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39. An Enema will also Keep the system clean and fresh, detoxified.

| Articles | April 22, 2009

When an enema is given, there are specific purposes for it. They are a form of colon cleansing, so other than warming and cleansing the colon through a series of enemas, the system needs to be alkalized, any foreign protein is removed from the colon, and the bowel system is hydrated. Tap water or soapsuds dilates the bowel and stimulates peristalsis. It also lubricates the stool and feces to eliminate toxics in the lower area of the intestine.

Enemas are used as a treatment for constipation, a colon cleansing therapy, or for any other health reasons person is suffering from. The colonic uses more water than the traditional enema to cleanse and flush. An alternative to an enema is the herbal colon cleanser that is taken by mouth in the form of a drink or capsule. Many individuals find it more hygienic than the enema, with immediate results within the first two hours.

When a person needs an enema and is full of toxics, they feel out of energy and excessively tired, depressed and bloated … and not entirely in that order. We are designed to have anywhere from two to four bowel movements a day, but if our system is not working properly, constipation will begin to form. When the bowel begins to get impacted problems will arise such as colon cancer. Symptoms of these problems are headaches, bad breath, allergy symptoms, depression, exhaustion and fatigue, bloating and chronic infections.

An oil retention enema is used in the same manner but in a lesser amount to soften the hardened stool inside the bowels, allowing for a normal bowel movement. Another type enema is for the delivery of mediation to the immediate bloodstream. Steroid enemas solutions are given for individuals with ulcerative colitis or antibiotic enema solutions for localized bacterial infections.

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