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Bridesmaid Bracelet Crystal Jewelry

| Articles | January 14, 2012

Are you a wedding coordinator? As a wedding coordinator, you are all in-charge in the success of the wedding of your client. From place of event, gown and up to the Crystal Jewelry they will be wearing. The bride wanted that her bridesmaids must have the same bracelet to beautify their hands. So, this article will give you some of the suggested bridesmaid bracelets to present to your clients.

If your client has a big budget of anything you will suggest, you can present them the

1.) Pearl and Crystal Droplet Bridal Bracelet beautify with Sterling Silver chain that hold a 4mm Light Colorado Topaz Swarovski Crystals then a 6mm Champagne Swarovski Pearls and a length of 7 inches for about $68 each;

2.) Pearl Droplet Bridal Bracelet that presentably hang into a Sterling Silver chain that will hold the 6mm White Swarovski Pearls at a price of $65 for every bridesmaid to wear;

3.) Champagne Cluster Bridal Bracelet for only $69 each handicrafted scroll base of about 4mm and 6mm Light Champagne Swarovski Crystal Pearls;

4.) expensively beautify your client’s bridesmaids is to wear them the Freshwater Pearl and Crystal Cluster Bridal Bracelet for about $74 each; and

5.) a handicrafted sterling silver Scroll Base about 4mm clear Swarovski Crystals for much lesser cost of $72 each. Also, you can show them the beauty of the

6.) Blue and Cream Pearl Cluster Bracelet for only $65 each and the

7.) Champagne and Gold Cluster Bracelet for only $75 each. If you want to finally amaze them the beauty of each bracelets for their bridesmaids you can show them the

8.) Champagne and Cream Cluster Bracelet or the

9.) Cream Pearl and Crystal Charm Bracelet both of them sales with $75 each. And if your client wanted a jewelry watch for their bridesmaids, you can present to them the

10.) Champagne and Cream Pearl Watch a top drilled dancing of Champagne Freshwater Pearls and an Ivory Swarovski Crystal Pearls with light Colorado Topaz Swarovski Crystals maneuvered the clock designs by the Geneva Watch for only a reasonable price of $71 each. Another price-studded crystal jewelry is the

(11.) Three Coin Bridal Bracelet for the price of $63; and the

(12.) White Dancing Pearl Bridal Bracelet for about 7 inches long and the an extravagant price of $71 each.

But if your client is looking for a much cheaper cost of bridesmaid’s bracelets, you can suggest the following:

1.) strung with a 4mm White Freshmater Pearls and at the end is hanging 3mm Stardust Sterling Silver balls with a market name as White Pearl Blue Charm Bracelet for only $55;

2.) and for the price of $58 each, you can present to them the Blue and White Droplet Bridal Bracelet made intact of 4mm White Freshwater Pearls with Stardust beads, dangles and ends with square Silver beads. Another short budget wedding crystal jewelry bracelet is the

3.) Butterfly Bridal Bracelet for only $49 each or the

4.) Coin Pearl Bridal Bracelet for much lesser cost of $48 each.

Upon presenting to your client, you have to show them the catalog of the bracelets in order for them to choose and let them see the real Crystal Jewelry bracelets to amaze them. Tell them that upon choosing the right bridesmaid’s bracelets will add more beauty in their wedding day.

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