effective time management result.

Try and get the cooperation from people around you who are actually benefiting from your efforts of time management.

Don’t procrastinate. Attend to necessary things immediately.

Have a positive attitude and set yourself up for success. But be realistic in your approach in achieving your goals.

Have a record or journal of all your activities. This will help you get things in their proper perspective.

These are the few steps you initially take in becoming a well rounded individual.

As the say personal time management is the art and science of building a better life.

From the moment you integrate into your life time management skills, you have opened several options that can provide a broad spectrum of solutions to your personal growth. It also creates more doors for opportunities to knock on.

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What You Should Look for a Good Dog Grooming Mobile Trailer

| Articles | July 28, 2013

Becoming an entrepreneur in the grooming business is a great way to start your career as a pet care professional. However, with the cost of franchising and vans plus your limited budget all working against you, the shot to become a pet care professional may be a little too hard to achieve. But your options do not end here; because you can still start your business with a dog grooming mobile trailer.

Now comes the question of the criteria you should look for a good dog grooming mobile trailer. Here are those:

Trailer Dimension This constitutes everything. A long mobile trailer would be less maneuverable especially on u-turns; it is more expensive; it is heavier, thus, your vehicle will consume more gas; and, expensive on brakes. Long dog grooming mobile trailer may look luxurious, yes. But in the long run, they will prove to be expensive to maintain. Short trailer on the other hand limits your equipment to a minimum. On the other hand, wide trailer could be a traffic hazard. While mobile, you cannot see the vehicles behind you, making it more dangerous on the road. The right dimension of your trailer would be at around 5 by 8 ft.

Price Starting a business does not need you to spend all your fortune in one given time. You still have to limit your capital where you can easily recover your investment. The right capital would be between $15000 and $25000. Deciding your initial cash out still depends on you though.

Features When you buy a dog grooming mobile trailer, have the option to buy a bare trailer or buy a completely furnished one. Of course, it is very advisable if you would choose the latter because you don’t have to worry about where to place each of the equipment you need. But whatever you choose, make sure that your mobile trailer has standard features such as the bathing section, water tank, easy to clean, air-conditioning system, interior walls and ceiling for natural light, self-draining floor, storage, a grooming station, and the mechanical compartment.

Composition Ideally, the dog grooming mobile trailer should be made from aluminum and/or stainless steel. Both can be easily cleaned.

Add-on equipment provisions There are several equipment you may need to add. Some of which may not be installed if the trailer is not made to accommodate them. So make sure that your trailer has space to accommodate additional installation. There are some dog grooming mobile trailer makers that offer add-ons. You may want to prefer to buy from them if this matter is important to you.

Marketing assistance Once you establish a business, you should also promote it. Some dog grooming mobile trailer manufacturers offer marketing assistance package to help your business jump on to the right start and be known. Some of the marketing assistance available include paint job making your trailer a moving billboard. Some allows your business name to be advertised over the internet. Some include business card. Your task is to choose what would fit you best.

Knowing all these will lead you to the right start. Combine it with quality service, costumer care, and clean trailer and you will surely excel on your career as an entrepreneur in the pet grooming business.

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What to Look for when Buying a Tree

| Articles | July 27, 2013

Although the process of growing and caring for a tree is generally

challenging and even difficult at times, sometimes one of the hardest

parts is choosing which kind you want. You have to choose between the many

sizes, fruit, and other attributes. The different sizes include: dwarf,

semi-dwarf, and standard. Your choice can affect everything about your

growing experience, including the amount of work you have to put in and

the amount of rewards (fruit) you will obtain.

Dwarf trees are ideal if you only have a limited amount of open space in

your yard. They take up as little as only as eight-foot diameter plot of

land. Although the dwarf fruit trees are smaller than the others, their

fruit is just the same size and the shortness makes them easier to prune

and harvest. Dwarf fruit trees aren’t known for living quite as long as

larger fruit trees. They begin to bear fruit after three to five years, so

if you are going to buy a dwarf fruit tree from a nursery you should

always check and see how old it is.

Semi-dwarf trees are medium sized, and when they are full grown they take

up a fifteen-foot diameter. Semi-dwarf fruit tree’s height can range from

as low as ten feet to as high as sixteen feet. To keep them from getting

to large you should prune them at least once a year. Occasionally

semi-dwarf fruit trees take a season off and produce little or no fruit,

but mostly they produce hundreds of fruit every year. Many people enjoy

having semi dwarf fruit trees because they produce more fruit than a dwarf

tree, and they are generally easier to harvest and maintain than a

standard fruit tree.

