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Top Genealogical Sites: How These Could Make Your Work Easy!

| Articles | June 8, 2013

Genealogical work used to be equated to two words- tedious task. Not anymore. Nowadays, if one is interested in knowing his roots, then all he has to do is sit in front of a computer and type a few keys.

There are several sites that offer free genealogy. Here is a short list that you could look through and consider in starting your own ‘family tree’:

Perhaps the group of people that is most interested in searching for their kindred dead is the Latter-day Saints. They believe that genealogical work is a part of man’s salvation. Their belief is three-fold- missionary work, perfecting the saints (improving themselves while following the gospel) and redeeming the dead (here is where the genealogical works come in).

This belief led to the creation of FamilySearch.org They have all the right to claim that they have the largest compilation of ‘free’ family tree, records on genealogy and family history in the whole world.

This site offers resources for African-American genealogy, listing of the family history sites (found in LDS meeting houses or chapels) that are nearest to the researcher’s home, basics of genealogy, guides and maps. And just like other free online sites, they, too, have free downloadable software (PAF or the Personal Ancestral File software).

The following sites (in no particular order) are also free sources of genealogical researches:

Access Genealogy- this site segregates records from Bibles, cemeteries, biographies, census, and even African-American records.

MyTrees.com- they have the so-called Ancestry Archive Search, MyTrees Plus (Search and Results), vital records and genealogy from countries like the U.S., New Zealand and Canada. There is also a death index for Social Security.

AncestrybyDNA.com- this is different from other genealogical sites because this focuses on genetic genealogy. It is the ‘youngest’ among the types of genealogical searches. One can find his ancestors through genetic research and knowing their backgrounds (ethnic).

RootsWeb.com (by Ancestry.com)- it claims to be the oldest free site on genealogy. It offers resource tools, databases for census records, research on civil war, narratives of slaves, substitute for 1890 census, periodical source (index), history of the ‘great’ migration and the biographical index for American genealogy.

Ancestorquest.com- this site has pointers and tips on doing genealogical work, it also has links to several races such as African-Americans, Native Americans, even Hispanic links. A researcher could also publish his genealogical sites.

Genebase.com- focuses on several areas of genealogy such as analysis of DNA, family trees and finding ancestors through last name search. Under this, we can find the famous DNA Ancestry Project.

Ancestry.co.uk (for United Kingdom and Ireland)- has a 14-day free trial. It is the site for the biggest collection of records from UK. It also contains the census records from 1841-1901. Genealogical experts are also on the standby to help those who are new to genealogy.

Surnamesite.com- this site contains archives of wills, obituaries, biographies, bible and funeral records, all having surnames on them.

These are just some of the top sites for free genealogy. You see, knowing who you are should not be a matter of choice but a matter of necessity. A person’s roots could define who he is or what he could be. Whether you agree or not is not the question. The question is, are you willing to let the past remain in the dust, or are you going to dig through and use it to motivate your future?

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