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Useful information about Iguana Nests

| Articles | June 29, 2013

The iguanas are kept as pets by many people. At present, these are imported from iguana breeding farms in Central and South America. Their breeding, which is done in captivity, has raised many arguments as it is going to impose some restrictions on the present demand of iguanans. The owners of pet iguanas can start their nests and start breeding iguanas. But, they have found the advantage of it and are really making money from iguana nests. They are breeding the iguanas and at the same time selling their babies. The iguanas can be purchased cheaply these days. This really makes one to think that pet iguanas are really disposable so easily.

There are advantages and disadvantages of keeping iguana nests and also breeding these reptiles. If you breed iguana, it is exciting and marvelous experience to have. The mother iguana tries to find some best place to lay eggs and waits till their hatching is over. There are both natural as well as artificial nests for iguanas. The iguanas get their babies from both types of nests. The disadvantages are that, if the number of reptiles increases more than the owners have space in their homes, it will be a big problem to feed them. It is difficult to manage and control when they already exist in a huge number and will not survive unless they get full care, proper food and shelter.

How to prepare an Iguana Nest:

For carrying out the reproduction of iguana smoothly, both male and female iguanas are to be put together in their mating and breeding season. There should be proper size of the group and ratio of male and females. For one male, you can keep one or more females. It is better to maintain the number of male iguanas smaller than females; otherwise males may be killed fighting with each other during mating.

The nest can be created with some media like using 100% potting soil and the eggs can be buried under it. The other option is using equal quantity of sand and potting soil. Third option is using100% sand. Female iguana can dig 100% play sand easily and make the pits for eggs that can also be used. It should be ensured that the nests are safe from pest. Moreover, the reptile should be safe in the proper environment of the nests against any harm like abrasion or injuries.

The box used for nest should be durable and should contain about 200 pounds of sand or soil in it. Some quality of try planter can also be put at an end to form a sort of tunnel for iguana to play. Other alternatives are to use wooden or plastic boxes. Again, ensure that reptiles remain safe.

The laying of eggs should be supervised. It happens that all the eggs are not laid and female iguana may have some problem. You should not disturb the female iguanas, if they are guarding the nests. This is a sort of feeling of being a mother.

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