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Learn From The Indian Leader

| Articles | October 8, 2012

You can give all the terms you can. It can be captain of the ship, the honorable president, or the field general. All of these stand for just one thing. We all look up for that one person that makes the group run like a well-oiled machine. The leader is with no doubt the glue that sticks each member of the pack in order to achieve a common goal. In lieu with this let’s take a moment to flip into ancient pages of time and learn from the Indian leader as the world knows him, Mahatma Gandhi.

Technically he is referred to as Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi but to the people of the India he the one true example of great leadership. His place in history is carved by his being the pre-eminent spiritual and political leader of the Indian nation. He was the person responsible for the birth of the Satyagraha or the fight against oppression and tyranny via the use of civil disobedience.

This principle was adhered upon the belief of ahimsa which means that conflicts can be revolved without the presence of violence. Gandhi’s works resulted into Indian independence which also transpired into various actions across the globe for the propagation of freedom and civil rights.

Gandhi was referred into so many ways. The most famous of which is Mahatma Gandhi meaning having a great soul. He was called as such by the great poet Rabindranath Tagore. He was also known as Bapu or Father as he was recognized in every corner of India as the one true Father of the Nation. October 2, the day on which this icon of democracy is born, is noted in India as Gandhi Jayanti and is a national holiday. This day is also commemorated globally as the International Day of Non Violence.

Gandhi’s work involving civil disobedience started during his plight as an expatriate in South Africa wherein the Indian Community was plagued by issues revolving around civil rights. He returned to his homeland in 1915 to lead farmers, labourers, and peasants in an organized protest regarding the high stacks of burden given by increased discrimination and land taxation. At the onset of 1921, he assumed control of the Indian National Congress wherein his leadership focused on the improvement of India’s status particularly in areas of poverty, religious and ethnic amity, untouchability, economic self-reliance, and women’s rights.

The greatest contribution of Gandhi came in great global fashion as he sought to achieve Swaraj and rid his motherland of foreign rule and control. He was joined by his faithful wards during the Dandi Salt March in 1930 in order to express objections and protests regarding Britain’s imposition of salt tax. The march rallied on for a staggering 400 kilometers. He then launched the Quit India Movement to give more emphasis on his eagerness to give India its freedom. Due to his actions and rallies, Gandhi was imprisoned in India and even in parts of South Africa.

Even in times of despair and hardship Gandhi encouraged others to follow in his practice of ahimsa wherein a person is bound to abide of what is pure and true. He was known for a life of simplicity and humility. His love for India was even expressed by his garments which are composed of the traditional shawl and dhoti which he himself made on a charkha. He was a vegetarian who utilized fasting in long periods for purposes of self-cleansing and to express protest regarding social injustices.

Mahatma Gandhi was a great Indian leader from which you can surely learn so much about how life’s adversities can be warded off in simple terms.

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