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| Articles | October 14, 2009

Lighting is the most important element of interior decoration. It is the instrument that generates different atmospheres to the room, from intimacy to enthusiasm. But to be sure the effect of the light is the one we are looking for, it is important that we know four types of illumination.

1. Ambient lighting or general lighting.

This is lighting for the entire room. It is recommended along with the use of intensity adjustments, to have more flexibility in creating effects for every occasion.

2. Local lights.

They assure the light flowing around the room in order to make comfortable activities such as reading, cooking, and shaving. The intensity of the light is local and it has to be correctly measured so it won’t trouble or exhaust the eyes.

3. Accent lights.

They are sources of light with ornamental purposes, usually placed to emboss an art object or a preferred corner.

4. Natural light.

This one we get for free though windows and doors. Depending on the period of the day, season or weather, this one can vary in intensity and color.

A proper analysis of the everyday activities in recommended. You must know what you will do and where you will do it. Do not hesitate in using different types of illumination. Actually, this is wanted and will create very interesting effects. Also keep in mind that lighting can alter the dimensions of a room, making it look smaller or bigger.

You will discover that there are practically hundreds of ways of lighting that can be applied to a room. When deciding how to choose the lightings, think of them from two perspectives: esthetical and functional. Functionally, the lighting will assure the correct type and quantity of light need for the purpose in mind. Esthetically, lighting can be configured to create the desired atmosphere.

For example when trying to choose lights for your living-room you can take into consideration these few notes:

– Place a lamp behind every armchair, tall of about 1 meter.

– Use an accent light to emboss a painting.

– Another accent light can underline the contour of your bookshelves.

– Be sure that the general light is adjustable.

– Use indirect light to cover the walls with light. Place them below the floor, in little spaces behind furniture and let them illuminate the walls.

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