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What is Special with Male Iguana?

| Articles | July 23, 2013

Iguanas are considered a species of lizards. These are mysterious animals and are kept as pets. So many stores sell young iguanas at low prices for keeping pets. Many people get attracted by these cute creatures and get involved with them to keep them as pets. It is a fact that these tiny animals can turn very large very soon and may also become aggressive.

However, they are generally good pets and you have to take their proper care for food and living. If you want to keep them as pets, it is better you acquire some basic knowledge about the nature of iguanas, the way they live, their habits, food, behavior and what are the necessities for their existence.

An iguana is a reptile and it resembles a lizard. You should know about its primary features. Iguana is a family of lizards called iguanidade. These are mostly regarded as aggressive in nature. Their main habitation is found on Gasparilla Island situated on the coastal areas of gulf of Florida. You can find them on beaches and the lofts of houses. Generally, they exist in abundance in the deserts and rainforest regions.

They have a variety of species. The iguanas mostly live on the nature and can adjust easily with their surroundings. Some species are living in deserts while others live in rainforest. Even a few species have their dwelling in sea. These are referred as marine iguanas. The most common variety of them is giant green iguanas; this species is mostly found in Mexico and South America particularly in Brazil. The common verities of iguana are green iguana, blue iguana, marine iguana and lesser Antilillean iguana. These animals are categorized as herbivores-that mostly depend of the plants, leaves, vegetables, flowers and fruits.

Iguanas possess distinct characteristics and they behave in a different way. The male iguana has quite different appearance and behavior than a female. Male iguanas are more invasive and they fight with other males until end even risking the life. It depicts their territorial behavior. They fight to show their supremacy on the particular territory. A male iguana will fight with another male he finds in his surroundings. They are very self-esteemed and egoistic. They want to dominate in their particular area and show that they are powerful. They will fight out with other males to mate a female iguana.

Iguanas are arboreal by nature. They make their dwellings on the top of trees. Naturally, they can climb up the trees and even jump from a height of about 50 feet. The female will lay eggs. A normal iguana may even live for thirty years.

In case you want to keep iguanas as pet, you should note a few important points as dos and don’ts with them. The enclosure of your pet iguana should be cleaned regularly. It should be big enough to accommodate the pets for moving freely and feel comfortable in it. There should be sufficient lighting. Preferably, it should get sunlight. The temperature in the cage should be maintained in case of cold climate.

You should feed your pets with nourishing food. They should be made to drink plenty of water to save them from getting dehydrated. They should also be examined by a vet regularly to keep healthy and be free from and illness.

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