Standard sized fruit trees take up much more area the then any of the

smaller tree varieties, and they are also harder to keep manageable and to

harvest all of the fruit. If you do not prune them at least once a year

they can grow as large as thirty feet. If you are just looking for a good

tree to provide you with plenty of delicious fruit from and to keep your

yard shady, a standard sized tree would be the perfect tree for you.

Standard sized fruit trees take a very long time to reach their full

height, but they usually begin to bear fruit after only three to five


The best variety of fruit tree to buy would be one that carries fruit and

does well in your area, because a local fruit tree takes less work and

grows the best. Although fruit trees bearing other, more exotic kinds of

fruit may seem more exciting, they usually won’t grow as well in your

area. That’s not to say it’s impossible. You can definitely try to grow a

more exotic tree, but it will take much more commitment and time.

Another factor involved in deciding on a type of tree is what kind of soil

you have, because some trees do better in damp soil while others are

better suited for drier soil. If it rains often in your area you would do

well to plant a plum tree. But if you do not get very much rain you would

do better to plant a pear tree or an apple tree. Before choosing which

type of fruit tree you would like, consult your local nursery or gardening

guru to find out which trees would do well in your area.

Other things that you should look for while looking for a fruit tree at

the nursery are things like how sturdy it is, if all of the branches are

evened out, how straight the tree stands, the condition of the roots that

support the tree, the length of the stem, and the height of the fruit from

the ground. Making a careful and deliberate decision can mean the

difference between having the stunted fruit from your lopsided tree being

eaten by animals all day long.

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What to give your man? A cashmere mens sweater!

| Articles | July 26, 2013

Men, you cannot live with them yet you simply cannot do without them. They could both be lovable one time and then you could loathe them the next.

They are also extremely difficult to buy something for. The fact of the matter is that finding that perfect gift for the man in your life is actually an art and a science.

The secret is in what it is you have to buy and just how it is you are to present that gift. The following are a few simple tips to give that man that gift they so rightfully deserve.

What is your man like?

There is that inevitable truth that states that all men are jocks in some form or another. Though the fact states that not every male species actually play some sports, and that most males do not budge from the tv’s remote control, most men still have secret longings to play.

They either live their fantasy sports life through watching football on television. For such a type of man, gifting him with a sporting good is always the best option. Also, such gifts are still appreciated, no matter what.

Another option if the man in your life is a gifted outdoorsman, or if he is simply into the wild outdoors adventure, a good gift is an outdoor adventure item you know he would appreciate. A swiss knife perhaps?

What if your man is debonair?

However, if your man is the kind that likes to dine and wine regularly, or that romance to him basically means a burger grill and sharing to you his own six pack, all men basically have a Clark Gable or a Brad Pitt inside of them.

A gift which showcases and acknowledges his cosmopolitan and at the same time romantic nature could very well be expressed through a fragrance, watch or a luggage set.

Still, the very best gift for such a type of man is a cashmere man sweater. This type of gift will most likely make you endearing if not irresistible to him for life.

Of course, you need to have your budget specified as precious gifts such as these also cost a bit more than the usual.

A good suggestion for a comfy cashmere man sweater is a Raffi crew neck. Its retail price is at a hundred and ninety five dollars, but online it fetches a mere ninety nine ninety five, a forty eight percent savings for you!

This cashmere man sweater is an indelible collection to your man’s wardrobe. Medium in weight, it is a perfect outfit under a versatile sports coat, yet at the same time substantial to make your man the star he truly is.

This Raffi cashmere man sweater has a construction that is 12 gauge and is two ply in strength. It is a hundred percent cashmere through and through. It is available in medium size, large, extra large and double extra large.

Another suggestion is a v neck cashmere man sweater. This type of cashmere man sweater makes your man give out an impression that translates to luxurious dressing. This type of cashmere is two ply. Its shoulders are fully fashioned and the cuffs are ribbed, and the bottoms banded.

This v neck cashmere man sweater is available in the following sizes: small, medium, large, extra large, double extra large.

