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Plant food- Natural plant food

| Articles | January 23, 2013

Agriculturists and horticulturists all over the world have final come to terms with the idea that their ground and therefore their plants need an extra help to develop in a stronger way. Giving plants what they need is a safe way of making sure that your plantation will not be deficient any important substances. Now that they have finally agreed to “feed” their plants better, the dilemma that has arisen is what kind of plant food to use. Some farmers agree that the best plant food to give to their plants is the inorganic fertiliser.

They claim so because inorganic plant food has the ability to boost the plants’ growth significantly and because they get faster results. However, on the other side are those who claim that the best way to feed their plants is by using environmentally friendly products. One thing you need to consider is that either natural or chemical plant food, both of them have pros and cons, but we need to say that natural plant food products are the ones that will have a less negative impact on the world.

Remember that natural does not mean that you can use as much plant food as you want in order to improve your plants’ aspect. When natural plant food products are used in excess they can often be ineffective and might even ruin the ground composition.

Natural plant food products

The first thing you need to do before setting about buying any fertiliser you choose is to have your ground tested. This is one of the most important steps you need to follow in order to find out exactly what the ground needs to be able to grow strong and healthy plants.

Something to take into account is that most grounds do not have enough nitrogen. The characteristic feature of lack or low levels of nitrogen on the ground include slow growth of plants, vegetables and fruits. In this case the best thing to do is to purchase a natural plant food product that has an important level of nitrogen.

The ground can also have low levels of potassium or phosphorus and in that case you should get a natural fertiliser that has proportionate levels of N,K and P. Apart from those three substances, natural plant food products generally have sulphate and zinc. The other main component of natural plant food products is natural materials. This substance helps the ground to be more resistant and to retain water a lot more.

Some natural plant food products have too much potassium in them and if you use it in excess you might end up with burnt plants and useless ground. That’s why you need to be careful with the application method you use. Some farmers claim that the best way to apply liquid plant food is by sprinkling it over the leaves of the plant. Some other say that if you pour the plant food into the ground the plant will absorb the substances a lot faster.

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