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The Best Way to Feed Albino Iguana

| Articles | April 26, 2013

The Iguanas are very tender creatures and are dependent on their surroundings for their living. If you want to keep Albino Iguana as pet, it renders you a great responsibility to bring them up the right way. You have to also ensure that they live on happily in your enclosure.

The right type of food is the most crucial determinant for existence of Albino Iguanas. Therefore, you have to feed them with suitable food in proper manner.

Scientifically, Iguanas are categorized as herbivores; as such they should not be fed with green leaves as their primary diet. It is recommended to feed them with worms and other fleshy food rich in animal protein.

Maybe, you have watched iguanas on TV eating some insects. The research works show that it is only by chance. For instance, if iguana tries to spook over an insect sitting on a leaf, it will eat it with a part of leaf also along with.

The experts advocate that more vegetables should be fed to iguanas than insects or fleshy food. They also need plenty of water to drink. Albino iguana will dip its head in water to drink it. So you should supply enough fresh water in deep glasses or bowls for them. They also occasionally lick off droplets of water from pants to quell their thirst. You should never feed them on leftover food or vegetables. It will cause them stomach upsets and make them ill. The serious consequences can lead to death as well.

Albino iguana should be given feed daily on a regular basis. The best time to give them food is at the daybreak almost an hour after they wake up. It is the ideal time for their food as they can digest the food during the day before going to sleep. Moreover, the morning atmosphere provides perfect temperature for digestion of food. You can feed them all through the day also, but take care to feed in small quantities. Take specific care not to feed iguanas heavily before they sleep.

The size and growth of iguanas depends on the quantity of food fed to them. The best way to determine the quantity is to allow it to eat to its fill and find out how much it needs for one feed. You can work out its total food requirement for the day.

Place the food in a shallow trough or bowl made of glass, ceramic or plastic. The food pot should be regularly cleaned. It should be heavy so that it does not topple by weight of iguana.

To keep you iguanas healthy and fit, they should be fed with a variety of food. They should be given fruits, vegetables, flowers insects and worms, etc., whatever they otherwise eat when they are wild.

Apart from the proper food, they should be kept in proper clean and illuminated place where they can get sunlight. Sunrays provide them calcium needed for their proper digestion of food.

You should feed your per Albino iguana properly to keep it healthy and live longer.

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