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Learn Indian Geographically

| Articles | October 19, 2012

Communications is a huge part of making every small detail of activity in life work. Through the ages and various historical periods and eras man has been wily enough to see the importance of having a common language that can be used for effective communication. At present a country’s language has stood as one of its identifying symbols. Even the oldest ones have tried hard to preserve the heritage of their spoken and written form of communication. With this in mind let’s take a close look at how learning of Indian languages can be done by travelling through the rich lands of its nation, India.

Before you can truly understand the languages that set a nation on stable mode it is just right to know a thing or two about the country itself. India which is globally known as the Republic of India is a country seated in the vast land and water area of South Asia. It boasts of being the seventh largest country geographically, the most populous nation enjoying democracy, and it also places second in terms of population. It is surrounded by known bodies of water such as the Bay of Bengal, Arabian Sea, and the ocean named after it, the Indian Ocean.

The Indian nation has been marked in history as part of the earliest civilization of man. It served as the nest for the Indus Valley Civilization and paved the way for a network of trading routes that served as the link to different ancient global powers and empires. Although Islam, Judaism, Zoroastrianism, and Christianity has shaped most of the country’s diverse culture other religions such as Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism, and Hinduism also played a role in shaping the beliefs of its constituents.

As mentioned earlier India is now recognized as a republic which is composed of twenty eight states and seven vastly expanding union territories. The parliament system of democracy is the motor that keeps the country’s government machinery in good running condition. In this present times India is acknowledged for its metamorphosis into one of the fastest growing economies in the world.

It takes pride of having the twelfth largest economy across the globe in terms of exchange rates in the market and it also places fourth for its continuously rising purchasing power. Setbacks that are faced by this growing nation include issues on illiteracy, malnutrition, increasing levels of poverty. But apart from these India has been known for its diverse world wherein various languages and ethnic groups thrive.

Etymologically speaking, India’s name was derived from Indus which is the Old Persian term for Hindu and from the Sanskrit Sindhu which is referred historically as the Indus River. In ancient times the people living in the vast land masses of the nation was tagged as Indoi which means the people of the Indus. Bharat is another term that is associated with the country which comes from the Hindu Mythology about the legendary monarch in King Bharat.

After having a taste of independence, the Indian people is still facing present adversities due to issues surrounding casteism, naxalism, terrorism, and violence due to warring religious beliefs brought about mostly by separatist insurgencies. Even territorial disputes with People’s Republic of China and Pakistan have plagued the people of the nation. Still amidst all the challenges India still pursues her dream of having full stability and peace.

Learning Indian through spoken and written forms are not enough to truly recognize its existence instead digging deep into the story of its lands can really bring you closer to its people.

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