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Important Points for Care of Iguana Cantina

| Articles | August 20, 2012

The iguanas have become most favorite pets these days all over the USA. The advantage with these reptiles is that they can be brought up in any climate and can easily grow between four and six feet length and will weigh between ten and fifteen pounds when grown up. The pet iguanas can live up to 15 to 20 years as pet. However, it will depend on how they are fed and taken care. Initially, iguana belongs to a humid and tropical climate. These are very energetic creatures in sunlight. When these reptile perceive any danger, they use their defense tools comprising their strong tail, claws, jaws and nails to protect themselves.

When they are in their natural dwelling, the iguana cantinas will be careful and shield themselves from the marauders. They are very active and possess a keen sense of hearing, sight and smell. They can easily sense the coercions from enemies to save themselves. Many people including minors and adolescents like to buy iguana cantinas to satisfy their grievous urge to keep them as pets, but subsequently they brush aside the crucial points for their rightful upkeep. There are many primary cares that are necessities to bring up iguana and need to be thought over well.

Concerns about the Shelter of Iguana:

It is most important to provide a proper shelter to you keep iguanas as pets. The infant iguana is capable of surviving in a fish tank containing between 30 and 50 gallons of water. If they are given proper balanced diet, they can grow significantly in a few months and will need a larger tank for them. You can buy the aquarium enclosures, which are available in diversity of designs. These are either made of Plexiglas or the ordinary glass. The base layer growth of the organism can be made from newspapers easily.

The other suitable alternatives are the inner as well as outer carpeting, linoleum lining or artificial glass. You should not use mud, soil, sand and bark as these will breed pest in them and cause damage to iguanas. You should clean the dwelling of iguana and sterilize it twice every week. You can place a few pieces of rocks, drift woods, broad limbs, branches etc. for climbing of iguanas.


Generally, iguanas quench their thirst for water by the vegetation consumed from plants and the food they take. In addition, they will take water when inside the tank from wood and leaves inside their tank. Iguanas also take bath and their bodies get the water. The pets will get habituated in the shelter in tank with the water. You can provide lukewarm water in tank for iguana to have bath.


Natural light and sunrays are most important for your pet iguana cantina for their health. They get vitamins and minerals from sunlight and should be exposed to sunlight at least two to three hours daily. You can also place their cage in such a way that it is exposed to sunlight for some time. The iguana should be protected from dogs, cats and other wild animals.

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