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Improving the Workflow through a Feng Shui Office Layout

| Articles | August 30, 2012

Office spaces today are very expensive especially when it is located in prime locations. This is one of the reasons why office spaces must be utilized and is normally designed with the end view of maximizing every space that is available.

Upfront this space utilization is very cost effective from the standpoint of office rentals. But then the constant rubbing of elbows of the employees could either result in office politicking, tension and friction that are also contributors to time wasters.

The Feng shui office layout tries as much as possible to veer away from the typical designs. As with everything else related with Feng shui, the main concern will be harmony and the harmonizing of all the elements as well and allowing the free flow of the chi which in turn results to the feeling of well being of its occupants.

Examples of the Feng shui office designs are the following:

The four-leaf clover table arrangement.

Not only are four leaf clovers symbols of good fortune, this type of table arrangement allows each individual to sit in a position that he is best suited. When individuals are seated in directions as determined by his kua, the chances that the person will be at his working best is greatly increased.

The Sheng Chi and the Fu Wei sitting orientation.

The office staff plays different roles. To enhance the roles, another option for a Feng shui office layout is to direct the sitting and table orientation of the staff according to the direction that are conducive to maximizing good Feng shui. In this Feng shui office layout, the managers will be facing the wealth direction or the Sheng chi. For the entry level and most rank and file positions, their direction will be oriented to the personal development or the Fu Wei direction.

The Dragons Path.

In Feng shui, the dragon is believed to bring good luck, prosperity and wealth, the bigger the dragon, the better the chances of the symbol to bring in success. Creating a traffic flow that winds through the office simulates the dragon’s path. Carpets, pebbles, tiles, wood etc. could be used as the river that is regarded as the path of the dragon.

Aside from the general layout of the Feng shui office, symbols that represent the bringing in of wealth are also integrated in the Feng shui office design.

Avoiding the poison arrows.

The poison arrows are more likely to be found in cramped office spaces but nonetheless has to be checked out and avoided at all cost. Sharp objects, exposed sharp corners of walls, the corner of a desk of a co-worker, edges of cabinets, even the thorn of a cactus plant must not be placed in a direct path to where you are sitting.

The wall behind you.

Whenever possible, workers and managers must be sitting with a solid wall behind them. It is never advisable in Feng shui office design to sit behind a glass window. If this cannot be avoided, a poster or painting of a mountain will have to cover the glass window to provide a symbol of solidity and rigidity.

The energy flow.

Like any Feng shui design, the Feng shui office should be laid out in such a way that there is a continuous flow of the chi inside the rooms and work areas. Enough spaces should be provided and not blocked, exposed beams and clutter should be avoided. Pathways especially the ones leading to the doors and entranceways must be cleared and unobstructed.

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