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The Importance of Knowing one’s Genealogy in society and Culture

| Articles | May 4, 2013

Currently we are living in the 21st century and a lot of people had come before us. Traditions and other cultures had been passed from generations to generations. Do you ever experience meeting someone with the same surname just like yours? Do you ever think, even for just a while, the possibility that maybe, just maybe, both of you are related in some ways?

If your answers to these questions are yes then you are not alone. This is where genealogy comes into action. The term genealogy refers to the study of the descents or ancestors. It is the process of tracing one’s family tree or origin.

As we all know, we are not the first people who exist in this world. As time pass by, new generations of society are born and at the same time, traditions and other cultures are revised as well. Why is it important to trace one’s genealogy?

Tracing your past ancestors can give meaning to your existence. We often wonder why do we have this kind of trait or where does our physical attribute originated in the first place? The genealogy will help you a lot in answering all these questions.

If you will just read some books, you can gather a lot of information on how does a human being evolved. There are scientific and as well biblical views about it. According to Charles Darwin, the human evolved from the apes while according to the bible, Adam and Eve are our first ancestors.

The basic foundation in performing genealogy is performing an extensive research. You have to do a lot of reading in order to gain knowledge and have a basis of your origin. Like for an instance, if you want to find out your real ancestors way back in the 19th century, a broad research is needed from the stored photographs in your house to the era of world war 1 and 2 and so on.

Some people may see it as a waste of time but the truth is it can be rewarding in the end. What you will find out is the greatest mystery. The possibility of having a hero ancestor is not impossible. Your long time friend with the same surname like yours may be your long lost relative in the end.

The genealogy with regards to culture is also important because this is where we usually base most of our traditions that even up to now exists. A good example of the timeless tradition is the incorporation of herbal medicines in treating some illnesses. Back then, our ancestors only use leaves and other herbs to treat wounds and infections because they still don’t have the so-called antibiotics back then.

We are still using this tradition in treating illnesses especially the Chinese people. If you will just trace the origin of medicines, you will be amaze that most of it actually came from herbs and plants but with modifications.

The past cultures also serve as our politician’s guide in implementing new laws. Tracing which law is the most effective will help them come up with a good law which is actually just the revised of the former ones.

In conclusion, genealogy is very important in people’s lives. The process may not be as easy but then the reward that you’ll receive in acquainting yourself with your ancestors is priceless.

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