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Learn Indian Diversity

| Articles | October 17, 2012

Each nation has its own identity and mark within the confines of its regions and territories as well as that outside the gates of its lands and water areas. But this does not hinder countries from interacting and negotiating with neighboring people and cultures. In fact this mechanism of communication and agreement has been long used in order to ensure the survival and propagation of earlier civilizations and societies. One group of people that has seen its traces across the globes are the Indians. Get a bit of learning at how Indian diversity took the world by storm.

Let’s take off those old books from the Indian shelf and venture into the past to find out how Indian natives made their way into the different parts of the world. The Romani people were mainly responsible for the emigration acts of people from India. At the turn of the eleventh century, invaders from across the central part of Asia run havoc on the nation which at that time was considered as a subcontinent. This is the historical move that led to the gradual spread of Indian Natives worldwide.

The captured Indians were sent off to Afghanistan. From here on groups started to make their way to Middle Eastern part of the world particularly to Iran where they were recognized as nomadic court magicians. Then it was Europe’s turn to house these people who at that time were tagged as Gypsies because of the misconception that they were part of the Egyptian legend. In Europe these people started to embrace religions such Islam and Christianity which they incorporated with their Hindu faith and practice.

South East Asia was another particular area wherein the native form the Indian subcontinent took their chance. It was actually triggered by expeditions and ventures due to military purposes that were facilitated by Hindu and Buddhist kings from the Southern part of India.

The part of the expeditions then began to settle within the comforts of the local areas and communities. The Chola Dynasty which hailed from South India utilized competent naval technology in order to overpower the Sumatra and Malayan Peninsula. That is why at present Bali, Indonesia is still largely influenced by the Indian culture that is has embraced for a number of centuries.

Merchants started to pour over the regions of Central Asia particularly in Persia during the middle stages of the sixteenth century and whose traces of kin have been kept for a long period that has spanned for four centuries. A colony thrived in 1610 within the cold environment of Tsardom, Russia at Astrakhan on the mouth of the Volga. Documentations state that Hindu traders roamed the streets of Moscow and St. Petersburg at the onset of the eighteenth century.

The nineteenth century saw the end of the British occupancy of the subcontinent and the transport of poor workers started towards much of the British colonies all brought about by the indenture system. Workers were brought to different places such as Mauritius, Guyana, the Caribbean, to Fiji, and parts of East Africa. The flow of emigrants continued until the twentieth century.

The Middle East then gave skilled workers from India a chance to make better ways of living during the rise of the oil industry in the 1970s. A lot of natives were brought it on contractual status due to the fact that the members of the Gulf Region did not favor policies regarding naturalization of foreign individuals.

Learning Indian is far from just knowing how to communicate with the nation’s constituents. More so, it entails having an understanding on how these people have propagated throughout history.

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