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Tips on How Not to Sweat It out When Taking Care of Your Cashmere Sweater

| Articles | May 29, 2013

Cashmere is an expensive fabric priced for its incomparably luxuriously soft texture, a quality that is due to its source: goats that are raised in Kashmir, one of the coldest regions in the world. Because of the climate, Kashmir goats are naturally blessed with skin that’s not only soft but capable of providing them sufficient warmth as well. Nowadays, however, cashmere is already produced in other parts of the world such as Iran and Tibet, and in recent times, even the United States.

What to Look for When Shopping for a Cashmere Sweater

100% Cashmere You’ll always feel warmer and more beautiful if you’re wearing a sweater made from 100% cashmere. Unfortunately, the demand for cashmere sweaters has made fraudulent sellers intentionally brand their products incorrectly in the hopes of passing off sweaters as 100% cashmere as well even if they’re not.

You can use your own hands to gauge the texture of cashmere sweaters. If it appears to have a slick texture to it, you’re most likely holding something that’s either not made of 100% cashmere or one that hasn’t been produced with superior quality control.

Two-Ply It’s better to buy two-ply cashmere sweaters than those that make use of one-ply threads because the former is sturdier and more resistant to all sorts of damage.

Long Fibers It has been observed that cashmere sweaters made from long fibers are less prone to pilling than those that are made from shorter fibers.

Ideal Tension If cashmere is woven too tightly, the resulting sweater wouldn’t feel as soft as it should be. If it’s woven too loosely, on the other hand, the resulting sweater wouldn’t be able to hold its shape effectively and may look particularly drab when worn.

Dos and Don’ts for Wearing Cashmere Sweaters

Pilling is part and parcel of wearing cashmere sweaters, and it can happen earlier than usual if you wear your cashmere sweater often. It often appears on the elbow area and other parts of the sweater which is greatly exposed to abuse. To reduce chances of pilling, avoid having your cashmere sweater in contact with abrasive materials and accessories.

The safest way to get rid of it is by manually removing them one by one but you can also choose to use a razor to cut them off smoothly from your cashmere sweater. Avoid brushing or rubbing away loose threads as this will only cause further damage to your cashmere sweater.

If you’re going to use deodorant, lotion, cologne or perfume, make sure that you apply them all and have it dried completely before wearing your cashmere sweater. This will prevent any chances of the chemicals found in the items mentioned earlier on to cause visible stains on your sweater.

After wearing, have it air-dried. Do wear your cashmere sweater several times before sending it to the laundry. Frequent washing can ruin your sweater’s color and shape.

You can add certain accessories to your cashmere sweater depending on your body type. People with plus size frames for instance will look better when they wear a long scarf tied around shoulders with their cardigan. Pearls also go well with cashmere sweaters not only because they’re visually attractive but also because they have a finer and softer surface than other gems and minerals.

We hope you learned a lot of new things regarding buying and wearing cashmere sweaters. Have fun shopping for them!

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