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Fashion Tips for Shopping and Wearing for a Cashmere Sweater Turtleneck

| Articles | May 4, 2012

Although almost everyone can look good with a cashmere sweater, it’s an entirely different catwalk when it’s a cashmere sweater turtleneck. Although this outfit certainly makes a person exude an air of elegance, not everybody however is able to carry it off. Learn the various factors which can affect your ability to wear a cashmere sweater turtleneck as you read on.

Caught by the Neck

When shopping for cashmere sweater turtlenecks, the most important thing to do is checking the fit for the neck area. Whether it’s cashmere, cotton, or silk, turtleneck tops will only look great if they make a PERFECT fit on the neck area. They shouldn’t be too tight that the wearer appears to be suffocating or too loose that it seems like the wearer bought one size larger than what’s appropriate.

While cashmere sweater turtlenecks you’re buying for yourself are something that you can try on to check which makes a perfect fit, this is obviously not an option if you’re buying a cashmere sweater turtleneck for others. Fortunately, most people tend to have proportional neck widths so those with medium size frames will most likely have medium size neck widths as well.

Swan or Stump?

Unfortunately, cashmere sweater turtlenecks are not for people with short necks. If you have a short neck and you insist on wearing a cashmere sweater turtleneck, you might end up looking like a turtle that’s peeking out of its shell.

Cashmere sweater turtlenecks on the other hand are simply perfect for people blessed or cursed, depending on your point of view with swanlike necks. Cashmere sweater turtlenecks make individuals of this type appear more elegant, poised, and dignified.

Don’t Be Color Blind

Just like all other types of clothes, make sure that you choose a cashmere sweater turtleneck that has a complementary shade to your complexion. Fair-skinned people generally look better when they wear dark or soft colors. Those with tanned skin or darker complexions will typically look better wearing lighter or brighter colors.

By the Thread

Always check the quality and texture of cashmere sweater turtlenecks. Some fraudulent manufacturers, such as those that are producing ready-to-wear clothes without proper licensing, deliberately make use of incorrect labels to drive the price and demand up for their products.

As such, if you’re buying from bazaars, garage sales, or any other place besides malls, don’t assume everything that you see is correct. What may be labeled as 100% cashmere may be in reality just made of thirty or forty percent cashmere and the rest is just made of cheap imitation fabric.

Fit Bottoms Make a Complementary Match

You can wear a cashmere sweater turtleneck with jeans, slacks, skirts, and just about anything else as long as your bottom outfit doesn’t have fit you loosely. The ideal bottom is one that hugs your legs faithfully as this complements the snug fit of cashmere sweater turtlenecks on your neck area. Slightly loose fitting slacks are also acceptable just as long as they at least fit your hips snugly.

Avoid wearing a cashmere sweater turtleneck with very loose bottoms, especially when it falls anywhere above the ankles, as only a few individuals can still manage not to look lousy with such an outfit.

Now that you know what to look for when shopping for a cashmere sweater turtleneck, you can finally hit the mall with confidence and find one that suits your looks, taste, and of course your budget as well!

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