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Feng Shui Life

| Articles | May 11, 2012

Ask any good Feng shui master. He will tell you that everything has energy: objects, the air, the earth, all the elements, and even thoughts have energies. The person is one of the better sources of energy, too. A person’s energy is a determinant of bad Feng shui or good Feng shui. What we think, how we react to things, the attitudes that we place on events and those surrounding us, they could influence what is beneficial and what is not.

I have heard a famous Feng shui master once in a television show just before a New Year was to start. The master was asked, “What is the best Feng shui remedy? The master answered, “The heart of a person, everything else is secondary to it. If you have a good heart, you have very little to fear.”

In a nutshell what he was saying throughout most of the second half of the show was that “a good heart can counterbalance the entire negative chi that will be thrown on the person”. Feng shui however are excellent aids to a better life in that since nothing is perfect, attracting additional energies that would bring us into better harmony with our surroundings and the people on it must be drawn to our improvement. It follows then that even with the best Feng shui, people’s lives could still be miserable when it is not coupled with the intentions of harmonizing with anything and everything.

Since the essence of a Feng shui life is harmonious interrelationships and attitudes, it is not enough to have the best Feng shui house with spacious bright hall effect frontage when poison arrows from your corner inadvertently points at a house fronting yours. The occupants opposite yours could take vengeful cures.

Even the best of decorations and symbols that were placed inside your home may not be so potent, as you would expect, as these could take the energy of workers who made them. These are particularly true with mass produced items that have workers that are overworked and underpaid.

This is why even when you would want to live a good Feng shui life care must be taken.

The popularity of Feng shui today has also drawn out scammers and frauds that are always there waiting on the sidelines to pounce at any unsuspecting client that they could lay their paws on. To think that a good Feng shui life and guidance should start from a Feng shui consultant may to say the least, be taken with caution. This is where Feng shui life could start and draw its greatest effect.

The Feng shui consultant that is about to lead you into the life of Feng shui should be above reproach and you could easily know this by the successes that have been accomplished before. Forget about grand titles and the smiles. A good Feng shui consultant leads a good Feng shui life and this should endow them with humility.

Because a Feng shui life basically starts with respect, it is the humility of accepting that there are forces in nature that one has to live in accordance with. It is a life that goes with the flow of things the way they are instead of dominating and controlling them. Living a Feng shui life is not a life of yes or no. Neither is it always black or white. Rather, Feng shui life is living, prepared to make compromises if that could enhance the ability to go with what is natural and with what is beautiful.

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