This cashmere man sweater also come in the following colors: light blue, yellow, orange, winter white, light green, royal blue, camel, brown, burgundy, black, charcoal, red, green, rust, violet, pink, navy, plum.

All in all, a cashmere man sweater tops all the gift suggestions given. The fact of the matter is, every man needs a cashmere man sweater in his wardrobe.



| Articles | July 25, 2013

Crying is a physiological process in the life of a baby.All normal babies cry to communicate with others.Sine they can’t express their feelings in words crying is the only way for communication. If any uncomfortable feeling comes they simply cry.Normally babies cry in situations like hunger,wetting,too heat or cold,tight cloaths,pain ect. Some kids need the presence of somebody otherwise will cry simply.Crying without any cause is habitual in some babies. Eventhough crying is considered as normal it may worry the family members.Since the reasons for crying ranges from simple causes to serious causes it should not be ignored and hence exact cause has to be identified and managed accordingly.

The following are some points which should be considered while dealing with a crying baby.

1, It is dangerous to shake the baby vigorously.

2,Tight cloaths can cause irritation hence it should be removed.

3,If the room is hot put the fan and open the windows.

4,If the nappy is wet remove it and after cleaning the parts make it dry with a soft towel.

5,Pat her back or stroke her head slowly and let her here your soothing sound.

6,Give breast milk and make her quiet.

7,If the climate is cold cover her in soft towel.

8,Rock her gently in your arms and walk slowly in the room.

9,Take a music making doll and let her listen.

10,Try a pacifier or help her for thumb sucking.

11,If no response change her position.

12,Walk outdors with her.

13,Put her on the cradle and rock gently.

14,If no response ask somebody to carry the baby.

Even after all these steps the baby goes on crying see for the following signs.

( Probable cause is given after every sign)

1,Press her abdomen gently,she may twist or resist you:—Colic

2,Pull her ear gently she may become worse or push your hands away:—Earache.

3,Feel her temperature with the back of your hands:–Fever due to any infection.

4,Examine the skin from head to foot:–Eruptive disease,nappy rash,measles,vesicles,allergy ect.

5,See the nose for any discharge:–Coryza.

6,Move the head gently to feel any neck stiffness:–Meningitis,head injury ect.

7,Keep your ear near her chest to hear any rattling sound:–Increased mucus in wind pipes.

(pneumonia,bronchiolitis,asthamatic bronchitis ect)

8,Examine the anal orifice:–Anal erosion,rectal polyp,crawling of worms.

9,Examine the genitalia:–Any discharge or erosion.

10,In male baby see the testicles which may be swollen or tender:–Orchitis,torsion of testes.

11,also notice the body movements and see for any convulsions,rigors,vomiting,cough,laboured breathing ect.

If you see the above signs or any other abnormal signs consult your doctor for proper treatement.

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What parents need to avoid when getting a divorce

| Articles | July 24, 2013

When you are getting a divorce and there are children involved, it is important to be careful how you react in front of the children. After you tell them what is going on and explaining to them that they are still loved by both parents, you do not want to upset them in any way. You need to make sure that the children are feeling safe and secure knowing that both parents love them.

You should never have a fight in front of the children with the other parent. This will be very disturbing to the children and may cause them to be fearful of what may happen in the future. You should not speak in a bad way about the other parent as well. You have to be very careful not to call the other parent names or talk bad about any thing that they have done.

Never keep the children away from the other parent unless they are in danger of anything. You should let the children see the parent when they feel the need to. Let them know that they can call them anytime and you will be happy to drive them to see you’re soon to ex spouse’s residence any time that they want.

You never want to distance yourself from your children. You have to keep up your responsibly of being a parent. You need to communicate with your child and be a good parent. It is a hard time and can be very depressing for a lot of adults. It is important to keep up your strength both physically and emotionally for the children’s sake.

Do not try and buy the child’s affection with gifts and money. You need to spend time with them and let them know that they are the most important things right now. You need to keep all of your promises to them and do not abandon them for any reason. If you say that you are going to be there is a certain time, you need to be there.

If you think that the child needs to have therapy, you should make the necessary arrangements. Do you feel your child needs to talk to someone, if they need to talk to a professional let them, as this is going to help a child in the long run. It is crucial to the children to be able to discuss their feeling and to be reassured that they have nothing to worry about concerning the divorce. It is nothing to be ashamed of and the child should be made to feel comfortable about all that is going on around them.

