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Bansky: The Unknown Stenciling Artist

| Articles | October 7, 2008

Stenciling is an art that gives artists with lots of choices. It also gives individuals the chance to explore their artistic sides. Stenciling is an art that is for everybody. The materials used in stenciling are very much available in stores. These materials are basic materials when it comes to painting and other art forms.

Stenciling has a very colorful and dramatic history. It has gone through periods where it was considered as a lowly art. There was also a time when stenciling disappeared. Nonetheless, stenciling resurrected and established its name in the art scene. However, stenciling is again faced with the threat of being disregarded because of certain technological advancements. The laptops and computers have created such a buzz that people are busy exploring their laptops rather than making their artworks.

Hopefully, stenciling will survive the threat of technology today. There is a need for more stencil artists in order to promote stenciling. On this note, it is rightful to discuss one of the greatest stencil artists.

This stencil graffiti artist is known to be Bansky. Bansky is an alias that is used by an artist allegedly from South Gloucestershire. It is also said that he was born in the year 1974 or 1975. Nonetheless, there are no evidences regarding Bansky’s identity. Researchers fail to make a full blown autobiography of this artist because he has been anonymous throughout his career. He is said to be a son of a technician of the photocopier and was practiced to be a butcher.

Bansky became interested in stencil graffiti during the bloom of Bristol aerosol in the 1980’s. His artworks were very satirical and dwelt on the issue of politics, ethics and culture. His works were highly influenced by the great Blek Le Rat who is said to be the pioneer of stencil graffiti. He doesn’t sell his works nor hold exhibits and art auctioneers have auctioned his work but leave the problem of removing his work form the place where it is located to the winning bidder.

He started as a graffiti artist in 1922 and his works were included in the Bristol underground scene. He has been using stenciling in the beginning of his career and continues to use this method. Bansky claims stenciling gives the artist less time to complete a piece or artwork. His works are composed of funny images that are striking and contains a slogan. His messages are mostly anti-war, anti-capitalist and anti-establishment. His artworks’ subjects included rats, monkeys, policemen, soldiers, children and elderly.

Bansky’s technique in drawing the images of his art works is not certain because of the secret of his identity. Nobody talks about his identity and if somebody knew about his identity, they don’t talk about it.

Bansky is just one of the artists who have excelled in stenciling art. He has successfully delivered his messages by his stencils. His artworks are highly regarded by stencil artist of today.

Stenciling is an art that has tapped to the hearts of many people. Stenciling graffiti has provided artists’ with the avenue to deliver their messages regarding political issues and other social issues. This art form has provided activists and radicals the venue where they can express their selves. Truly, stenciling is an art that has many uses and gives benefit to the people.

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