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Perfect for the winter: cashmere dress sweater

| Articles | January 14, 2013

Tis the season to be jolly and to wear warm woolen mittens as well as put on sweaters that would make you feel warm and fuzzy all over, not to mention making yourself feel

fashionably hot.

The following are tips and advice in order to be warm and at the same time look your best this season.

How to wear a v and crew neck sweater

Believe it or not, a sweater be it a v neck or a crew neck could be worn comfortably over a simple shirt and jeans. Such a style denotes an appearance that is laid back and casual.

Also, these v and crew neck sweaters also look amazing when partnered with a good pair of clean slacks as well as a shirt that is button down. This also makes for an appearance that translates to professionalism in both your workplace or when out on a night out or date.

The fact of the matter is that these type of sweaters is a simple must for everyone’s wardrobe.

How to wear a cardigan

Cardigans that are a bit thin and those that are made of wool, cotton, cashmere could very well be worn underneath your jacket. They are also easy to wear and take off thanks to their double zipper.

Cardigans are also perfect to wear when you want to engage in layering. Cardigans could be worn over a simple shirt, underneath a jacket or a button down. Partner these with basic jeans, dress pants or corduroys.

Try and buy it, that is if you have still to own one.

How to wear polo sweaters

Polo sweaters are usually worn during the months of summer. These sweaters are created from material that is of light cotton and usually have sleeves that are short.

Believe it or not, polo sweaters are alternatives that are more stylish as compared to shirts, the plus is that these polo sweaters could keep you fashionably hot during the cold months and stylishly cool during the warm months.

These sweaters also look great when they are worn along with simple khakis. They also look perfect during casual workplace Fridays.

How to wear turtle neck sweaters

Turtle neck sweaters is actually reserved for the winter cold months. These actually best fit when they embrace the neck and body and so should not in any way be worn in a baggy way.

A cable chunky knit turtle neck actually look amazing when paired with jeans. Meanwhile, a cashmere light weight or a wool merino turtle neck is exquisitely stylish when worn under jacket dresses.

Save the best for last: cashmere dress sweater

Cashmere dress sweaters probably are the items that are the most stylish and luxurious of the lot.

Although cottons and wools could be a must in your closet, the cashmere’s ultra amazingly soft material could actually be worn in comfort and style all throughout the year.

If you have yet to buy a cashmere dress sweater, the best colors are charcoal, black, navy. Basically, such colors of cashmere dress sweaters could be worn along with almost anything.

Do not forget that the best ones need also the best care. A cashmere dress sweater that is made out of wool, cotton cashmere must be put in dry clean at least once every season.

But cashmere could be washed by hand using gentle detergent, e.g. Woolite. Believe it or not, cashmere dress sweaters actually come out a lot more soft when washed by hand, as compared to dry clean.

All in all, cashmere dress sweaters is a must if you want to have the very best.

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