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What Is Restless Leg Syndrome?

| Articles | November 9, 2013

Restless leg syndrome is a common cause of a painful legs. The pain typically eases with some motion and becomes more intense when resting. It usually begins slowly and over time, the legs become more affected. Less frequently, restless leg syndrome can affect the arms.

If your legs are causing you to move them without any reason, especially at night? Does this happen while you sleep? It is very possible taht you might have a condition called “restless legs syndrome” or shortly RLS. But, we have some good information for you, there is a treatment for your restless legs.

Restless legs syndrome presents itself in many different ways, however restless leg syndrome is mostly described as an unpleasant sensation in the legs. Sometimes restless leg syndrome can be relieved through stretching. Previously, there was not much of attention pointed to this serious condition, however today things are going better every day, thanks to the internet and other media, like tv, radio etc…

So, what are the usual symptoms in restless leg syndrome?

A desire to move the legs and unusual, uncomfortable sensations within the legs, restless movements in a response to relieve the discomfort, symptoms are worse usually at rest or at inactivity and might be somehow temporarily improved by movements of the limbs, while symptoms occur most frequently during the evening or at night.

Usualy, restless leg syndrome is a condition, which is present for life, and can get even worse over time. Some sources state that restless leg syndrome is a condition due to a chemical imbalance in the brain. Many conditions can mimic restless leg syndrome, such as muscle diseases, joint conditions, nerve problems, and circulation difficulties. Some treatments can reduce symptoms and also improve function and some helping restless leg syndrome treatments include hot bath and leg massages.

Patients chose their medication depending on what is going on with them personaly. Some cases are due to some other condition, like iron deficiency, diabetes, nerve damage etc. Also, pregnancy can also induce restless leg syndrome. Certain drugs can help, like painkillers, however, because treatment is often needed over a long period of time, painkillers are not the usual treatments. This article is only touching a surface of this odd condition and to find out more, visit our weblog, where you can find tons of information about the restless leg syndrome.

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