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Graffiti Stenciling And Great Artists

| Articles | October 12, 2009

Art is one way of expressing one’s selves. There are different art forms that provide people with the avenue to express themselves. Paintings, photographs and sculptures are the product of many artists that want to express themselves. The strokes, colors and images shown in these artworks are manifestations of the artists’ characters. Another art form that provides people with a venue for expression is stenciling.

Stenciling is a form of art that has originated from the Prehistoric Era. There are evidences of stencil patterns in caves and leaves. There were also rumors that Eskimos used perishable materials in stenciling. Stenciling art was uplifted by many cultures and many technological advances.

Stenciling has different forms. The forms and kind of stenciling include wall stenciling, furniture stenciling, aerosol stencils, nanostencils and graffiti stencils. Wall stenciling includes decorating room walls and house surfaces. It is primarily used as decoration in households. Wall stenciling is also a bonding activity for family members.

Graffiti stenciling is a form of stenciling that has attracted many artists. Even before stenciling was discovered as an art, graffiti has been used by people. People often view graffiti as an eyesore. Graffiti is also considered as vandalism. Many artists have succeeded in expressing their ideas through graffiti.

Graffiti stenciling uses stencil patterns in designing walls, streets and surfaces. These stencil designs are normally seen in areas where people pass by and can internalize the messages in the graffiti. These art works often comes with slogans. These art works tackle issues in politics, culture and ethics.

One of the pioneers of using stencils in graffiti is Blek le Rat. He was born in 1952 on Boulogne- Billancout in Paris. He devoted his time in studying painting and architecture. Blek began painting in 1981. He has continued painting since then and had influenced many artists that have followed his tracks.

Blek particularly influenced graffiti and guerilla art movements. He has also influenced Bansky. Bansky was quoted as saying,

“Every time I think I’ve painted something slightly original, I find out that Blek Le Rat has done it as well, only twenty years earlier”.

Bansky is also a big name in graffiti stenciling. Although his identity is not totally disclosed, he was able to establish his name through his pseudo name. He has painted many stencil patterns on walls and streets. He doesn’t sell his artworks and also doesn’t hold exhibits like other artists. Bansky’s artworks are said to talk about political ideologies.

Blek and Bansky are two of the greatest graffiti artists who have used stenciling. They have utilized stencils as ways of expressing their political ideologies and messages. There are still many artists who have excelled in the field of stenciling yet their achievements have not been highlighted.

There are no known awards giving bodies that give awards to stenciling artists. These artists remain anonymous. Graffiti stenciling artists tend to conceal their identity because of the slogans that their art works contain. These artists continue to hide their identities because their lives could be put in danger.

Stenciling is an art that has provided many advantages to the human race. It has provided the families with bonding activities. It has given individuals the power to create their own stencil designs and use these designs in different ways. Moreover, stenciling has given individuals the power to talk through their art works.

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