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Tips to Look Good Wearing a Cashmere Set of Sweater and Blazer Combo

| Articles | May 31, 2013

Cashmere is one of the loveliest fabrics to use and wear because of its unbelievably soft texture. Cashmere outfits are well-known for being able to make its wearer feel warm, comfortable, and beautiful at the same time. If you’re intending to shop for a cashmere set that’s made up of a sweater and blazer combination, here are several shopping and fashion tips that address the need of every body type.

Tips on Looking Good with a Cashmere Set of Sweater and Blazer Combo

If you have wide shoulders, you should consider purchasing cashmere sweaters and blazers that don’t have any shoulder padding because this will only make your shoulders look even wider. It will also be better if the cashmere sweater inside has a V-neckline to transfer attention from your shoulders and to a more attractive part of your body.

If you have a long-waisted frame, you will particularly benefit from wearing a cashmere sweater set because of its layered look. Even better if you opt to match your cashmere set with high-waisted slacks to make your body seem more proportional. If your outfit allows the use of belt, make sure that you choose one that’s wide but not something that will ride on your hips instead of your waist.

If your waistline doesn’t fall under the category of small and trim, that’s alright because cashmere blazers and sweaters are particularly good for your body type. If possible, purchase a cashmere set in which the blazer is slightly longer than the inside sweater as this will successfully conceal your thick waistline. Secondly, take advantage of low-slung belts as this will also transfer people’s attention from your waist to your hips.

If you’re blessed with generous chest, make sure that you purchase a cashmere sweater set that’s not tight fitting and has long sleeves. There are several instances that attention to your chest is not desirable and can indeed make you feel somewhat indecent or unrespectable. If today’s one of those times, wearing a cashmere sweater set such as the one described above will definitely prevent people from having any such thoughts when they see you.

If you feel you’re cursed with a rather short neck, that’s no reason to feel unable to dress fashionably all the time. You can make a cashmere sweater set work, for instance, by ensuring that the sweater either has a scooped or V neckline. Also, make sure that you leave your cashmere blazer open. If you wish to add accessories to your cashmere sweater set, wear necklaces of considerable length and do avoid wearing chokers because they place undesirable emphasis on your neck.

If you have a petite frame, there are certain considerations that you should observe before a cashmere sweater set can work for you, but rest assured that they will work for you indeed. Firstly, avoid any cashmere sweater set that makes use of too much colors and patterns. Secondly, choose one that makes use of one main color. Thirdly, opt for a cashmere sweater set that has long sleeves.

If you’re particularly heavy in the hip or thigh area, a cashmere sweater set can easily work for you just as long as you use a complimentary bottom. Firstly, make sure that you wear dark colored bottoms. Secondly, avoid wearing bottoms that make use of too much colors especially bright ones horizontal stripes, or too much print.

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