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Why You Should Wear Sunglasses

| Articles | July 1, 2014

There are many benefits of wearing sunglasses. You can cover up a hangover, create mystery or escape the paparazzi. The true benefits of this popular accessory are lost when fashion or other purposes take over. Protecting your eyes is the most important thing. It may not be your only reason. Sunglasses are a part of everyones life.

Science has come a long way in correcting bad vision. Corneal transplants help a blind person see again and laser treatment can restore your eyes. But it would be better if we could fix the problem from the start. By simply wearing very good sunglasses, you reduce your dependence on these scientific breakthroughs later in life.

These rays that the sun produces, called UVA and UVB can cause irreparable damage to your retina and corneas. You had to do so through a pinhole in a shoebox, if you’ve ever watched an eclipse. Staring into the sun can cause great damage to your eyes. Unfortunately, many people unknowingly allow their eyes to suffer the same fate by not to wear sunglasses.

Disorders such as cataracts, macular degeneration, and even skin cancer around the eyes can be signs of sun damage. Thee are prevented by the use of sunglasses. Cataracts are an eye condition that involves clouding of the lens behind the Iris and Pupil. Studies have shown links between cataracts and increased exposure to ultraviolet light.

People with macular degeneration have a lot of trouble too. Often even faces are hard for these people to distinguish. Similar to cataracts, prolonged exposure to sunlight without the protection of sunglasses has been included as a probable cause.

The last time you got really sunburnt, think about ti for a second….You probably took cold baths and slathered yourself in Aloe Vera. You remember this was pretty painful simply on the skin. If it is so bad for your skin imagine what it is doing for your sensitive eyes.

A pair of sunglasses can save your face in more ways than one, you don’t really think about them as protecting your skin. Increased exposure to sunlight can cause skin cancer and will attach the most sensitive areas first. Sunglasses can reduce the risk of skin cancer in the eyelids and areas around your eyes.

You will also get a decreased appearance of lines around your skin. Simply logic tells us that distorting the face in certain ways on a regular basis can cause premature wrinkles and increase the signs of aging. You squint when you don’t wear sunglasses because your eyes are uncomfortable being opened under bright light. So therefore sunglasses help reduce getting crowfoots and wrinkles as you age.

Try to imagine waking up tomorrow and not being able to see? Your eyes are one of the most important things in your body. A good pair of sunglasses will protect you against a world of eye disorders and pain. You need to protect your eyes, you need them every day, keep them safe!

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