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Crystal Jewelry For Your Bridal Anklet

| Articles | March 3, 2012

Are you a bride or a groom and you want to give a gift for your bride the precious Crystal Jewelry such as bridal anklet? Through this article will give you such idea to make your wedding much memorable in buying or purchasing such anklet.

To start from the $60+ prices of each crystal anklet like the: (1) Jet Crystal Cross Beaded Anklet that was created using a 4mm Jet Swarovski Crystal Beads with clear Swarovski crystal beads and a 10mm clear Swarovski crystal cross wrapped into a Sterling Silver wire; and (2) Tiara Pearl and Crystal Beaded Anklet, this handmade sterling silver chained 4mm Freshwater White Pearls with Swarovski Clear Crystal droplets.

The previously mentioned anklets are about 8.5 to 9 inches long for only $61 each. Also in this group, you can make a favorable choices of (3) Pink Crystal Anklet for about $65; (4) Peach and Champagne Anklet for about $60; (5) or the fine sterling silver chain Pink and White Anklet for about $64; (6) Jet Black Gemstone and Crystal Anklet for about $65; or the (7) Siam Red Crystal Anklet also in $65.

Now, let’s go down to the more affordable prices, the $50+ of crystal anklets such as: (1) Pacific Opal Anklet this Champagne Pearls tiny button shaped with 4mm bicone Pacific Opal Swarovski Crystal for about 9 inches long; (2) Champagne Coin and Crystal Anklet holding a hanging droplets of 4mm Light Colorado Topaz Crystals with Light Champagne Freshwater Pearls and the end are two drops of Square Champagne Coin Pearl and Crystals; and (3) Blue Pearl and Crystal Anklet this Sterling silver chain had a droplets of 4mm Light Sapphire as well as Azure Blue Crystals integrating with Light Blue Freshwater Pearls, it will make you beautiful because of its two Clear Crystal Teardrop with a Light Blue Coin Pearl at the end of the anklet, and all of them auctioned in the net for about $56 each.

Also in this group are the (4) Smoky Quartz and Pearl Anklet; (5) White Pearl Charm Anklet; (6) Dragonfly Crystal Beaded Anklet; (7) Jet and Chain Crystal Anklet; (8) Briolette Cluster Crystal Anklet; (9) Light Sapphire Crystal Beaded Anklet; and the (10) Gold and Light Blue Pearl Anklet for about $55 each.

But if you don’t have enough money to buy, the price of $40+ will beautify your wedding: (1) Gemstone and Pearl Ankle Bracelet wrapped into Sterling Silver wire with Crystal Silver Pearls as well as the White Freshwater Pearls joining with the Rose Quartz and embedded with Black Onyx Gemstones for only $40; and the (2) Rose Quartz and Pink Pearl Anklet wire wrapped into Sterling Silver with soft pink Rose Quartz Gemstones hanging around the ankle with Pink Pearls for only $42.

More in this group like the (3) Crystal and Pearl Accent Anklet Bracelet for only $45 or the (4) Jet Crystal Ankle Bracelet also for $45. You can try also the Seed Pearl and Crystal Anklet for only $48.

The prices of each anklet are not accurate due to the law of supply and demand. For more updates of the prices of each anklets, you can regularly search on the internet or just drop by to your nearest Crystal Jewelry store ahead the schedule of your wedding day to avoid rush of bridal beautification jewelries.

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