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You Can Have a Special Pet: Giant Green Iguana

| Articles | August 31, 2014

Several people are keeping Giant iguana as their pet in place of dogs and cats these day. It is called “giant” for its size when it becomes adult. You may wonder about the size of this reptile when it grows up, all the accessories which you buy for your cute pet may become un-usable for their size after some time.

The green iguana will look very small in its infant stage. It can grow to a huge size, if you know how to bring up and keep it healthy . You will learn that here.


If you want to keep giant green iguana as a pet, you should select the healthiest iguana. You can easily find the difference between a healthy and un-healthy iguana. The iguanas are very energetic, vigilant and quick. The unhealthy iguana is not fast and may just stay where it is. Just examine the body and all parts of iguana you want to select. It should be round and its skin should be free from scars, scratches lumps or bumps.

The healthy iguanas are very fast in their movements and will not stay inactive at one place. They will move around in their cage. Giant green iguana is very eager to know everything taking place around him. Its eyes will be round and it will go on flicking the tongue in and out as it moves around.

Do not go for a quiet and docile iguana.


Once you have selected your pet, you have to provide it a suitable place to live comfortably. The cage will depend upon the size of the reptile.

It is always better to go for a tailor-made home for your iguana. As the iguana grows, you should be able to make changes in the size of its cage rather than shifting it from one cage to another. It is advisable to go for a bigger cage from the beginning. That will provide more freedom to iguana for moving around.


Now coming to the food to be given to your pet iguana, naturally it should be given a healthy food. In their initial years, iguanas should be fed regularly daily. The older animals can be given food on alternative days.

The type of food you feed to your iguanas will determine their health.

The best food recommended for iguanas is leafy green vegetables. They should be given a balanced diet to keep them healthy. The diet should not make it lazy or fat. It is better to get the advice of an expert. Female iguana will not mostly eat, if they are in the state of developing the eggs. Once they cross this condition, they will feel hungry; you have to feed them at that time as they become lean and dull.

If you want to keep your giant green iguana healthy, it is essential to take care of these important points so that they can live for many years. You should take their proper care for health and growth.

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