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What is Special with Male Iguana?

| Articles | July 23, 2013

Iguanas are considered a species of lizards. These are mysterious animals and are kept as pets. So many stores sell young iguanas at low prices for keeping pets. Many people get attracted by these cute creatures and get involved with them to keep them as pets. It is a fact that these tiny animals can turn very large very soon and may also become aggressive.

However, they are generally good pets and you have to take their proper care for food and living. If you want to keep them as pets, it is better you acquire some basic knowledge about the nature of iguanas, the way they live, their habits, food, behavior and what are the necessities for their existence.

An iguana is a reptile and it resembles a lizard. You should know about its primary features. Iguana is a family of lizards called iguanidade. These are mostly regarded as aggressive in nature. Their main habitation is found on Gasparilla Island situated on the coastal areas of gulf of Florida. You can find them on beaches and the lofts of houses. Generally, they exist in abundance in the deserts and rainforest regions.

They have a variety of species. The iguanas mostly live on the nature and can adjust easily with their surroundings. Some species are living in deserts while others live in rainforest. Even a few species have their dwelling in sea. These are referred as marine iguanas. The most common variety of them is giant green iguanas; this species is mostly found in Mexico and South America particularly in Brazil. The common verities of iguana are green iguana, blue iguana, marine iguana and lesser Antilillean iguana. These animals are categorized as herbivores-that mostly depend of the plants, leaves, vegetables, flowers and fruits.

Iguanas possess distinct characteristics and they behave in a different way. The male iguana has quite different appearance and behavior than a female. Male iguanas are more invasive and they fight with other males until end even risking the life. It depicts their territorial behavior. They fight to show their supremacy on the particular territory. A male iguana will fight with another male he finds in his surroundings. They are very self-esteemed and egoistic. They want to dominate in their particular area and show that they are powerful. They will fight out with other males to mate a female iguana.

Iguanas are arboreal by nature. They make their dwellings on the top of trees. Naturally, they can climb up the trees and even jump from a height of about 50 feet. The female will lay eggs. A normal iguana may even live for thirty years.

In case you want to keep iguanas as pet, you should note a few important points as dos and don’ts with them. The enclosure of your pet iguana should be cleaned regularly. It should be big enough to accommodate the pets for moving freely and feel comfortable in it. There should be sufficient lighting. Preferably, it should get sunlight. The temperature in the cage should be maintained in case of cold climate.

You should feed your pets with nourishing food. They should be made to drink plenty of water to save them from getting dehydrated. They should also be examined by a vet regularly to keep healthy and be free from and illness.

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What is a legal separation in divorce?

| Articles | July 22, 2013

When a couple gets a legal separation, it is a lot like a divorce. It will involve the same process of filing papers with the court to start a legal action. The court will then have to make the decisions about where the children will live, debts, and assets in a divorce. At the end of the process, the parties are legally separated instead of being actually divorced. This means that they are still married but not responsible for each other and what the other party does.

A legal separation is the best thing to do in the last stages of couples not getting along. It can be a way of taking a break and finding out what each party wants. There is no reason to rush into getting divorce for some people and it is a decision that has to be well thought out just as the marriage should have been.

Sometimes when people are on a legal separation, they will try and work things out. However, there are some cases, where it will not work and the parties’ involved want to get a divorce. One year after the legal separation is granted, one of the parties can petition to convert the separation to a divorce. They can do this without further hearings and the other party cannot prevent it from happening. People will sometimes prefer the separation instead of a divorce because of their religious beliefs or for insurance purposes.

If the party then decides to get a divorce, it will terminate their marriage. In order to do that, parties involved will go to court and decide how to handle questions of the children and how to divide their marital property. Each party is going to be responsible for one half of the marital debts.

Marital property is anything that the couple bought while they were married. It does not matter whose name the property is in or who actually purchased it. Bank accounts, pensions, and stocks are marital property even if they are held in one name only. Property brought into the marriage is still marital depending on the length of the marriage and what type of property it is. The court will be as fair as it can and sometimes the parties involved will make the right choices about being fair in the divorce.

It is always a good thing when a couple can make the appropriate decisions about how things should be split up before actually going to court. Both parties should have attorneys and this will help things progress along without having to worry about any legalities. This is the best way to protect each party’s assets and to make sure that the proceedings are fair.

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