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Quit Smoking With Acupuncture

| Articles | August 5, 2010

There are thousands of people living in the United States who have claimed to have tried to quit smoking on their own, however, their own efforts have been met with resistance from their body. If you are one of those people who have tried to quit smoking to no avail, there are many other different options that one can consider. For starters, acupuncture is a relatively new therapy in the United States that has been shown to help individuals with their smoking goals. Even though there is no scientific basis for the process that acupuncture helps smokers quit, research by private individuals indicates that acupuncture can have a profound affect on those that want to quit smoking fast.

If you are wondering just how acupuncture may help a smoker with his or her goals, there are actually quite a number of theories that go along with acupuncture method in order to describe how the smoker is able to instantly kick the habit in favor of a newer and healthy body. However, the basic tenet of acupuncture is that the pressure points, or acupoints, on the body are relaxed and relieved by the placing of needles on various parts of it. This whole idea has revolutionary ideas in order for individuals to quit smoking, too.

Consider the fact that the nicotine in cigarettes is able to release the neurotransmitter acetylcholine into areas of the brain, as well as endorphins that are also responsible for this large release of the neurotransmitter. One theory about why acupuncture works on the body is that the affects of acupuncture work in the same way that nicotine works on the brain. By stimulating those same neurotransmitters and by stimulating the production of acetylcholine, one is able to produce the same psychosomatic effects on the brain as if they were smoking. This idea is revolutionary, though, and many people who practice acupuncture are literally astounded that there are some people who have figured this out.

However, there has been no scientific facts to back those claims up and the procedure of acupuncture would have to be studied under scrutiny a whole lot more in order to confirm that the whole therapeutic procedure does release the same type of neurotransmitter as smoking a cigarette. However, if this was definitely true then there would be a whole lot of hypnotists that are currently working with smokers that would have a backup plan if hypnotism was not able to work with a particular individual.

There are many benefits to trying acupuncture for the very reason to quit smoking, though. Just as there are those who are skeptical of the whole process of acupuncture, if one has the process done in order to help him or her with their goal to quit smoking then chances are that he or she would be likely to endorse acupuncture with his or her name. All in all, through, the process of acupuncture really comes down to individual belief and confidence. Whether or not you currently believe in acupuncture is not what should matter, but the matter of trying it out is what should be the next step!

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