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Wheel Chair Rental: When to Do It

| Articles | February 2, 2014

Many elderly people who suffer hip problems and require a cane or walker to get around may find wheel chair rental extremely helpful as there are times when relying on a cane or walker isn’t enough in a public setting. Wheel chair rental is a viable option for these people, and it’s an especially good option for people who only need a wheel chair to provide that extra “cushion of comfort” for getting around quickly and easily.

So how affordable is it to rent a wheel chair? Wheel chair rentals can range from $70 weekly to $195 weekly for an electric wheel chair. For long-term wheel chair rental use, you can usually get a special deal for your particular situation.

And you can get various types of wheel chairs, suitable for your situation. For example, if you expect to be outdoors, exploring on terrain difficult for you to get around on with a cane or walker, you can rent a wheel chair perfect for that situation.

Many resort locations in North America and the Caribbean offer wheel chair rental. Be sure to ask your travel agent to look into getting you set up with a wheel chair rental. And find out if the place you’re traveling to is wheel chair friendly.

Or, if you’re going to a wedding or any other large family gathering, a wheel chair will be a blessing indeed. Just pull out your phone book and look up wheel chairs and find the wheel chair rental section. If you don’t see it, call up one of the wheel chair vendors and ask them if they or someone they know offers wheel chair rental. In most cases they should be able to help you.

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