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Professional Auto Racing Safety

| Articles | July 29, 2010

If you have ever wanted to know how the auto racing professionals are able to withstand such high speeds in their vehicles then there is plenty of information that will tell you how the seat belts and restraint systems are set up. On the other hand, if you have never even thought about how auto racing individuals are able to sustain speeds of well over 200 miles per hour then the best thing to do would be to attend one of the national auto racing events just to see how they take place! In the end, though, professional auto racers are partly responsible for their own safety in the way that they handle the cars that they’re driving. On the flip side, though, there must be some great restraint system in the car with them. Here is how part of the system works to keep the driver safe during an auto racing event:

Seat Belts

The first thing that one should realize about the safety belts that are used during an auto racing event is that they are extremely safe to deal with and there is nothing else like them! The main point of the safety belt during an auto racing event is the protect the driver, as is obvious, but the safety belt is a little different than any other normal passenger car on the market. For example, in a normal passenger car the seat belt is designed to have little impact on the driver during a crash, but instead restrain the driver so that he or she will not be injured. On the flip side, auto racing seat belts are the exact opposite. In conjunction with the automobile’s seat, the seat belt of an auto racing car is designed to actually hold the driver down in the event of the crash and slow the driver down as well. This is most beneficial for an automobile designed for the auto racing industry considering the fact that there are many crashes that take place throughout the year.

The Five-Point Harness

Another part of the restraint system lies in the successful use of the five-point restraint harness. This is also perhaps the most important feature that has to be including with auto racing cars. In previous years, three-point harnesses were used in a lot of common restraint systems, but the NASCAR events that take place typically have the five-point harness so that the drive is secure, snug, and has no chance of flying through the windshield in the case of an auto racing accident.

Window Nets and Roof Nets

The window nets that are used in auto racing automobiles are designed to control the driver of the car during a crash. The window nets are just like they sound because they are made from nylon and they are designed literally to be like webs and nets that go over the windows. In the event of an auto racing crash there is little control by the driver, which is the main reason for this type of safety measure.

All of these things are designed to help the drivers of auto racing events protect themselves during a crash. As we all know, crashes during an auto racing event are all too common, especially at the high speeds that the drivers are allowed to go. But to say that the safety measures are ineffective is just plain wrong because they do end up saving many lives in the end!

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