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What You Need To Know About Emergency Contraceptives

| Articles | January 2, 2014

We live in the modern world, and with modernization comes a change in the way society thinks. The then prudish outlook on sex has been replaced by a more liberated mindset that is open to the idea of casual sex. It is because of this change that more and more contraceptive products are being released into the market. One of the more popular birth control product are emergency birth control pills.

Emergency contraception

Emergency birth control pills, also referred to as “morning-after” pills, refer to contraceptive pills that are taken after sex with the intention of preventing pregnancy. It is used occasionally, when primary means of birth fails or when no other means of contraception are unavailable at the time of intercourse.

These pills were designed to be taken withing seventy-two hours of having sex, with a second dose to follow after twelve hours. As compared to abortion pills, emergency birth control pills aim to prevent pregnancy from occurring, and not terminate an existing pregnancy. Emergency birth control methods act before implantation takes place. It is because of this fact that emergency contraceptives were accepted both medically and legally. It is considered a hormonal birth control method as it may contain estrogen, progestin, or both. It differs from the typical birth control pills in terms of the doses of the hormones they contain. Just like in the regular birth control pill, the estrogen stops the ovaries from releasing eggs, the progestin prevents the sperm from reaching the egg and prevents implantation of a fertilized egg.

On average, the combination emergency birth control pill decreases the chances of becoming pregnant by seventy-five percent. The more preferred type of emergency contraceptive pill is the progestin-only pill. On average, reduces the risk of having an accidental pregnancy by eighty-nine percent. Effectivity increases to ninety-five percent when taken twenty-four hours after having intercourse.

Although helpful, these medications also come with side effects, these side effects include: nausea, vomiting, breast-tenderness, fatigue, abdominal pain, irregular bleeding or spotting, headaches, and in some cases, dizziness. Most women prefer using the progestin-only pill as it has relatively lesser side effects than that of the combined estrogen and progestin emergency birth control pill. Using emergency contraceptive pills is generally safe as it does not bear any harmful effect to an already growing baby inside a mother’s womb. Also, keep in mind that even if these pills are effective, they will not protect you against sexually transmitted disease.

Obtaining emergency birth control pills is generally easy. For women seventeen years and below, emergency contraceptive pills can be bought on a prescription basis. But for women 18 years and older, these are approved for sale even without prescription at any drugstore, all that is required is an id to prove your age.

Choosing to engage in casual, unprotected sex is risky. It leave you open not only to accidental or unwanted pregnancies, it also leaves you at risk of acquiring sexually transmitted diseases. So always keep in mind that aside from using contraceptive methods, it is best to keep the number of sexual partners down to a minimum and to know your partner’s sexual history in order to also keep yourself disease-free.

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What You Need To Know About Discount Tanning Lotions

| Articles | January 1, 2014

A warm weather holiday is just the thing to rejuvenate body and soul. If you are planning to take a vacation to the topics this winter, then surely there is suntan lotion on your list of things to pack. If you’ve already shopped around you know that tanning crme can cost a pretty penny; but it doesn’t have to. Discount tanning lotions are just as good at protecting skin as their more expensive counterparts.

The Truth About Generics

There is a little known fact about generic products that many people do not know. Some generic products are inferior and you can tell the difference as soon as you open the package. However, more often than not, generic products are identical to the brand name product and simply have what is known as a “private label.”

The way to ensure you are getting the same product with discount tanning lotions as with brand name ones is to read the label. The label has to tell you what is in it and what percent of the active ingredient in this case the sunscreen ingredient-is in the lotion. They way to know if the formula is the same is the order in which the ingredients appear. Those that are in the highest quantity will be listed first.

Another tell-tale sign that your discounted lotion is the same as the expensive brands is the statement on the front of the package. Often a generic or private label product will say “compare to xyz brand” or “same active ingredients as xyz brand.”

Sunless Tanning Products You Can Rely On

Sometimes we foolishly think that just because something costs more money it must be better. That just isn’t true! Take sunless tanning lotions for example. There are many different products on the market and some are quite inferior. However, there is a wide range of reasonably priced products that are equal to the task. The most important consideration is that they have the ability to pigment the skin evenly and with natural looking results. These can be used on a small area of skin, maybe even the stomach, to test them. Then if they were not good, you can keep that fake tan under wraps until it fades in a few days.

Sunless tanning using a tanning bed or booth can also produce a natural looking and lasting tan using lotions. The specially formulated tanning bed lotions do not provide the same sun screen as outdoor lotions, but help condition the skin and prepare it for the ultra bright UV rays the bed’s bulbs produce.

When using any tanning product, be sure to use it on your face as well as your body. The skin on the face is exposed year round to the sunlight, even through rays are stronger in the summer months when the weather is hotter. Part of any beauty routine should be a moisturizer with sunscreen for the face either alone or under makeup.

Next time you visit the drugstore or supermarket remember that these discount tanning lotions can hold their own up against the expensive department store brands.

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